Can I skip the exam?

I think I have very nearly given up hope on the examination tomorrow (haha) (which also indicate that I'm about to let go the 'A'thiq please grant my wish' thingy huu, because it seems like the memory-creating activity isn't going on very well lately. 

And yet I am looking forward this saturday, for a nasyeed concert 'Konsert Antara Dunia' :)

4 tickets for Asma' ,Umar, Yasir and Me. Huu ASIFAH Abang, kena tinggal hehe. Gimme a chance to reminisce my Bikr days :p


Wifey talk

Our plan to go to Taman Bandar ( a park with a big lake, within walking distance from UIA) had to be cancelled with the appearance of dark clouds and the distance sound of thunder. I am trying my best to make a visit to the park a routine every evening. And it means a routine sms to Abang as well asking for his permission. Maybe I should apply a 1-year license to go to Taman Bandar from A'thiq?? :) hehe. Living far away from an important man called a husband, I can't deny that sometimes I do accidentally forget to do what a wife is supposed to do. For example, asking for his permission to go to Taman Bandar. Well, I share the same experience with those undergoing the same thing. Huu now I know how hard it is to be a good wife. And yet I know how wonderful it is to be a wife :D. Or if I may dive deeper into the issue of specificity, how wonderful it feels to be the wife of A'thiq :) Alhamdulillah for that bounty. The issue is respect, obedience and loyalty. A husband deserves to be respected. A husband deserves to be obeyed. A husband deserves the loyalty of a wife. Why? Because Allah has said in the Quran 

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (Next), refuse to share their beds, (And last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them Means (of annoyance): For Allah is Most High, great (above you all).

An-Nisa': 34

I do find peace in reading this verse, alhamdulillah :). I am sure I need to say thank you...

1.Thank you Abang for being a great husband to me.

2. Thank you Abah for being a great husband to Ummi

3. Thank you Abang Apidzs for being a great husband to Kakak 

Somehow the rainy season has just started. And yesterday we managed to go to Tmn Bandar.

We hadn't even completed 1 lap (when a friend was completing his 10th lap), but proudly walked (instead of jogging) with ABC (air batu campur) in my hand and hiding the fact that a cup of teh ais had already embarked on its journey down our guts haha. We took a break at the Taman Bandar cafe (wink)

Being a P-S-Y student for the time being, I am sure the walk was purely to feed our guilt and anxiety for not exercising and for getting bigger and bigger in size respectively, day by day. Or it served as a way for us to celebrate our extroversion talkative side, exchanging stories with a close friend, after the long separation during A'thiq's stay previously, RATHER THAN allowing some metabolic activity to take place in real time huu. 

P/s: the reading stops here. What I am going to write next is strictly for A'thiq :) Hehe

A reminder to Abang:

Abang, I love u so much, and I am terribly missing ur presence by my side. But I have promised everybody and MYSELF that I will stay strong.. definitely i'll always try to keep my promise :) Bittaufiq wannajah for your exam tomorrow! : D 

How is Psy posting so far?

I am now again comitting a P-S-Y sin when for the umpteenth time I unguiltily indulge in truancy of mind, when I should actually open my mind to euphorically welcome few of Sigmund Freud's absurd psychosexual development theory. Or it deserves nothing superior than sensory memory?..

The scanty piece which I manage to grab is:

'anal retention at 18-36 months will lead to a person who are obsessed with CLEANLINESS'

I wonder why don't they develop CONSTIPATION instead- huh some obscene stuff!  Oopss I forgot it's the Psy theory (such neurotic effect), and futhermore it's Freud's theory (which upgrade the neurosis to psychosis).

Truthfully I have nothing against the presenters (I am actually acting as a contented audience of a Psy seminar) because to me their performances are wonderfully good :) and I try to understand the  grievous and calamitous process of trying to have some understanding of sinister Psy stuff asw ell as preparing for the presentation that they have experienced.. how extremely lucky I am to escape being one of the presenters.. Well done to them!

Yet, I still have no choice other than to score the Psy exam this friday though I have to be sincere that I have only started playing peek-a-boo with Psy notes very recently (specifically, I am trying to deal with Schizophrenia while tragically wondering what are the other lecture topics for the whole posting) What is it with scoring Psy MCQ, when my own 2 Psy weeks are filled with demotivated depressed self while consciously and meekly developing Dissociation as my neurotic ego defense mechanism?? Well.. because I desperately want A'thiq to grant me A wish which will only be granted IF I score the exam (with the possibility for me to score well in the exam nearly equals negative percentage ~sigh~ because REALLY it's not my own Psy rejection but it's my brain and I have arrived at the conclusion that nothing much can be done to repair the situation huu) 

P/s: Abang, are you trying to dig back my primary school year memory when I could be bribed with presents, in exchange with good exam results? (suspiciously asking Abang, while scrutinizing him telepathically haha)

Well I shouldn't get my hope high in gambling for such a thin strand of chance..

In between the Dr's intervention and seminar presentation, I with valour and high spirit, am combating the urge to let my reticular formation to do some wark, thus arresting some degree of consciousness. In simpler words, I welcome sleep, very good-naturedly huu.

Suddenly the Dr requests to summarize the whole presentation in 2 minutes. The presenter appeared quite shock (my emotional support and empathy lies with the presenter) but I think if I were in his shoes, I'd have grin from ear to ear, flashing few irregularly-arranged dentals, while allowing my autonomic nervous system to restore parasympathetic activity. Truthfully, I expect people to sleep when I present anything myself. Or if I am allowed to make a more dramatic statement, I expect my student to sleep as well when I am giving lectures, should I become a lecturer one day huhu. Well, what are air-conditioned lecture halls and cosy plastic chairs for (plus the dim light), other than to be exploited fully as a lullaby and send us into wonderful slumbers.. (don't adopt this pathological thinking!)

Ahh enough dose of the mumblings for now (I have informed everybody, this blog is for me to mumble huhu. sorry if you have arrived at this point and yet nothing benefits you :p). Case presentation with Dr Ramli in few mins (wink). Good luck to everybody (who is going to sit for the exam!) :)


A reminder for today :)

I guess this will be my 1st quiet weekend after almost 2 months of hectic life. As intelligent as a schizophrenic I might be, I still manage to make a simple plan for the weekend which probably won't stray much further from sleeping activity. I am sincerely surprised with myself for not planning a trip back to KL. Well settling down in Kuantan is equally important in my own conscience, though all my 3 roomates have fled to KL (that is so unjustifiable) for a happening weekend in their hometown probably. The fact that Umar, Asma & Yasir have bought tickets to watch Harry Potter tonight (and I with a low profile rejected the offer to watch it with them) isn't encouraging my Kuantan stay in anyway. The only ego defense mechanism I had was to make a plan to watch it with A'thiq when he comes home (another hapless mechanism haha)

I lived like a nomad when A'thiq was around, going back and forth KL-Alor Star, and in Kuantan to & fro between Beserah and Indera Mahkota. It was exhausting really, but adventurous as well, especially when you are clinging on to your significant other almost 24 hours a day :p Now I deeply believe this tiny cubicle of mine desperately needs my delicate touch to make it appear just like what it is- a cubicle! Gahh I can't recall when was the last time spring-cleaning was carried out here.

Somebody have just smsed me my O&G marks & ranking. Well, nothing extravaganza by the way, except that I passed my MCQ. How lame does that sound? Pretty pathetic :p

As for the pic, I grabbed it from Wani's facebook (yela orang takde kamera kan, tumpang kamera org lain la haha) It was taken when we attended the dinner finale -err jamuan perpisahan ke??- for the Group C posting of Year 3 MBBS!! Thanks to the organizer and thanks to Wani for the photo :D )

A reminder for today:

Hold on to the Quran, Hold it strong.

Grip the contents of the Quran, Grip them hard. 

Grab the understanding of Quran, Grab them clear.

Work hard to be a better muslim & muslimah :)


Entahla.. mengarut lg

I'm experiencing poverty of thoughts, truly! Is there any external force who has just taken away my mind? This is definitely not good. 

I guess being a wife has some of its adverse effects- cognitive degradation for example (for some type of wives huhu including me I think). What to say, I have earlier jot somewhere in this blog about succumbing to the wifey disease. The reason of this specific article writing is to say "Hye Abang! ^_^" whom I know visits this blog for Allah-knows-how-many-thousands-of-times in a day, but is usually met with depression when I don't update (which is the usual case nowadays). Haha abang, that is so you!! (said while imagining muka tegang Abang bila tengah stress. I can always laugh when I imagine your stressful face which i personally think is quite cute actually :p)

To those who are about to experience toxicity out of romance overdose which sources from this page, please take heed of my sincere medical advice: Don't visit this page for the immediate few months haha.

Actually yesterday I wanted to write on something, in relation to an extremely wonderful Quote which I have just read, but the internet wasn't very cooperative so I had to depressingly cancel the intention. However, I still think I can share the Quote now...

Had it been a near gain (booty in front of them) and an easy journey, they would have followed you, but the distance (Tabuk expedition) was long for them, and they would swear by Allâh, "If we only could, we would certainly have come forth with you." They destroy their ownselves, and Allâh knows that they are liars

Kalau yang kamu serukan kepada mereka itu keuntungan yang mudah
diperoleh dan perjalanan yang tidak seberapa jauh, pastilah
mereka mengikutimu, tetapi tempat yang dituju itu amat jauh
terasa oleh mereka. Mereka akan bersumpah dengan (nama) Allah:
"Jikalau kami sanggup tentulah kami berangkat bersama-samamu." Mereka
membinasakan diri mereka sendiri dan Allah mengetahui bahwa
sesungguhnya mereka benar-benar orang-orang yang berdusta.

Based on a kuliyyah which I had the chance of collecting some hikmah from it..

Whenever the word Rejab is being mentioned, automatically we'll think about Isra' Mikraj. The often-forgotten history is regarding Perang Tabuk which also took place in Rejab. I have no intention to elaborate more on this war now (because I am too lazy to continue typing), well you can read in the Quran, Surah Taubah.. but I was really hooked to the specific verse which I have pasted above..

It kinda ring a bell in mind, or like a pebble, with a throw, manages to disturb the water in a pond, creating concentric patterns which I hope will stay longer and not disappear so fast.. (because inzar or a reminder is something which we should very hurrily grab. It doesn't stay long).. only then I re-realized that we have such a long journey to go, as a human, as a muslim, as a servant, as a vicegerent, as a.....

The correct words are "Carried Away". Well sometimes after marriage, I tend to ponder why did we (or precisely: I. haha because I think I was the one who urged A'thiq to marry me asap :p) insisted very vigorously on a marriage. I can still vaguely recall something that resolved around- jaga muamalat, jaga iman, jaga hafazan, jaga kesucian keturunan, to help each other to be a better muslim and muslimah, semakin rajin bangun tahajjud sebab qiamullail sama2 kan, semakin rajin baca quran and iadah sama2, semakin bersemangat to get involved in islamic activities and programmes etc. The 'takkan org gerakan islami pun bercinta jugak?' sorts of things. Well, I am absolutely sure those who are currently bericnta anta anti nih very actively use these reasons hahahaha. 

AFTER MARRIAGE, I am trying very hard to determine how many percents of the alasan that we had used to get the permission to get married, are actually being CARRIED OUT? When I am sure I actually get CARRIED AWAY.. (luckily I have someone who keep reminding me)

Let us muhasabah,

1. Qiamullail makin mantap ke? Ehemm especially when your spouse hug you through the night, I am sure that is much tougher to combat compared to the Shaytan's handcuff or ikatan or whatsoever

2. Quran: semakin banyak baca ke? Wellll.... I am sure baca 2 tiga ayat je, itupun if sempat. You know bersembang sambil saling mengenali between husband and wife secara lebih mendalam pun ibadah jugak hehe

3. Mosque: how frequent would your visit be? Because.... bila abang kata "Abang pergi solat kat masjid ye" then the wife starts to make a sad face, "Abang solat kat rumah pun, berjamaah jugak. Kalau abang pergi masjid, nanti saya solat sendiri" Huu that is tough

4. Attending programmes: "Err saya tak dpt dtg la, sebab suami saya ada rumah, tak manis pulak saya sebagai isteri keluar merata-rata" or "Maf la ana tak dpt dtg program hari ni, zaujah ana tak berapa sihat"

5... Well I can continue up to let say... 100? Huhuuu 

I am writing this to remind MYSELF especially, that my journey is a long one.. And I have a very long way to go. Abang pun macam tu jugak.

Okay, after the lengthy luahan perasaan, especially to Abang (and to those who want to take some ibrah/ pengajaran), gelaran seorang Hamba Allah adalah gelaran yang sangat berat, because it depicts a long journey to be traversed. And here in this world, NOTHING can be called a destination. This is the beginning, thus make a good headstart, then definitely you won't regret when 1 day you finally arrive at the true ending. And yet, the ending, is also a beginning to an life of forever (akhirah). Perkahwinan pun bukan suka2, sebab ada tanggungjawab berat that one has to carry..........

Suddenly I am reminded of something, after our marriage.. 1 day A'thiq said to me "Murahnya abang beli ayang ni. RM80 je" I said, "Prostitute pun lg mahal kalau diukur dengan nilaian wang. Tp abang beli amanah (means myself) ni dengan bayaran tanggungjawab yang sgt besar" He nodded and kept quiet. In those few silent moments, I was touched. Everything about Islam is beautiful. Nampak murah dgn nilaian material, tapi sbnrnya mahal dengan ukuran tanggungjawab. Nampak sukar untuk ditempuhi ujian, tapi sbnrnya dah dibekalkan kekuatan dlm jiwa untuk menghadapinya. Nampak panjang dan jauh perjalanan, tapi sebenarnya Allah tidak membiarkan kita sesat dan lelah sendiri.. Al-Quran dan as-Sunnah sentiasa ada sbg panduan.

Well, actually abang ada program malam ni, dah start terasa sunyi. Apa ni??? Kata je nak jadi isteri seorang mujahid...


Strictly for A'thiq

The irony of my blogging activity is- the one who encourages me to continue writing the most is definitely A'thiq. What's so ironic about that? Because he was with me almost 24hrs in a day! But I guess his return to Jordan justifies and clarifies this matter gee. 

Again the only purpose of this entry is as a reminder for both me and Abu Ameer in years to come, nothing worthy to be read. He married me at 56kg, and promise to increase that figure haha. I married him at 45, and now afraid of the rapidly elevating number. People said I looked cengkung after marriage but I guess it was because of the fever (ke penat jaga abang? haha). And in no time people will start wondering whether I am pregnant by the appearance of my oedematous puffy faces and hands. The bad thing about it is, they aren't 3rd spaces fluid loss but fat deposition instead.

One important message for my own self is, I should watch out intensely for the extra kilos. If I retain 4kg with each pregnancy, that sums up to 12kgs after 3 gravida, plus the 'happy' kilos (which merely means excessive food consumption due to blissful life), I don't want to retire at around 65kg! Umar's chocs from France aren't supportive in anyway- that is so pathetic.

So jogging for me from now on. Perhaps a visit to Taman Bandar for few minutes everyday won't hurt that much. Arghhhh

A stern yet loving reminder for A'thiq (accompanied with a wink and an acidic sweet smile) "Abang, make sure your kilos keeps increasing! haha"

A lethal dose of P-S-Y

Written during Dr H****’s class on Mental State Examination….

I’ll be needing the asylum in no time. Rapport between me and Psychiatry is strictly prohibited from existing in the universe: a fact that I have realized since the first time me and Psy was destined to meet when I was in 1st year MBBS. After 2 years, I am sure nothing changes much

The only thing that is helping me to go through this unbearable 2 weeks of Psy posting is A’thiq’s absence huhu which significantly implies that nothing exciting awaits me after class. You know, when he was around, I finished my lecture time planning on the best way to spend the days haha. Nowadays, I guess I am not laid with many choices- definitely I am trapped and stuck in such a pitiful time frame of Psy posting, trying hard to appear interested and smiling all the way through Psy tortures, while my mind is actually actively reminiscing the wonderful days that I had naughtily spent with Abang gee.

“Maryam, what did the Dr has just said?” a mate who is sitting next to me in the lecture hall, asks –oopss- with a sleepy face. Haha I am unquestioningly not alone in combating the yawns and droopy eyelids. That fact is a bit soothing actually haha. 

“Oops sorry I didn’t get it” of course Iforgot to catch anything- how very lame and not surprising at all.

“Maryam, amy ngantuk”

I just flashed my sheepish silly smile. Psy is just not my stuff. Well to be truthful I am writing this in the class, undoubtedly I have to apologize to Dr as I am sure he mistaken this vigorous writing exhibit, with my enthusiasm in copying down every single words of his lecture. I am deeply sorry… 

“Understand? Please ask. If u don’t understand, u will not be interested. Ur mind will wonder away” arghh those lines send a pang of guilt which truthfully was not guilt but rather… “O Allah help my brain to function though slowly..Ameen”

Yes sir, my mind has actually arrived at wondering what was the actual colour of the bird? Are there 2 birds or a bird on the page? Umm I don’t remember..

“What is normal perception? You had this lecture in 1st year. Do you still remember that you had this lecture?” the Dr asked

“Yyesss… yes, I do remember”

“Good at least you know that you had the lecture”

I guess that was how lame everybody were huhuu.

Me (silently): Correct interpretation of a stimulus… ??

“You are hearing voices aren’t you?” It was a general statement. Uhh I am sure none of us are schizophrenics..

“You, do you hear voices?” he was aiming at Awis. Awis nodded, “Your voice,” he answered while pointing his finger to the lecturer. Ahh at least I now I know that I am not hallucinating nor illusioning, or worst- schizophrenic because I was hearing voices as well. The Dr’s voices undoubtedly hehe.

Probaly I should stop now before I further stain my blog with my abnormal mental state..

P/s just to inform: A’thiq has joined me in this blog gee :p Abu Ameer, welcome!


A day before A'thiq's departure

Yesterday was indeed a blessed day when our whole family united for the first time! Umar's homecoming was indeed a joyful occasion. Umar for the first time met his two abang ipar haha. So instead of the usual five, there were 7 of us! plus abah and ummi, that makes us 9 in total!! 

Next was bowling game in Sunway Pyramid until nearly 2am aghh although I was dead tired and could even sleep in the bowling centre! (please understand that I have never even once hold the bowlng ball with my own fingers throughout my life)

This is our big family :)

The tok penghulu: Abah =p

Umar who has just came back from France 1 day before A'thiq departed for Jordan

Asma', Me, A'thiq and Umar. How I miss Abang's smile!!! 

Haa kakak and abang apidzs diskas pe tu??

yasir, abang apidzs, kakak and ummi

Yasir aka ABU (Anak Bawah Umur) displaying his ABUness I guess??..........

Fuhhh I am FINALLY back!!!

Well I guess the quite-many coming posts aren't very suitable for public reading, obviously not in the manner of unsuitability which many people might think but rather they are going to be (gimme few seconds to think of an appropriate adjective).... an acidic insult to the brain which MIGHT induce some degree of necrotic changes in the cortex, or in more obvious words- they are going to be plain flat useless huhu. Never mind, that's what I do anyway- I enjoy doing useless thing. Don't put a harsh blame on me later for not exhibiting a perfect warning because this is what the first paragraph all about- DON'T CONTINUE READING. Why bother to write then? Ahaa because I am a blogger :p 

A long (yet short) 3 weeks for me and A'thiq I guess after our nikah. A short holiday of 1 week between 3rd and 4th year followed by 2 weeks of 'nauseating' Forensic practically because we got tonsillitis and fever and flu (and we even went to screen for H1N1 status in HTAA one morning at around 1am haha because the URTI just got worse after 3 antibiotic prescription), finally A'thiq returned to his orginal place- Jordan undoubtedly :p

A'thiq I am sure couldn't disagree with me if I say we have gone through soo many things. Probably 'many' for a newly wed couple. And we kept saying that everything happened for reasons- I am sure to strengthen both of us for the separation that was yet to come. (Gee he flew to Jordan this morning!). Improper honeymoon when we were entertained with lectures on death and crimes, a lovely visit to the mortuary (which I happily skipped), and the worst part was the vomiting as well as clinic & hospital visits PLUS the various drugs that we joyfully consumed, reminding each other to take antibiotic whoaaa everything was sadfully wonderful :D And yup! no swimming and beaches for us haha. 

I don't have the slightest intention to induce the occurrence of jealousy in the pure heart of anybody, but yes I have to admit, being married is wonderful hahahaha and hahaha. Despite the downsides of our condition, it was still very wonderful, well cuci mata everyday looking at my handsome husband (owh to those who feel that A'thiq is not handsome -uhuk- please don't feel offended k becuase I personally think he is handsome p/s if wife tak puji, sape lagi nak puji aeh?? :p), someone to turn to when you wake up in the middle of the night crying out of being terrorized by nightmares, and of course in my special case- someone whom I could make a report to on missing things e.g socks, handphones, antibiotic etc, and feeling good about it because I knew it would be entertained. Btw, A'thiq has an excellent reputation of finding my things 100% so far hehe how extremely amazing.

I guess I should stop for a while, to be continued later :)


Semoga lebih tabah dalam mengharungi hidup

Whoa it's hard to update these days but please don't get me wrong because it's not the honeymoon thingies. It seems like a group of some kind of Strep just can't leave us alone, and accomplish their mission of making our lives miserable with tonsilitis and fever. A'thiq? Haha we are enjoying the activity of sharing things including the Strep, so despite the fact that we are residing for the time being at the beach, not even once our skin touched the salt water. How much more romantic can a honeymnoon be with nausea and vomiting as well as febrile temperature? Ooops not to forget the romantic sound of cough and blocked nose. Huu I guess everything is soooo 'romantic' :p

And currently enjoying packets after packets of jeruk in between durian, I personally think we enjoy the vicious cycle of melantak durian until our temperatures spike up and then sleep it off, followed by eating jeruk to wipe off the nauseous feeling, and melantak durian again when are about to feel healthy. -sigh- the fact that I have to humbly accept: A'thiq is sooo obsessed with durian, and as I'm trying to be a good wife, I have this conscience that the best thing I should do is to eat the durian with him (trying to hide the truth that I am also a hantu durian :p). We are actually hiding durians in the fridge of our room despite the hotel rule that durians are strictly not allowed

Now is 21:21, Thursday. Athiq has just returned from the mosque and suddenly after a hot bath, (plus a whole day of sleeping under thick blankets) I have this urge of updating this blog. Obviously I didn't attend the class this morning. Again it's not the honeymoon thingies but rather the infection because yesterday I had my second cycle of antibiotic- now it's the augmentin after a cycle of bacampicillin. 

People are asking me "Err do you think it's... you know" and my eyeballs almost pop out of the sockets, "Ehemm ehemm I guess I have such an accelerated zygote implantation, villous & placental formation and hCG production within 1 week which trigger the hyperemesis gravidarum" or in a more conventional way "I am married for just one week, obviously it's not pregnancy" huuu huuuu and huhuuuuuuu. Don't try to scare me and make me jump out my skin in extreme surprise. Ooopss I think I make A'thiq pregnant as well- becuase he vomits obviously more than me.

Another week before A'thiq departs for Jordan, and I resume my 'I am single' status, I definitely am going to miss the millions of seconds that I spend with him. A'thiq is such a superb husband and I sincerely should apologize to him for making his life hard these few days.. really I am going to miss his presence but that's life. Another 2 years of medical school for me geee. I am going to do my best, Chaiyokk to myself and to Abang!!

Just like A'thiq has always told me, "Semoga lebih tabah dalam mnegharungi hidup"



Currently enjoying few minutes being single after almost a week of feeling intoxicated by my significant other (as if I don't have any hope of being single after a'thiq's departure to jordan in few weeks time huhu p/s maybe i can still flirt after this wink wink :p), updating this blog while A'thiq performs his Jumaat prayer, is undoubtedly my priority hehe. I'm now enjoying Kedah, while reminiscing the majestic day of our humble wedding reception and of course enjoying the photos as well as the nice statements from family and friends that sound something like "Amboi comelnya, pandai hang pilih ye Athiq" or "Lawalah bini ampa ni noo" hahaha though I know for sure that A'thiq is feeling extremely jealous of me and trying hard to make me believe that we look alike which signifies that whenever anybody mention my kecomelan, it implies to his 'good look' also ehem ehemmmm (hahahaha again and again. kidding :p)

I couldn't find the most precise word to picture my euphoria (i could even cry!!) when I saw our friends' faces at the reception especially my MBBS 0611, akhawat from SRIH!!, SMKS, and of course my ABs!! Thank you from the deepest bed of my heart, for making our wedding reception such a memorable one!!!! (obviously anybody can detecy that I'm typing this in such a euphoric state haha)

Because I know soo many people are dying to lay their eyes on the picture of the loveliest couple ever, I very happily upload this pic hehe. Enjoy it :D

The loveliest and greatest couple ever!!

To Ummi and Abah, I love both of you extremely. You have done so much for me. I'm now a wife to an honourable man, but I am still the loving daughter to the greatest and loveliest couple ever!!!

Two mums yang sangat aku cintai!! Pray that I can be as great as them :)

This is my new dad :)

Two men that I love most! + abah kedah + umar + yasir :p
Asma kakak & yasir. though i'm feeling a lil sad that umar wasn't around...
Thank you to my great mak andam- Asma' hehe and my pengapit- Faraa. Really thank you! Thanks to my relatives who have helped in making the reception a smooth one, to Mimi, Faraa and Hana who have camped in my house since the night before the wedding to put on Henna on my fingers etc.. :) Abg Apidzs the great wedding photographer :p And especially to those who gave us presents especially those who gave me things which really suits my taste, and for ME ALONE (e.g ade org bg minyak wangi perempuan tp tak bg minyak wangi lelaki, ada org bagi baju perempuan je and tak bagi baju lelaki hehe) while abandoning A'thiq and managed to make him feel extremely jealous of me for having such sporting buddies ngeh3x
I'm also feeling extremely excited after a wonderful discovery that in 4th year, I'll be in the same group with Ah-long dude!! Ah-long dude, for sure your prayer has been granted!! (mine as well hehe)

I think that's all for now. Will surely update later!