when a wife is happy, the husband will definitely feels happy too (II)

Ni memang merapu meraban tahap extreme super saiya. Waktu tulis tajuk tu tadi, nak cerita benda lain. Tapi dah melalut sangat, tercerita benda lain. Pastu terpaska buat entry lain dengan tajuk sama, tapi siri 2. Kah kah kah

Nak cerita sebenarnya hari tu ada kawan ni tulis kat blog dia pasal a facial treatment that she had. It sounded so don't-ever-go-to-any-facial-if-you-don't-try-this. Sebab senang sangat terpengaruh, terus rasa nak pergi. As usual, I asked my big boss (who is not that big physically heh heh). Abang kata ok, so he drove me to Sungei Wang. And seperti biasa abang did all the talking, tanya orang kedai tu about the package, promo and such. Senyumlah isteri di hari tu sebab dapat buat facial.

Few days after that, the wife was attracted to another facial promotion. This time around in midvalley. This time around tanya big boss lagi, big boss kata ok. So we went to Midvalley. Memang best! Terus tanya abang whether I can enroll in their package. abang said yes, Alhamdulillah

When we went to Midvalley 2 weeks ago, I managed to 'visit' Tiamo, a korean shoe store. Before Raya, I went to Alamanda and spotted few pair of Tiamo's heels which I really want to own. However I didnt want to buy becuase I already had 2 pair of new shoes. But I work hard, and my shoes wont last for more than 2 months in average. Semua koyak. I dont mind having few extra pairs :) Setelah lama menahan nafsu, I am determined to own them this Thursday, when we go for my 2nd facial insyaAllah. Terpaksa kerja keras buat locum semata2 nak beli kasut Tiamo haha

When I was doing facial, the lady repeatedly (like thousand times) telling me how lucky I am to have a husband who is such a nice gentleman. I just smiled. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I look at abang in his deep sleep and tell this to myself "If 1 day Allah takes him back, that will be the greatest test for you!" and I just feel like crying...

I dont find any harm if a husband treats his wife nicely. Because the wife will definitely treat him back nicely when she is happy :) I think marriage is about appreciating each other!

When a wife is happy, a husband defintiely will feel happy too!

Best tak tajuk tu? Hahaha. How I miss rambling here. I feel like a part of me is missing, dissolving into emptiness together with the abandonment of this blog.. But time is precious. Too precious such that I always yearn for at least 25 hours a day. Blame those who says we only have 24 hours in a day... sigh~ I can hardly find time to write here. Such a tragedy.

I haven't written about 'ME' things for quite a stretch...and for a longer stretch..I haven't written about US thing. Hmmm. Probably its true what they say.. the longer you involve yourselves into marriage, the higher the tendency to forget about US thing.. Oh maybe not.. because Alhamdulillah until now abang has never stopped treating me like his princess, not a slight different compared to the moment he slipped a ring into my finger. If there is, I think it is only because his treatment keeps getting better and better insyaallah :)

For one thing, Abang ni sporting. Sporting beyond words. I have never imagined before my marriage, that I would be married to a man who sacrifices everything that he has, every cent and every second for his wife and family. Dulu kriteria simple je: Solat cukup 5 waktu, tak merokok, tak panas baran. Itu je. Tak sangka bila melamar, tengok ada rupa, tahfiz quran, buat medic. Kata orang syokkk. Setelah tanya kawan2 dan family dia whether he has all 3 basic criteria that I have listed, he passed! Maka kahwinlah, And waktu kahwin, I was careful not to hope for anything. Probably because I come from a family where the men are conservative. haha. Men who says that women should sit at home and take care of the children while the men go out to work. You see, my father was the sole breadwinner of our family. He worked hard, but I have never seen him changing diapers of my younger bros. Simply becuse it is the job of a wife.

After marriage, I was stunned when abang celebrated all my opinions, more than his. He helped me with the dishes, laundry, ironing, he even helped me with petty things such as combing his wife' s hair. I was till being extra cautious because I thought it might be the honeymoon thingy haha.

Then I got pregnant. That was when the real scenario began. I was sick for quite long, bedridden for the first 2 months, with ugly mood swings. Still abang managed to be patient even when our bed was full of biscuit crumbs (i kept munching on biscuits to reduce gastritis), he was patient when i couldnt care less of self hygiene (although he did drag me to the toilet and forced me to bathe haha), he was patient and made tea for me the whole night to reduce the tummy bloatedness, he was patient when I crave for a food, and when he prepared it, I couldnt even tolerate the smell, let alone the taste. I thought it was merely because it was my first pregnancy, and I shouldnt hope for the same tretment after 2 years of marriage haha.

Then came Ameer Faheem. Well, who doesnt have postpartum blue? I did. Tak larat melayan appetite Ameer Faheem yang lapar all the time. Sebab tu berat from 2.6--> 3.8kg at 1 month old. Penat! Depressed! Semua ada. Selaku ibu yang muda dan agak kejam waktu tu, I cried when he cried, and at 1 point just after given birth, I gave up and refused to feed him in the middle of the night. Tired beyond description. Abang juga yang bangun, panaskan EBM, bagi faheem minum and bagi dia tidur. Hoo anak 1st kot.. bolehlah.. that was what I thought. Lepastu meroyan apa tah waktu lepas bersalin tu, setiap kali mandi mesti nak abang teman (probably because we are so used to having bath together, after given birth I felt so unattractive. Bila abang tak nak mandi sekali terus merajuk). Walhal time tu tidur langgar time waktu solat. Abang yang nak pergi masjid mestilah kena mandi cepat. Until 1 time I cried rivers, just because when I woke up abang was fully and nicely dressed in Jubah and Kopiah. Rupa-rupanya I slept from asar and when I woke up, abang has returned back from Masjid after isya' prayer!!! Dasar mak apa lah camni hahaha. Abang was so sweet, Dia sanggup temankan mandi, tapi terpaksa berdiri kat penjuru toilet supaya jubah tak basah kena air. Hahaha. we always laugh when we dig back old memories ;p

More than 5 years has passed. I am not sure whether I am ready to go through that journey again, but abang's assurance make me feel confident. I always ask things like

Abang sanggup tak bangun malam baby menangis? Nanti esok nak g kerja mengantu
Abang sanggup tak bangun malam buat teh kalau ayang sakit perut?
Abang sanggup tak tukar pampers baby selalu berak?

Now now now why do I ask those questions to Abang when i should askt he questions to myself??? Semakin lama jadi isteri abang, semakin naik lemak plak!!! Abang kata "we will adjust!"

What do I fear most of having another baby? Not the difficutly in pregnancy or the hectic life of a new mother. I fear that things between abang and me will change, that we cant simply go out and watch movies, or we cant walk holding hands when each of us has to carry a child, that we cant simply pack our bags and enjoy ad-hoc holiday, that we lose the touch of being just the two of us...

Life is frightening in certain ways..


Kelantan kat mana yang best??

My teacher used to say, when we want to study, make sure all the gadgets are there, and the surrounding is conducive :) Eg make sure pens and papers are available, laptops are running, the air is serene, you are feeling energetic after a refreshing shower, dressed in newly laundered clothes, and perhaps a cup of cappuccino by your sde (errr perhaps a glass of rejuvenating ESP shake??) ;p

I kind of miss the days when I blogged rampantly haha. It was easy. A laptop that is available on table, a functioning connection, a clean desk..oh how I miss that. That was during the time when all that I had was a only a laptop. I was a student, and I didnt have much commitment. And that was during the time when abang and me stayed apart, adn internet was the only connection we had ;p. Pagi petang siang malam nak YM/ Skype ;p.

Welll... if you want to know how hard things are now...First now I have only one laptop which abang gave me on our first anniversary.. err..err 5 years ago? It is now super slow, overburdened, and infected with virus huu.The keyboard... now the keybiard is having holes everywhere..Ameer Faheem korek keluar the letters..

Secondly we dont have internet connection at home. I go online through my phone, and if I want to use it as a modem, the net speed would be unbearably dragging.

Thirdly, there is not much that I can do with a phone except updating facebook status *cough* so please forgive my overwhelming status in facebook. That is how it appears when a blogger tries to transform her FB into a blog ahahaha~

Fourthly, I have to drive for 30 mins to my sister's/ mother's house just to use their computer + internet. How tragic! sob sob. The suual thing is when I arrived there, Ameer Faheem always give me reasons to not use the computer, such as peeing in his pant and I had to clean him, feeling tired and would just go home empty handed. SOB SOB. Balik rumah nangis kat abang, telling him how hard things are. Nasib baik abang ni jenis dengar je isteri complain hahaha

It is not that we dont want to install the internet. Reasons would be, life is so unpredictable haha. We are moving soon, but I am not sure how soon. And I'm not sure where to either. Of course we dont want to carry too many things, hoping for a smooth and simple moving out activity. Aban katam "Sabar, tunggu pindah nanti" Ok, isteri bersabar. haihh.

Haritu teringin nak beli Coway Water Filter. Senang ada air sejuk and air panas. Abang kata, sabar tunggu pindah. Susahnya isteri nak bersabar, sebab sejak bibik berhenti kerja, tong air tu asyik kosong je.. Kalau Ameer Faheem minta susu, terpaksa bancuh dengan air panas semua, lepastu rendam botol + air susu panas dalam jag berisi air sejuk. Air panas selalu available sebab ada electric flask. Serba kekurangan kikiki. Jadi abang pun rajin masak airand topup tong air tu. Woww sweetnya, suami sapa lah yang rajin sangat tu ;p

Dah merapu rapu ni jadi lupa nak cerita apa sebenarnya. Mind you this post is gonna be very long with no picture. This is when a blogger tries to convert her blog into a novel kahkahkah. The thing about us is (yes abang and me), we just love reading this blog hahaha, narcissistic nye, and I dont really mind actually if nobody ever reads it. It's for personal use anyway. But once upon a time when it was famous (ahakksss), almost daily I would receive messages like "Salam kak, saya pembaca blog akak. Bla bla bla" Sangat suka dengan warm messages like that and I would make new friends. It was not uncommon either for abang and me to get greetings such as "Ni Ummu Ameer ye? Saya baca blog akak. Tak sangka boleh jumpa" Yang lebih tak tahan, ada orang tegur Abu Ammer, dekat airport sebab katanya selalu baca blog, tengok gambar abang, eh terjumpa real depan mata :) Truthfully we bloggers love our readers, it is like a close community :)

Tengok, melalut lagi!!!!! And dah lupa nak cerita apa sebenanrnya hehe ;p

Ok this is what I wanted to share earlier. We appealed for Kedah, but I got Kelantan so far. Why I really want to move to Kedah is becuase I want to live in our own house, make my own garden, decorate our home. Siap cakap dengan abang, kalau pindah kedah, bolehlah plan untuk dapat second baby hehe. Adalah macam terbuka hati sikit nak jadi new mommy for the second time..mungkin sebab semangat sikit boleh hias bilik baby nanti. Tapi nampak gayanya macam akan pindah kelantan huu. Abang pun agak semangat nak pindah kelantan because he wants to further his study in Neurosurgery (HUSM ousat Neuro). Abang kata lebih kurang 5 tahun duduk kelantan baru pindah kedah

*Sob sob sob sob sob*

Sedih lah juga. tapi abang kata nanti kita hire gardener untuk siram garden kat kedah, so by the time pindah kedah, garden dah cantik! yeayyyy. Alhamdulillah for the umpteenth time. Abang really knows how to cheer me up. Pindah kelantan kat mana yang best eh? Nak duduk dekat dengan beach cantik lah, senang kalau family datang nak g beach :)

Perlu pergi facial walaupun makan Set Kulit Cantik Shaklee?

Well  it is not a secret anymore (haha) that I consume Shaklee Skin Set (Set Kulit Cantik Shaklee).

My routines are:
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
GLA Complex

Yesterday I promised in my Facebook, to share experience going to 2 facial centres  ;p
But now, why do I need to go for facial when I have all the vitamins I need??

Because I am  a firm believer of inner and outer beauty; that beauty should be tackled two-ways.  
From inner --> providing skin with all the vitamins that it needs to thrive and glow
From  outer--> using good skincare range, a good routine of cleansing and applying day/night creams, and of course facial treatments in between (if it is feasible ;p)

I first came to try facial treatment when I was intrigued by a friend's review of her experience in a facial spa, doing facial laser. I messaged her personally and when she said it was good for real, I didn't waste anytime to ask my partner-in-crime to pay a visit to the spa. Hehe.

It was in Sungei Wang. Porbably Abang's first time going to Sungei Wang. It was my playground though once upon a time huu. I have forgotten how wonderfully cheap things in Sungei Wang are! I ended buying blouses and pants for me, Faheem, Safiyya and Usamah hahaha. They costed me RM5 per piece, I wouldn't miss such cheap bargain :)

It was a very small centre with 5 beds in small cubicles. The cubicles were separated with curtains. There was a small room at the end of the cubicles, I requested for that. I am a fully dressed muslimah, I don't feel comfortable sitting in a curtained cubicle. The spa was owned by a couple, probably in their 50s. They were so warm, friendly and humble. I immediately felt at home :)

I took a package of 6 sessions which costed RM750 (promotion price). It was quite cheap considering the treatment include laser treatment.

As it was my first time having facial treatment, I couldn't comment much on how good it was. I went back with softer skin and reduced pigmentation on the sides of nose. However because it was just days before Raya, she didn't want to extract much of whitehead and blackhead, so as to avoid a raw red face during Raya :p

I planned for the second session after Raya. Minimum is 3 weeks after the first session. But then I came a cross a Groupon advertisement- a facial laser package which costed around RM1K but offered at RM28! I didn't lose anytime to grab the offer.

So 2 days ago, Abang and me went for my trial session, and this time around it was in Boulevard, Midvalley. It was on Wednesday, it was at 2pm and I was so glad to board the train during office hour. Spare the hassle hehe.

Of course the spa was much more exclusive than the first one. The girl (workers) wore uniform and I just couldn't wait to get started...

Stay tune for a wonderful sharing about a wonderful experience in the spa..:)