i write once in every 2 months

that's the new frequency--> once in every 2 months?? is work that bad? shouldn't be, as my fellow classmates manage to write as frequent as when they were med students! huu.

i'm on my 3rd day of leave, with a pm shift scheduled tomorrow? how nice, alhamdlillah :) it's obviously a once in a blue moon chance.

seronoknya dapat cuti, tak terkata. i think since i started working almost 6 months back, i never manage to sit down and enjoy blogwalking. work is slowly eating me and dumping me into a lifeless world.. if only i forget that work by itself s a mean of ibadah.. which i usuallly do..

it's not easy to be always true in my intention when most of the time i feel like i keep missing the train.. family gatherings, weddings, celebrations, and even my own son's development. Since abang has started working, i do contemplate between being a career women and a fulltime housewife or perhaps find a new job that spares me the weekends. Making a decision is never easy, trust me. so i end up continuing the same.

Abang has since tried to re-develop a new routine- spending the maghrib and isya' and the time between in a mosque. Sg Buloh's hospital mosque which is not as big but almost as cosy as UIA's mosque. The word re-develop implies that it is definitely not easy because abang usually comes home very late, and I dont want to be a superwoman bringing our super active Ameer Faheem to a public space alone. I probably didn't manage to mention before, that we have moved into a new house, just beside Sg Buloh hopsital. It makes an even worse change, such that we spend most of our time in the hospital, but it is also better in the sense that I can punch my card in less than 5 minutes after stepping out of the house. A tiny house but Ameer Faheem do get his own room Alhamdulillah.

I'm now in Paediatric, and abang is in Surgery. We sometimes get to go out  for lunch together- that's the case if I am not half dead managing half of the Paeds ward, and I sometimes smuggle abang into the on call room when i'm on night shift haha. Life is not wonderful if spent alone.

I manage to grab 2 books online-
1. Prophetic parenting
2. Saat berharga untuk anak kita

Cant wait for them to arrive!