When plain old maryam tries to get commercial haha

I haven't jot anything in this blog for a very loooooooong time and I'm telling you I miss it like anything. Writing in my other blog is nowhere near to writing here because i guess it is more formal. Everybody keeps telling me that if I want to do an online business, perhaps I would need a blog that is dedicated to my business- Shakee and not a personal blog full of nonsense ramblings GEE~ but everybody knows one thing.. Maryam al batul will always be the old plain maryam al batul, and can NEVER transform into Dr maryam aziz. My commercial name, how quirky does it sound? Hahaha my.

I have a new project which excites me now.If you have been following me since probably 6-7 years back when I first started blogging, you would know that I am always occupied withproject.

Fashionista project.
Wedding project
Baking project
Decorating Faheem's room
Sewing Project


The thing is we are planning to move to Kedah soon (as soon as our appeal to transfer get approved, and as soon as we get the key to our house insyaAllah). Hopefully by end of this year or early next year.

I guess it won't be a secret anymore. We bought our very first house in Bandar Darulaman. It has NEVER crossed my mind before that i would be settling down in Kedah. But Allah knows best :p

When I first started working, I bought a land. Quite big, because I have always wanted a house with a big garden. But we finally decided to settle down in Kedah when one day (when we were in Kedah), we stopped to buy pisang goreng. They sold em at RM1 for 10pcs. We actually gasped in disbelief in front of the makcik seller, and simply said "We must settle down here, the living cost and quality of life are much better than in KL!". There was another time when we went to a Ramadhan Bazaar in Alor Star, a stall was selling Nasi Briyani at RM3/pack. I had to ask the seller repeatedly whether the price stated is true because it sounded hoax and full of tricks. Until the pakcik seller gave me a weird should-I-call-the-police look, I finally retired and tried hard to convince myself that I was not dreaming. ~Sigh~ When you are shopping in KL , you always have to read in between lines whenever you read any promotion/SALE ads.. because they always trick you somehow or someway.

(when I am writing this, Safiyya is pretending to be a cat, meowing all the time while Faheem is the cat owner, feeding her and  stroking her 'fur'. OMG)

Ok back to the house, we bought a tiny bungalow Alhamdulillah :) A small cute house which I intend to convert into a home for Abang, Me, Faheem and baby :D It is small but I guess enough for my small family. The plus thing is, it is surrounded with an extremely wide land! For me to create a garden later insyaAllah. Secret garden pun boleh, agak2 abang nak tak buat compartment for secret garden, complete with tall walls, old door and a key? Hehehe

Eventhough it would be sometime before we can move.. we have started planning, and carry out any plans that could be carried out. So this is our baby project for now :)

If you really want to know why I am so motivated to be a shaklee consumer, simply because it suits with my theme. I can just imagine waking up in a small cosy home, surrounded with lush greeneries, eating healthy organic food in a cosy kitchen, enjoying Vivix and vitamins, while cleaning the house and laundries with organic cleaner that is so aromatic and soft to the nose and skin. A house that is safe for my family insyaAllah :)

Just a sneak peek of the very first thing that has been lingering on my mind these past few days--> THE LAUNDRY

I first start to think of the laundry when I smelled Shaklee's laundry detergent. It is soft, it smells fresh and lovely which makes me think of a lovely vintage laundry, with a window overlooking a colourful beds of flowers and smell of roses!

what is better than waking up to smell the fresh air and lay your eyes on the greeneries?

I would probably do one vintage poster like this, featuring shaklee detegent instead, frame it and hang on the wall of my vintage laundry :D

Of course i'll write in a different post regarding my laundry projects, till then stay tune :p
If you want to share your ideas or experience, please comment :D