I am proud :)

I was browsing thorugh the you tube when I suddenly found a video made by my bro umar, which won him an award (10 years- Subang, something like that..). Reminds me of my old days.. :p. To viw it click here


Yesterday I have bought the kain for athiq's wedding outfit and for my gown ALHAMDULILLAH :) Cream in colour



I'm trying to decipher the secret of crinoline haha. Crinoline is the 'petticoat' which makes a wedding gown looks full and kembang huu. I found a good guide here. Now I definitely need it but how could I make the crinoline? sigh~ our sewing machine has broken down....

Invitation card is next

Yesterday, I make the invitation list, and A'thiq chipped in those he would like to invite..especially his lecturers in matriculation. I have surveyed the invitation card. And I found a really cheap card at Only 0.25c per piece if I order 1000 pc. So RM250 in total. That is extra cheap. It is such a waste to spend my money on expensive card because they are going to be thrown away by everybody anyway. I'll upload the picture when the cards are ready

And again A'thiq didn't make a fuss out of it. I asked him how much does he expect for the card price.. and he said RM2.50. Such a naive man hehe (sorry a'thiq) bancruptcy will definitely be my titile if i order 1000 piece of invitation card at RM2.50 per piece!!! He said he liked them.. so another thing settled. Alhamdulillah, for easing my job.. :)

My wedding dress cloth is going to arrive tomorrow! insyaAllah

Finally I get to update this blog after such a long time. Well...what's the update? Umm I have bought the cloth for my wedding dress. Actually I bought 2 pieces- 1 pink and 1 purple..and I still can't decide which one will I use. Ahh the clothes are going to arrive tomorrow. They cost me RM340, but it is not often I buy such expensive clothes (they sure are expensive in my perception!! I'm not loaded anyway)

They are a bit different from the usual wedding dress because I personally despise the traditional wedding dress huu. one main fact is- they are body hugging, secondly... i don't know. you know the kebaya etc..such baby T in disguise urghhh!!

I'm thinking of making a gown. And I have consulted my usual tailor- Mak Cik Zi. She agreed to make it. I told her it's the english gown. And she doesn't mind at all. I asked my family as well whether they agreed on my choice.. well it is not going to be a white english wedding because it is just not so original, but i would rather say.. a merge between the east and west hahaha. My gown is going to be something between the normal jubah and english wedding gown. But ummi warned me not to make a vintage victorian gown hahaha because she knew just how much i love the vintage and victorian!

And kakak said my whole family checked out the cloth in the internet including abah. Yup I know that I am such an internet shopper, but i have never once 
imagined in my mind that i am going to buy my wedding dress also from the internet!! Athiq said the designs and colours suit me :) But 1 thing about him, he doesn't really care about fashion.. or  he doesn't care about fashion AT ALL. Included is his own clothing huu.

Abah is a bit doubtful though.. he was afraid that i might not like the texture of the clothes,though the design looked very sweet but.. the usual stubborn me.. i bought it anyway, provided that i keep it a secret from him hehe until i have received it and satisfied with it and ummi and my sibs were all IN the secret haha.

So I am planning to go to Kamdar tomorrow, to buy the lining for the gown. The cloth is thin and transparent actually. And I am planning to buy athiq's cloth also. But I still can't decide whether I want a satin or what.. my budget is thinning!! The cloth is RM180. And I have to think of the tailoring cost which may easily reach RM100. And the satin? The wedding veil? The hijab? Oh my.. i'm such a big waster!!

Actually yesterday I went to Kamdar while waiting for my passport photo to be ready. I found a french lace cloth which i extremely love.. 
but the price is RM125 per meter. So i should just forget about it before Athiq get mad at me 
for being such a big spender (He always comment on this weakness of mine)

So.. can't wait for tomorrow! :)