Ameer Faheem and Abang

Today I plan to write on Faheem's education plans (haha macamlah banyak sangat), a topic which i keep postponing for so long. Well we were not well for quite sometime, I had fever for 2 weeks, siap muntah2 and prompted abang to ask me to undergo the pregnancy test huu. Alhamdulillah, sekarang dah sembuh :)

Eventhough Faheem is only 8 months old, I have started teaching him simple things, basically I want to teach him how to read. My main reason? Faheem is too active, trust me he is TOO active such that at times I just feel like collapsing. Oh yes there are times when I cry to abang and tell him that sometimes I need time for myself. I admit sometimes I just miss going window shopping alone, I miss enjoying leisure time reading storybooks, I want to jump into my car and drive around alone, I want to bake and sew without being disturbed... Being a fulltime housewife is actually a career which is busier than an office job. You don't get a break at 10 and at 1, you don't start at 8 and end at 5 etc, you don't get free weekends to unwind, but it is a responsibility that goes round the clock. And for that I respect a housewife with many kids huu! Don't get me wrong. Faheem is not a burden but I am adapting to the life of a mother. A good one. Kalau setakat bagi tidur, bagi makan, anybody can do that. But, with increasing age, comes increasing needs, which means, increasing responsibility for us!

Alhamdulillah abang has always been there for us (faheem and me) :). Allah presents me with a husband who doesn't mind changing faheem's nappy, preparing his milk, waking up in the middle of the night to take care of faheem and give me chance to sleep, adush tak tersenaraikan rasanya bantuan abang huuu. Berdosakah macam buli suami pulak??? Huuu, thank you abang... really I can't imagine how can I cope wthout him....

Back to Faheem's hyperactivity, I am kind of hoping that once he can read, I would be able to quieten him a bit by giving him storybooks which he can let himself engrossed with, reading :p Another thing, I have always dreamt of owning a house (one day in the far future hehe) with a big library. I have always loved books! so I started buying Faheem's books since he was still in the womb! Huu, adakah ibu yang sebegini excited? I remember once I was dealing with a sister who lives in UK, to buy few sets of used storybooks in UK. she asked, "Anak dah umur berapa?" I answered, "Anak saya 5 bulan dalam perut lagi" Hahaha. tergelak kakak tu dengar.

Here goes...

1. The first set that I bought. Winnie the pooh. but I don't really like the language because they like to use american shortforms.. These are used books which look like new!

2. second set. Grolier books, also used but look like new. Bought in UK. Bought this when i was 5 months pregnant with faheem huu.

3. Quran stories for kids (pic on top) & little hearts. Beli kat Thank you kak chik yang bagi banyak discount! :)

4. Flashcards peter and jane, baby khalifah. Yg baby khalifah tu beli satu set, mommy teruja sebab dalam bag (1 set dalam bag) ada book of adab, book of solat etc. ada CD sekali. Yg keywords tu bonda dan pipi yg hadiahkan, a souvenir from UK when they went there earlier this year.

Finally these are faheem's board books. 3 books in a set. Ooops the blue moon book was a present from bonda as well :)

The issue is can faheem read all these? Haha of course not. He eats them all! But I take great care not to let him ruin the books because abang spent a big amount of money to buy those (mahal bagi kami yang tak bergaji lagi ni :)).

so what I do now, I made my own sets of flashcards (I'll put up the pics laters), english and arabic alphabets . Everyday I will keep repeating flashing the cards to him. Most of the times he will laugh and laugh as if the whole business is dead funny huu. I also play educational videos which I downloaded from youtube which include abc, numbers and alif ba ta song, simple surah from the quran, animals etc. Sometimes I allow him to watch cartoons such as chuggington and roary the racing car. His favourite is 10 little numbers :p which induces him to start dancing. Truth is I don't know whether he learns anything from these activities, but important thing is i have tried. People say kids do learn in their own way, so let it be..

Teaching a kid is not simple. It requires an infinite patience.. No doubt I have to extend my thanks to abang. Really this thing requires cooperation from both mummy and daddy. Abang yang sabar memenuhi keperluan2. I said I needed colour papers, abang belikan. I needed manila cards, abang juga yang g belikan. Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal :)

1. urusan daftar kerja dah selesai, tunggu nak g interview spa je insyaAllah
2. asma nak kawen dah ahad ni.... busy la dgn kenduri. Yg sebenarnya I am busy preparing my own dress sebab kan abang and me nak kawen lagi hujung minggu ni hehe.
3. i want to write on our experience introducing faheem to waterfalls :D

4 weeks?

Been busy completing my job application form, and will insyaAllah finish everything by friday :) I haven't changed my mind which means I do not intend to start working earlier than next June. I am still tolerating pigmented sputum despite the finished antibiotic which signals another clinic visit is due. And 4 weeks left before we have to depart to Jordan again??? Man , that fast T_T...

Have I ever mentioned that Ameer Faheem has 2 new teeth since a month ago?? Yup, he bites people (read: mommy) nowadays. Probably I need to make a tag for him which says, "Beware of this boy. He bites!"

Abang works hard these days [ahaksss]. He comes back late everyday, and oh I miss him every single day T_T. Kan best kalau abang dapat evening off setiap hari ^_^, g hospital separuh hari je heh. Too true, I am a rambling jobless wife who can't possibly wait patiently for the husband to return home everyday huhuuuu, while letting the little boy do whatever that he wants.. He likes to play with pots and pans! Mummy tgh tidur pun dia g dapur sorang2 untuk bermain dengan periuk belanga nenek aduh. He is seriously busy! Have u ever heard of the saying that goes . "Kids are the busiest people in the world" Even a prime minister can't beat them you know...


Abang has started doing his elective a week ago. Faheem and me? We are down with fever, cough, stuffy nose, flu and sore throat. Faheem's first URTI (upper respiratory tract infection) ever. Sewing project doesn't go well for sure with the rising temperature.

I have to reluctantly admit, I am jealous of abang. I'm screaming inside to follow him to the hospital huuu, which makes me think for the umpteenth time to start my housemanship asap, but I know when he depart for Jordan, I'll scream out loud to get on the plane with him huhu. Now i'm trying to figure out what do I miss actually? Being shouted at by the seniors or the tiring life which is capable of turning one into zombie anytime. Huuu I am insane.

Faheem turns 8 in a week time insyaAllah. Now I haven't elaborated him for quite some time. He started cruising a month ago, and he could crawl since only a week ago. He can sit on his own. He enjoys eating almost anything including cendol, milo ais etc. He sure smiles a lot. Sekarang comot banyak hingus. He loves nenek's kitchen. and... he disturbs almost anything which at times makes mommy mad huuu.

Semua org (abang's family) ckp faheem super duper active just like daddy when he was small aiyaaa. Seriously mommy boleh pengsan jaga faheem alone huu. Alhamdulillah abang has been playing his superman role to control the condition and mommy-cooler to prevent mommy from exploding huhuuu.

Faheem at times can be so cunning, and at times can be rebellious. He loves attention and does so many things to get it. 1 thing I do know, his emotion is developing well alhamdulillah :) Dia suka menangis suara halus which is almost inaudible and sit alone as if he is sulking. oh maybe he is haha. He still sleeps alone and I do miss him which prompts me to make occasional visits to his cot throughout the night just to stare at the cute and serene face. Faheem.... faheem... :)

I think most of my friends who were pregnant or delivered around my first pregnancy are currently pregnant again or waiting to deliver for the second time... which makes me think of having a second baby. Ok I admit I want a girl. But If I do get pregnant and blessed with a boy who is just as active as faheem, mungkin akan pengsan kepenatan haha.


Raya activity

Alhamdulillah we have safely arrived from kedah last night, after 2 weeks of breathing alosstaq air, berakhirnya kembara raya 2000km. fuhh. i said to abang, since we came back from jordan, we have been living in the car! it's super duper tiring, but alhamdulillah, fulfilling :) arriving in kl doesn't mean everything comes to an end though, because it's time to attend weddings...

when we came back from jordan, the first thing i requested to abang was to go to jalan TAR. sebabnya i read this 1 blog, owned by kak moon. according to kak moon when we go to Sarah hughes store (used to be globe silk store), and buy clothes for curtain. just mention "I'm a follower of Moon", we will automatically be eligible to get a 50% discount on top of the sale price. sounds weird, yess haha. so the last few days in jordan, i chatted with kak moon, clarifying few things. pelik jugak nak g kedai kain tetibe nak bagi password "Saya follow blog moon" hahaha. tak pasal2 penjual ckp aku ni merapu pulak huuu.

coincidentally abang had to finish some business in bangunan Mara, so we left faheem at home and went there by train. driving was a big NO as it was the last few days before raya, and if we did drive, we would only finish our precious time enjoying traffic jams haha. i didn't tell abang about the sarah hughes store yet, but i offered him a minimal info about buying clothes to make curtain for faheem's and our bedroom in jordan.

masuk keluar kamdar, nagoya, sarah hughes store, and banyak lagi kedai kain, finally we decided to buy a blue stripe for faheem, and yes in sarah hughes store hehe. the price was very much reduced, from RM66 per meter to RM43 per meter (Raya sale), but when I mention "I follow blog moon" [of course after fighting with the inner conflicts, and abang pun pandang pelik kat aku huuu], i bought it at RM21.50 per meter. to me it is still on the expensve side, tapi takpelah sebab nampak kain quality, hopefully tahan lama la sampai faheem umur 10 tahun ok :p

few days after that, we went to Nilai, still with the aim to find curtain clothes, for our room, and to mix-and-match faheem's blue stripe. dapatla beli utk faheem, blue polka dot. yang ni kain murah RM6.80 per meter and kain tebal! but i still didn't find any curtain which suit my taste for our room.

finally when we went back to kedah, abang bought me to many clothes store, and after 2 days of searching i settled for few clothes sold by Kamdar. It was a mix and match of white, pink and english rose. (aku ngan abang dah decide nak kawen lagi oktober ni bersempena wedding asma' hahaha, so perlulah membeli kain putih utk hias bilik pengantin kami!! bilik kat jordan la haha :p)

so what i did in kedah (mak tolong sekali sebab mak sibuk nak siapkan tempahan raya aku plak sibuk nk pinjam sewing machine mak. so mak jahit kat machine, aku tolong jahit baju2 tempahan guna tangan seperti jahit kancing, silang pangkah dsb. kalau mak g kerja, aku cepat2 jahit banyak2 hehe)

1. Faheem's curtain
2. Faheem's hanging bedhead
3. Faheem's bedspread
4. Faheem's comforter
5. Our curtain

And yep I have 6 more weeks in Malaysia (while abang does his elective), and I plan to sew and sew and sew! Kali ni pinjam sewing machine kakak pulak haha. Terpaksa la setiap pagi aku berjalan g umah kakak T_T

Will upload some piccies later :)