Zaujah of Muhammad al-A'thiq Marzuki

Initially I planned to give this blog to my husband, Muhammad al-A'thiq Marzuki since I already had another blog- Have A Cup of Cappuccino. However now I am thinking of sharing this blog with him, since Zauji hated the other blog so much that he wanted to delete it. While writing this, the blog still exists. 

3 weeks and 6 days until our wedding

I start to make internal preparation to be a wife. Today marks the day when I aggresively read on tips to be an isteri solehah. It is not easy, yup it is definitely far from easy...

Born in a small family of 5 siblings + ummi + abah, and being the second child out of 5, with 1 mature sister and 2 mature younger bros below me, having a very patient and tough elder sister and a passive lovely housewife as my mummy, a very great dad and recently i received a sporting elder brother (kakak got married), I think I am a spoilt kid. Yup, very spoilt. I am used to getting what I want easily, and pampered and I am not used to be shouted at (except when I was small and abah was very garang back then to make sure we grew up right) neither roughly handled, I am definitely spoilt. I cry very easily and over the smallest thing when others don't think it is a valid reason to cry. I had a very easy life Alhamdulillah, being an average student since i started primary school until i got admitted to a medical school. 

I got engaged at the old age of 21 (because my childhood dream was to get married at the age of 18), learning about A'thiq. InsyaAllah will be his wife at the age of 23. Engagement wasn't an easy period for me or for A'thiq. Simply because I am such a spoilt kid.. It's hard for him to scold me for my wrongdoings, because I would remember it forever, and of course I would cry. Even though we are not yet married, I consider that I already have two families. My family and his family. If previously I whined to Ummi and my sibs, now I extend my whining to his sister huhu. Bila merajuk mengadu kat family member dia haha. Am I plotting a strategy to expel him or what?? I'm trying to conquer everything perhaps :p That's the worst problem~ I'm very good at acting cunning

Ego, Keras kepala, Akhlaq buruk~ name it, I have being labelled by him. Only now I realize that I don't have the slightest criteria to be classified as isteri solehah. I am extra manja, I am always pampered, I am bossy, I don't help him in lessening his burden. I take his presence lightly and emphasize more on my medical training and building my career. I want to always feel appreciated, but I guess I very seldom make him feel appreciated.. 

A'thiq I am truly sorry for that..

But today, I have decided since I am going to be a wife, and since I am going to be a mummy, I have to be as mature as ummi. i shouldn't act childish further. Along my journey towards being an isteri solehah, I will jot here every now and then my experience, my tears, my joy. How I hope I will be THE ONLY and THE BEST ZAUJAH for Muhammad al-A'thiq Marzuki...


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