day 21 in ortho

Today is my 21st day of ortholife. Ortholife is a programme coined by the HOD of ortho in sg buloh hospital (HSB). I was offtagged on day 14, and yet i don't feel much different from being a tagger. when you walk through (in fact i feel like i crawl through it) housemanship TRAINING, your INTENTION is the one that will keep you going. I can be calculative of the seconds that tick away, of the works that should be shared, of how many patients that I have to take care of, of everything, but in the end I am the one who is going to gain something. So I should be calculative in grabbing the chances that I might not get again, experiences that is going to make a better me, acquiring knowledge and skills that are going to help me in the future, yes I better be calculative about that.

Tagging was a nightmare yet enlightening. It was something that I had gone through during my medical student days, except now with an extremely different responsibility. I don't mind the long working hours, the criticisms, the scoldings, extra jobs, but in the end I am a mother with a one and half year old son eagerly waiting for me at home, and a wife with a romantic husband who is obviously depressed with the wife's MIA. It's not easy to prioritize, and yes I take times to cry my heart out everyday in the on call room. Life is definitely not a bed of roses, as for now.

if there is 1 thing I think the HOD hates about me, it's the indecisive manner. He keeps asking me, "Maryam do you feel like quitting?" I keep answering, "Not yet". Not yet? Not yet is not enough of an answer, he wants a strong NO. and still i keep telling him, I don't know what lies for me in the future. And yes, I have to admit that my family comes first above all, and if there are 2 things I don't want to lose, it's a romantic husband and a cute son ;p

We have mentoring family in ortho. the term 'unlike any other', propagated by ortho dept in HSB is not very accurate i think. we did have a strong mentoring family back in UIA. I got a spine surgeon this time around, a very nice Mr Shahrid, which very much reminds me of my beloved mentor Mr Shukrimi in UIA. May Allah bless them both for their kindness and guidance!


A very quick note on how things have been for the past few days. Oh yes I won't have enough time to update the blog frequently, i don't even have enough time for my Ameer Faheem..

I'm posted to Hosp Sg Buloh, my one and only choice. In fact, I filled up 1 hospital only in the application form when were actually instructed to put 3. Of course I have a solid reason to do so, I'm married and I have a child.

16 housemen reported duty on monday 2nd of april 2012. i was the only one who requested for a specific posting- orthopaedic -and i got it alhamdulillah. don't get me wrong, i'm not a fan of ortho, it's just that ortho is very busy, and i want to give my full commitment while abang isn't around. oh yes i'm a workaholic in case you haven't realized ;p

few wonderful news greeted me. first, HSB is fully computerized which makes it look exactly like in the medical drama haha. It is also the center of MRCP, which makes it easy for me insyaAllah to do my MRCP. And few other things which make me feel so grateful to be in HSB. It's near to home, of course. i hope I'm all prepared to meet the challenge of housemanship. It's a training, thus I have to always bear in my mind that I'm a trainee, and I'm there, to LEARN. Never mind the shoutings, the long hours, the cruel bosses, the overwhelming number of patients as long as they make something out of me...