How is Psy posting so far?

I am now again comitting a P-S-Y sin when for the umpteenth time I unguiltily indulge in truancy of mind, when I should actually open my mind to euphorically welcome few of Sigmund Freud's absurd psychosexual development theory. Or it deserves nothing superior than sensory memory?..

The scanty piece which I manage to grab is:

'anal retention at 18-36 months will lead to a person who are obsessed with CLEANLINESS'

I wonder why don't they develop CONSTIPATION instead- huh some obscene stuff!  Oopss I forgot it's the Psy theory (such neurotic effect), and futhermore it's Freud's theory (which upgrade the neurosis to psychosis).

Truthfully I have nothing against the presenters (I am actually acting as a contented audience of a Psy seminar) because to me their performances are wonderfully good :) and I try to understand the  grievous and calamitous process of trying to have some understanding of sinister Psy stuff asw ell as preparing for the presentation that they have experienced.. how extremely lucky I am to escape being one of the presenters.. Well done to them!

Yet, I still have no choice other than to score the Psy exam this friday though I have to be sincere that I have only started playing peek-a-boo with Psy notes very recently (specifically, I am trying to deal with Schizophrenia while tragically wondering what are the other lecture topics for the whole posting) What is it with scoring Psy MCQ, when my own 2 Psy weeks are filled with demotivated depressed self while consciously and meekly developing Dissociation as my neurotic ego defense mechanism?? Well.. because I desperately want A'thiq to grant me A wish which will only be granted IF I score the exam (with the possibility for me to score well in the exam nearly equals negative percentage ~sigh~ because REALLY it's not my own Psy rejection but it's my brain and I have arrived at the conclusion that nothing much can be done to repair the situation huu) 

P/s: Abang, are you trying to dig back my primary school year memory when I could be bribed with presents, in exchange with good exam results? (suspiciously asking Abang, while scrutinizing him telepathically haha)

Well I shouldn't get my hope high in gambling for such a thin strand of chance..

In between the Dr's intervention and seminar presentation, I with valour and high spirit, am combating the urge to let my reticular formation to do some wark, thus arresting some degree of consciousness. In simpler words, I welcome sleep, very good-naturedly huu.

Suddenly the Dr requests to summarize the whole presentation in 2 minutes. The presenter appeared quite shock (my emotional support and empathy lies with the presenter) but I think if I were in his shoes, I'd have grin from ear to ear, flashing few irregularly-arranged dentals, while allowing my autonomic nervous system to restore parasympathetic activity. Truthfully, I expect people to sleep when I present anything myself. Or if I am allowed to make a more dramatic statement, I expect my student to sleep as well when I am giving lectures, should I become a lecturer one day huhu. Well, what are air-conditioned lecture halls and cosy plastic chairs for (plus the dim light), other than to be exploited fully as a lullaby and send us into wonderful slumbers.. (don't adopt this pathological thinking!)

Ahh enough dose of the mumblings for now (I have informed everybody, this blog is for me to mumble huhu. sorry if you have arrived at this point and yet nothing benefits you :p). Case presentation with Dr Ramli in few mins (wink). Good luck to everybody (who is going to sit for the exam!) :)

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