Raya activity

Alhamdulillah we have safely arrived from kedah last night, after 2 weeks of breathing alosstaq air, berakhirnya kembara raya 2000km. fuhh. i said to abang, since we came back from jordan, we have been living in the car! it's super duper tiring, but alhamdulillah, fulfilling :) arriving in kl doesn't mean everything comes to an end though, because it's time to attend weddings...

when we came back from jordan, the first thing i requested to abang was to go to jalan TAR. sebabnya i read this 1 blog, owned by kak moon. according to kak moon when we go to Sarah hughes store (used to be globe silk store), and buy clothes for curtain. just mention "I'm a follower of Moon", we will automatically be eligible to get a 50% discount on top of the sale price. sounds weird, yess haha. so the last few days in jordan, i chatted with kak moon, clarifying few things. pelik jugak nak g kedai kain tetibe nak bagi password "Saya follow blog moon" hahaha. tak pasal2 penjual ckp aku ni merapu pulak huuu.

coincidentally abang had to finish some business in bangunan Mara, so we left faheem at home and went there by train. driving was a big NO as it was the last few days before raya, and if we did drive, we would only finish our precious time enjoying traffic jams haha. i didn't tell abang about the sarah hughes store yet, but i offered him a minimal info about buying clothes to make curtain for faheem's and our bedroom in jordan.

masuk keluar kamdar, nagoya, sarah hughes store, and banyak lagi kedai kain, finally we decided to buy a blue stripe for faheem, and yes in sarah hughes store hehe. the price was very much reduced, from RM66 per meter to RM43 per meter (Raya sale), but when I mention "I follow blog moon" [of course after fighting with the inner conflicts, and abang pun pandang pelik kat aku huuu], i bought it at RM21.50 per meter. to me it is still on the expensve side, tapi takpelah sebab nampak kain quality, hopefully tahan lama la sampai faheem umur 10 tahun ok :p

few days after that, we went to Nilai, still with the aim to find curtain clothes, for our room, and to mix-and-match faheem's blue stripe. dapatla beli utk faheem, blue polka dot. yang ni kain murah RM6.80 per meter and kain tebal! but i still didn't find any curtain which suit my taste for our room.

finally when we went back to kedah, abang bought me to many clothes store, and after 2 days of searching i settled for few clothes sold by Kamdar. It was a mix and match of white, pink and english rose. (aku ngan abang dah decide nak kawen lagi oktober ni bersempena wedding asma' hahaha, so perlulah membeli kain putih utk hias bilik pengantin kami!! bilik kat jordan la haha :p)

so what i did in kedah (mak tolong sekali sebab mak sibuk nak siapkan tempahan raya aku plak sibuk nk pinjam sewing machine mak. so mak jahit kat machine, aku tolong jahit baju2 tempahan guna tangan seperti jahit kancing, silang pangkah dsb. kalau mak g kerja, aku cepat2 jahit banyak2 hehe)

1. Faheem's curtain
2. Faheem's hanging bedhead
3. Faheem's bedspread
4. Faheem's comforter
5. Our curtain

And yep I have 6 more weeks in Malaysia (while abang does his elective), and I plan to sew and sew and sew! Kali ni pinjam sewing machine kakak pulak haha. Terpaksa la setiap pagi aku berjalan g umah kakak T_T

Will upload some piccies later :)

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