Faheem dah setahun..

Today is 21st Jan, approaching 22nd. I've promised myself to concentrate on my study after Faheem's birthday. Well I have to fulfill it.

Faheem is 1 year old + 2 days hehe. Ceria mummy and daddy bila Faheem ceria, alhamdulillah :) Last night abang arranged Faheem's birthday presents in the lounge and closed the door. This morning when he woke up, I opened the door. When he saw the gifts, he RAN towards them, feeling very happy. oh yes he chose the gift one after another :) 2 balls, sweaters and pants, foods and toys. But we give him few only which are suitable for his age. Among them is a GIANT sized lego :) Of course he never feels tired to try putting them in his mouth.

Today faheem discovered that there are many cakes in the kitchen. Mummy stacked them on the gas. Guess what he did all day long? he kept returning to the kitchen to get a 'pinch' of cake from time to time! comel betul hehe. kek tu dah berlubang sebab faheem korek haihh.

Have I mentioned before that faheem can say his name? But he can't pronounce the letter H so instead of FaHeem, it becomes Faiiim (sounds like Fine with the letter M instead of N). As for numbers, he only remember Five because whenever I start counting (usually when I am preparing his milk, I count the scoops loudly), I say "One" he will shout "Five". Hahaha macam2 la budak ni. He calls abang Dede instead of Daddy. Mummy? Takde harapan lagi nampaknya..


Mummy's journal: approaching Faheem's 1st birthday

Red velvet cake

Strawberry stabilized whipped cream + white butter cake

The journal starts here....

24th Dec.

Approximately a month before Faheem's birthday + aqiqah celebration. For the past 1 week, i have been planning for the celebration.

For the past 1 week, I have been designing faheem's birthday cakes . I drew various designs, searched for the best theme in youtube, and even coloured the drawings to get a good idea of how the cake will be.... and yes I've finalized my drawing on 23rd Dec. I tried baking various cakes, find the best recipe for layer cakes, try making buttercream, royal icing and fondant. Last night, abang's friend ordered his birthday cake, and I actually tried my fondant on his cake. That was my first experience with fondant haha. It was ugly but I guess boys don't mind... I did remember to ask abang to apologize to him for making his birthday cake my guinea pig ;p

2 days ago I met kak ikin (the owner of warung usom) to discuss with her about the best price and place to buy daging aqiqah, and to order the main meal. We plan on having mansaf.

Next would be... planning for the side dishes. So far I plan on making cookies as it can be done early, days before the actual event. I also plan on making colourful macaroons. It's a birthday party after all!. That is of course important as I will have my hands full to finish the cake on the great day. Maybe I would have to call for help from the sisters to make some side dishes... but I'll think about that later.

We plan to invite 150 guests..

Some of the shopping list that I can think of
1. balloons (lots of them!)
2. Banner "Ameer Faheem turns 1!"
3. paper plates, paper cups, forks and spoons
4. invitations
5. photographer

27th Dec.

I've been busy since I last updated this post.. baking of course! (uhh it's getting a lil bit harder to type with the letter A missing..) I've been trying to bake a perfect buttercake. To assemble a pecan butterscotch cake. Guess what? I use the same recipe for 4 times, each time I bake it at different temperature!! Haihh duit semakin habis :( Well I try to use my own money (out of selling cakes) to bake Faheem's birthday cake. if possible I don't want to ask from abang.. bercita2 tinggi tak?? haha. So finally 3 cakes are considered edible while the first try goes down the bin. I keep them in my friend's freezer ;p. Here's the recipe:

4 cups, flour + baking powder + soda bicarbonate

300g butter + 1 1/4 cup milk, heat on low fire (till all the butter has melted)

6 eggs + 2 cup sugar + vanilla essence, beat till fluffy

Finally add the flour mix and the liquid (milk + melted butter) into the beaten eggs, alternating between the two.

I baked at 175 degree for 1.5 hours.

I've also baked a strawberry butter cake to make a teddy bear. Here's the recipe

2 cups flour + baking powder + soda bicarb

1 cup sugar + 1 egg + 1 egg yolk, beat till fluffy

170g butter + 3/4 cup milk, put on low fire.

Finally add the flour mix and the liquid into the beaten eggs, alternating between the two

I added strawberry flavour and red colouring (optional)

I baked at 175 degree for 1 hour

Btw I made banana cake today. Money has got to be recycled ahaha!

Alhmdulillah 1/6 of the birthday cake is done! Now I'm planning on doing the red velvet cake! I'm wishing me luck!

29th Dec

I've baked 5 (FIVE) 6" red velvet cakes so far! Abang simpan dalam freezer kawan dia. Alhamdulillah. And I've sold 3 chocolate cakes today, Alhamdulillah.

Next will either be

1. carrot cake (with cream cheese filling to be done last)
2. a white butter cake (Plan to make a white cake with strawberry mousse)
3. Moist chocolate cake (with peppermint stabilized whipped cream)

Oh I need to borrow a big square cake tin from Kak Aizah!

31st December (it's actually 12am of 1st Jan 2012! I can hear the firecrackers :))

A hectic day. It's saturday! We went out to balad this morning. We braved the rain and went to a baking shop Abu Sobbah in Syari' Rashid. I was so overwhelmed with the things sold there... anything for baking! Bought some gelatine. We were actually searching for cake boxes and cake plates for my cake business ahaha. Aku taklah semangat sangat, abang yang semangat ;p Managed to grab an icing set, a packet of balloons and a serrated knife. Then we went to the wet market, I bought a box of fresh strawberry for my strawberry mousse. Tried the recipe for classic white butter cake, and it turned out superb! The strawberry mousse was too delicious for words!! And I had to lick my fingers and the glass bowl clean before washing them. Not a drop should be wasted ;p Plan to sell the white cake tomorrow... and bake it for Faheem's birthday in 1 week time probably.

1st January 2012

I bake another white cake ;p just to familarize myself with the recipe. And today I plan to try out the frosting recipe. Again me wishing myself luck ^_^

8th January 2012

Uihh lama tak update journal ni. So what's the update? I bought a 'Happy Birthday' banner/ lettering for Faheem, Lightning McQueen theme. I've baked 4 rectangle white cakes, plus and additional 2 rectangle chiffon butter cakes- green (pandan flavour) and yellow (orange flavour). The orange and green cakes will be used to make rainbow cake for the letter blocks. FAHEEM TURNS 1. 12 blocks in total. I've also baked orange chiffon cake which will be rolled (like a swiss roll) and used to make a small birthday cake. I guess that's all for now. Next will be carrot cakes!

12th January 2012

I've baked 4 carrot cakes 2 days ago. I'm left with the last cake which is chocolate cake. plan to bake 3 of them. Will probably do it on sunday.

The party is 6 days away and pheww I'm getting anxious. So her's the plan for the next one week..

Thursday (today):
make a video of faheem's 1st year (to be shown on the day)

1. Order mansaf for 150 people. Ask the cook the ingredients that she need.
2. Shop for the ingredients. + vege shortening (need it for my fondant. I've made 3 batches but they are quite crumbly)
3. Send agar-agar strip to k. Abidah (I requested that she make caramel pudding for the party hehe)
4. Buy papers to make a banner + decorations
5. ooopps I almost forgot, shop for pizza ingredients
6. Pinjam meja tinggi kak ikin for cake
7. Pinjam bekas nasi and bekas air from Permai

1. go to balad to buy balloons, paper plates, paper cups, strawberry, search for dowel
2. Invite people

Make 3 chocolate cakes
Siapkan guest book

Bake macaroons. Lots and lots of them!

1. Collect the cakes
2. make pizza dough. lots and lots of them

1. buttercream frosting
2. Cream cheese filling (enough for red velvet cake and carrot cake)
3. Butterscotch walnut filling (for yellow butter cake)
4. green mint stabilized whipped cream (for chocolate cake)
5. Strawberry mousse (for white butter cake)

Buy cute mashmallows for the kids. Buy fruits
Ask abang to inflate balloons, clean the house and decorate.
Remind people of the event


Assemble and decorate cakes

So far, the menu list includes:

1. Chicken mansaf
2. Pizza
3. Caramel pudding
4. Macaroons
5. Birthday cake
6. Fruits
7. Mango juice
8. Marshmallows

17th January 2012

Plan berubah banyak... because Ameer Faheem is not well. and i don't have much time to cook. I've omitted pizza and macaroons from the list, they consume too much time. I'm left with the chicken mansaf, caramel pudding, birthday cake, fruits, mango juice and marshmallow.

We went to balad today. Bought ingredients for the mansaf and balloons. Guess what?? I found Crisco in Arabella mall!!! Will go there tomorrow, to buy the rest of the ingredients. The plan as for now:

1. Finish Faheem's video (tonight)- almost done!
2. Hang up the banner. Abang will hang up the balloons on friday while i learn how to cook mansaf ;p
3. We have Faheem's birthday celebration tomorrow. Kwn2 arab abang belanja kat kfc. Lepastu kutip cake dr fridge2 kawan abang haha. Ambil meja dari kak ikin. Beli mounting board
4. Finish making the fillings and frostings tomorrow night
5. Assemble the cakes on thursday. Playing with fondant. Abang kena carikan dowel on this day
6. beli papercups, paper plates, more chicken today.

21st Jan 2012

A day post birthday party huu. Mcm2 tak ikut plan heh. mansaf was ok. but i didn't get to make a tiered cake sebab tak sempat g cari dowel so hidang la sebiji2, but it's ok.. puding caramel kak abidah sedap! We didn't find any suitable fruits except for appple. Abang bought basbuseh (a halawiyat). Faheem was grumpy all day long as he was not feeling so well. Pics are available on facebook :)

Thanks to the guest and those who gave faheem presents!!!


Today is 17th January. 2 days before his birthday. Yesterday we went to KAUH, and consulted three different paediatrician regarding Ameer Faheem's health. All three of them diagnosed him as Roseola infantum. I was quite reluctant to agree... because of the history.. Probably it was our fault as we didn't tell the history thoroughly.. and probably because when we met them, the conjunctivitis has resolved. He was left with fever cough and runny nose only. Ameer Faheem has been having fever for 7 days, approaching 8 days with no sign of resolving :( This morning, I noticed that he was not well, just like the past 1 week.. but a bit different. Nampak comot lebih dari biasa. I brought him to the sink to wash his face, and I knew the reason.. There were dry pus surrounding his left ear, and matting his hair. I touched his right ear and he cried. Everytime. but when I touched his left ear, he stayed quiet. I check the canal. Oh yes, a nightmare which I thought have passed... it was full of pus. The exact presentation when he had tympanic membrane rupture (twice in fact) when he was 3 months old... I told abang about it, but we decided not to bring him to the hospital, just yet. Twice a visit to the hospital in a week is indeed tiring.. for us and for him...

I cleaned him, and then he slept besides me. He appeared lethargic. I cried and oh yes I cried. Because I know that a ruptured membrane heals by fibrosis, and thrice rupture isn't something to be taken lightly..

At that point of time, i just missed sharing it with Wani, when Faheem had his first and second membrane rupture; discussing the options that we have. At that point of time, I dreamt of being in Kuantan, calling my lecturers and ask for their kind help and assuring words... At that point of time I regretted my housewife status which prevents me from driving him to the hospital and straightaway seek for the best medical care... because a human never feels enough, and yet a mother always want the best for her child....

Life is indeed a test. O Allah give me strength to continue on..



Day 1- Fever, vomiting, diarrhea
Day 2- Fever, vomiting, diarrhea
Day 3- Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, one sided conjunctivitis
Day 4- Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, bilateral conjunctivitis, cough, runny nose
Day 5- Fever, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, cough, runny nose
Day 6- Fever, cough, runny nose, maculopapular RASH (macam start kat trunk je)

yet to check for Koplik spot.

Oh Allah, please don't let it be measles....


Khabar anakanda

Baru start masuk air.. lesu.. dan kurus

Sekejap nak daddy dukung, sekejap nak mummy...haihh budak tak sihat banyak karenah.. ;p

sejurus sebelum pulang.. Faheem lebih ceria! Kami nak try timbang dia dlm bilik Dr. Daddy letak pemberat kat 10kg, tgk tgn Faheem tu.. dia ubah ke 7 kg!
Faheem jadi excited pulak main penimbang tu, henjut kedepan ke belakang. Last2 mummy suruh turn cepat takut rosak huuu. Bila budak besar guna penimbang baby...

4 hari lagi sebelum ulangtahunnya yang pertama. Tapi Faheem sudah masuk hari kelima tidak sihat. Hari ini tidak ke sekolah lagi. Andai dibilang dengan jari hari dia ke sekolah, tidak habis 10 jari ini untuk mengira huuu.

Bermula dengan muntah. "Ameer maridh" kata pak cik bas sambil tunjuk ke arah perut Faheem. Dia pulang dari hadhanah rabu lepas. Kebetulan abang baru sampai dari kelas, terus bertanyakan keadaan dia lebih lanjut. Kami rasa badannya agak panas. Bekalannya ke hadhanah (carrot cake, a packet of biscuit and macaroni ) langsung tidak dijamah. Tapi dia masih aktif seperti biasa. Dia juga cirit birit. Mungkin keracunan makanan. Keesokannya dia masih cirit birit dan muntah, kami teruskan beri makanan dan minuman seperti biasa. Selera berkurang. Hari Jumaat, cirit birit dan muntah semakin teruk. Sehinggakan habis selimut dan cadar dalam almari, lepas satu, satu kami ganti. Setiap tidak lebih 2 jam, dia akan menangis dan bila dijenguk, rupanya dia muntah atau cirit birit sehingga kotor habis cadarnya. Baju mummy juga selepas satu, satu dicampak ke dalam laundry. Manakan tidak, Faheem nak tidur berpangku, dan kemudian muntah atau berak atas pakaian mummy huuu.

Malam itu aku mula risau. Dia kelihatan sangat sangat haus. Bila diberikan susu, Faheem minum dengan sangat gelojoh. Tapi belum lama, dia campakkan botol susu. Loya. memang dia loya. Dia tidak henti2 merengek sambil menjolok tekaknya dalam2. Berpusing ke sana sini. Sekejap menonggeng, sekejap memanjat kami. Kesian. Tapi ada juga saat kami tergelak melihat dia seperti org mengandung yang mabuk huuu. Sebaik sahaja muntah, dia terus melelapkan mata. lega barangkali, sebelum loya lagi . Begitulah kitaran sepanjang malam.

Untuk pertama kali, semenjak umurnya 4 bulan, Faheem tidur sekatil dengan kami. Tak sampai hati membiarkan dia keseorangan. Memang spanjang malm kami tidak tido. Aku sapu minyak telon di perut dan belakang Faheem, memberikan kelegaan sementara. Aku tepuk2 belakangnya sehingga tertidur... tapi bila mummy tertidur, Faheem bangun merengek. Aihh celik mata mummy semula dan sambung menepuk..sehinggalah subuh.

Sabtu. Dia kelihatan tidak bermaya. Sepanjang hari hanya 5 0z susu dihabiskan. Waktu lain dihabiskan dengan tidur. Tidak mahu makan, minum mahupun bermain. Selepas maghrib, aku lihat dia begitu lemah. Enggan bangun tidur. Tidak minum dan makan selepas sebotol susu subuh tadi. Tapi muntah dan cirit birit masih berterusan. Kali ini menangis pun tidak. Dia berdiam diri sahaja. Aku yang begitu risau terus mengajak abang ke hospital.

Moderate dehydration, kata doktor. memang dijangka. Mulalah episod 'termenung' mummy dan daddy tunggu air habis dimasukkan ke dalam tubuh faheem. sekali di wad kecemasan, dan sekali di wad atas. Disebabkan bosan, kami pun bergambar2 la hehe. Selepas masuk air kali kedua, Faheem nampak lebih bertenaga... macam enjin baru diisi minyak! meski sudah agak lewat malam dia terus bersemangat utk main, dan mula minum sedikit air chocolate yang kami bekalkan.


Bermalas malasan ;p

3 days ago, I cooked this. When we were about to enjoy the meal, I snapped some pic. Abang asked why. I said I had a story to tell. Lepastu abang asyik tanya je, kenapa takde pun tulis kat blog pasal cerita nasi tu haha.

I'm the lazy type when it comes to cooking. Moreover our cute tiny fridge is FULL with cakes! I'm getting ready for Faheem's birthday. Thus we don't have any space to put fish and chicken and such. I'm the one who has to shop for them say every alternate days? Haih. Disebabkan malas sgt, on Sunday I went to Irbid Mall with Faheem. I bought some fish fillets. They usually sell in a pack of 3 fillets. Bila balik je, terus masak. Disebabkan malas sgt, I decided to bake ALL THREE haha. So I prepared a simple dish. The recipe:

1 fresh lime juice
1 tbs mayonnaise
1 tbsp onion (I have this habit of grinding all my onions and store them in the fridge. Sebab malas nak kupas selalu)
1tsp black pepper
1 tnsp butter

I mixed together all the ingredients and stirred them. Then I put the fillets in 3 separate aluminium foils (easy for storage). Finally I pour the mixture onto the fillet, and baked them 180 degree celcius for 1 hour.

Lepastu konon2 nak bagi nampak best sikit, I made black pepper sauce with mushroom for abang. Recipe simple sgt3 tp sedap, and it kinda taste like the KFC mashed potato gravy. First tumis bawang, lepastu letak oyster sauce and kicap manis, black pepper, butter and potato. Kuantiti ikut suka. Boil lama2 sikit. Bila potato dah agak lembik, take them out blend them. Put half of them back into the gravy and use the other half for making mashed potato. Kalau resipi yg sebenarnya the potato should be boiled in a different pot, so that it won't taste like oyster and kicap. And then when making mashed potato, we should add salt and milk and black pepper to them. Tapi sebab malas jugak, masuk je semua sekali harung haha.

Guess what? We ate the fish on Sunday, onday and Tuesday! Abang tak kesah pun :D But I added sambal jawa (pedal + potato + suun) on Monday and on Tuesday (which is today), I made baked macaroni and cheese. Nampakla macam rajin sikit hehe. Yg sebenarnya I am really tired baking 7 carrot cakes today!

When a doctor & a medical student try to be a carpenter..

Menggunakan hammer yg dah patah..
Melicinkan kayu.... dengan gergaji dan pisau
The first one..
The second and third..
All kind of flavours and colours available in Irbid I guess...
The new addition... gel colouring. thanks kakak for the colouring!

Last week abang complain2 lagi yg dapur nampak bersepah. Aduh patutnya isteri la yg complain. Abg bahagikan tugas kemas lounge, basuh toilet n buang sampah utk dia. Kemas bilik, dapur, masak dan basuh baju tugas isteri haih. Lalu apabila abang dah complain dapur bersepah, terpaksa la aku bagi alasan yg sebenarnya takde tempat nak letak barang2 masakan. Hahaha it's true! The kitchen is small, yet cosy Alhamdulillah. Ada satu baris je built in rack. Memanglah tak cukup dengan nak letak pinggan mangkuk, barang2 masak, bakul sampah, plastik2 dsb. Lalu when we moved into this house, abang built 3 hanging racks. 1 for the stove, 2 for arranging herb bottles. When I started baking, I keep adding in few things at a time. Sampai la jadi banyak. Sampai la semak habis dan menyakitkan mata abang haha.

So we decided to build few more hanging racks. Kena la kira budget. For the racks that we built earlier, we bought the wood from a hardware store. It was insanely expensive! Dahlah compact wood, bukan solid wood pun, kecik pulak tu, abang kena bayar JD15. Tapi dasar cakap dgn arab, there is no such thing as negotiating. The only thing left will be a severe hepatomegaly :( Belilah jugak sebab desperate. Then we had to buy the steel supports, and wallpaper for the finishing. Habis la jugak dlm 30JD :(

This time around we decided to cut the budget. Coincidentally when abang helped his friend to move to a new house many months ago, he left behind his bed. A wooden bed. Abang ambil kayu yg bahagian panjang on both sides. Sayang katanya, takut berguna di kemudian hari. Alhamdulillah memang berguna pun. Solid wood to be exact:)

sebab tak biasa bertukang, apa je yg ada kat rumah ni? A drill, a screwdriver and a small hammer. Plus tawakkal ilallah ;p. We borrowed a saw from the landlord, bought the steel support, wallpaper and started working. Mula2 abang gergaji tu, ya Allah lamanya la nak siap. Kami gelak2 sepanjang buat kerja ejek2 each other. Aku cakap kalau abang kerja buat rumah, entah berapa tahun la nak siap. Potong satu kayu pun berjam2 haha. Bila guna hammer, time tu lah nak patah, Tapi abang guna jugakla bahagian kuku kambing tu sebab desperate nak cabut keluar paku lama. Dengan cara yg abang modified. Abang cakap nasib baik aku kawen dengan org kampung, buat kerja cara kampung habis, asal boleh ;p Bila nak licinkan kayu takde kertas pasir, abang guna pisau masak pulak. Haihh. Tapi Alhamdulillah selesai :) Tugas aku adalah bungkus kayu dengan wallpaper. Plus sanpping pics :)

Thank you abang for such a great rack. 3 actually!

Tenang itu di mana?

Fikiran sugul entah dari mana perlu memulakan coretan, tapi hati berkeras ingin bertinta, moga dijadikan panduan kemudian hari..

Hari ini aku berdiam diri lagi, bercelaru saat abang menyatakan hasrat untuk berurusan di luar. Entah apa puncanya, aku selalu begitu. Sedih bila ditinggalkan. Sunyi meski Ameer Faheem ada untuk menemani. Begitulah pengertian abang dalam kehidupan isterinya. Abang sahabat yang terlalu istimewa sehinggakan ketiadaan abang walau untuk seketika selalu saja buatkan isterinya resah.

Kebiasaannya sebelum abang pergi, aku akan memaksa mata untuk tidur. Rutin itu juga yang diamalkan hari ini. Dan kebiasaannya sebelum abang pulang, aku akan sudah terjaga. Menangis dan menangis. Demikian juga kali ini.

Aku masih lengkap bertelekung. Seusai solat isya' tadi, terus meringkuk di depan sobah. Apabila rasa sedih meminta diri, perasaan marah mula untuk bertamu. Entah apa yang dimarahkan, entahlah tidak jelas. Simbahan hasutan syaitan membuatkan emosi meraja tanpa kenal punca. Kadang2 aku marah dengan kesibukan abang, kadang2 aku marah dengan keletihan abang dan selalunya aku marah tanpa apa2 sebab. Jelaskan syaitan itu sedang beroperasi! Abang selalu mengingatkan bahawa dia juga manusia yang ada batas kemampuannya. Dia seorng muslim yang pada dirinya ada haq agama, keluarga, sahabat, masyarakat dsb. Tapi aku juga manusia yang dilazimi sifat lupa. Aku terkadang lupa hakikat itu.

Aqal tidak pernah gagal membekalkan alasan. Untuk membenarkan segala tindakan dan emosi2 negatif. Tetapi selalu saja alpa, untuk menarik kita kembali ke pangkal syariat. Kalalulah diikutkan aqal pasti hujah untuk berantakan tidak akan kering. Namun aku suka memilih untuk berdiam.

Mungkin kita rasa haq tidak tertunai. Mungkin kita rasa luangan masa yang tidak mencukupi. Mungkin kita rasa agihan tanggungjawab yang tidak sekata. Mungkin kita rasa dia yang salah. Mungkin dan segalanya mungkin... namun apakah perdebatan tidak berkesudahan itu membuahkan ketenangan hati?

Aku cuba mencari, pengertian menjadi isteri solehah..

Unggkapan mudah: Sabar di hati, Syukur di wajah!

Indahkan hidup berTuhan dan beragama? :) Alhamdulillah

Sifat isteri solehah lainnya boleh diperincikan berikut. Jom buat checklist!

1. Penuh kasih sayang, selalu kembali kepada suaminya dan mencari maafnya. Rasulullah SAW bersabda: "Mahukah aku beritahukan kepada kalian, isteri-isteri kamu yang menjadi penghuni syurga ialah isteri yang penuh kasih sayang, banyak anak, selalu kembali kepada suaminya. Di mana jika suaminya marah, dia mendatangi suaminya dan meletakkan tangannya pada tangan suaminya seraya berkata: "Aku tak dapat tidur sebelum engkau reda". (riwayat al-Nasai dalamIsyratun Nisa no. 257.)

2. Melayani suaminya (berkhidmat kepada suami) seperti menyiapkan makan minumnya, tempat tidur, pakaian dan seumpamanya.

3. Menjaga rahsia-rahsia suami, lebih-lebih yang berkenaan dengan hubungan intim antara dia dan suaminya.

Asma’ bintu Yazid r.ha menceritakan dia pernah berada di sisi Rasulullah. Ketika itu kaum lelaki dan wanita sedang duduk. Baginda bertanya: "Barangkali antara kalian ada suami yang menceritakan apa yang diperbuatnya dengan isterinya (hubungan suami isteri), dan barangkali ada isteri yang memberitahu apa yang diperbuatnya bersama suaminya?" Maka mereka semua diam tidak ada yang menjawab. Aku (Asma) pun menjawab: "Demi Allah! Wahai Rasulullah, sesungguhnya mereka (para isteri) benar-benar melakukannya, demikian pula mereka (para suami)".

Baginda bersabda bermaksud: "Jangan lagi kalian lakukan, kerana yang demikian itu seperti syaitan jantan yang bertemu dengan syaitan betina di jalan, kemudian digaulinya sementara manusia menontonnya". (riwayat Ahmad 6/456)

4. Selalu berpenampilan yang bagus dan menarik di hadapan suaminya sehingga bila suaminya memandang akan menyenangkannya.

5. Ketika suaminya sedang berada di rumah, ia tidak menyibukkan dirinya dengan melakukan ibadah sunnah yang dapat menghalangi suaminya untuk istimta’ (bernikmat-nikmat) dengannya seperti puasa, terkecuali bila suaminya mengizinkan.

6. Pandai mensyukuri pemberian dan kebaikan suami, tidak melupakan kebaikannya.

7. Bersegera memenuhi ajakan suami memenuhi hasratnya, tidak menolaknya tanpa alasan yang syarie, dan tidak menjauhi tempat tidur suaminya, kerana ia tahu dan takut terhadap berita Rasulullah SAW yang bermaksud: Demi zat yang jiwaku berada di tangan-Nya, tidaklah seorang suami memanggil isterinya ke tempat tidurnya lalu si isteri menolak ajakan suaminya (enggan) melainkan Allah SWT murka terhadapnya hingga si suami reda padanya. (riwayat Muslim no. 1436


Trying to be the best mummy and daddy for Ameer Faheem

I'm about to bake the 5th (FIFTH) cake of the day phewwww, but I take a break while the 4th cake is being baked. Letih. Letih badan baking all day. Letih otak fikirkan tentang faheem. Heh ngadenye lah.

Abang and me fetched faheem at his school at around 11.30am this morning. When we arrived there he was in a bouncer! Tergelak tengok dia dalam bouncer, kepala nak terkeluar, kaki terjulur keluar. he was too big for that!!! ;p I don't know whose bouncer was that but I think they had a hardtime putting him to sleep. Faheem usually sleeps from 11am to 3pm at home. Obviously he can't sleep in the nursery as they were too many attractions. When we arrived home, I checked his bag. Guess what? Along with his things, I put his lunchbox. I put a piece of chocolate cake, a muffin, a piece of bread with cheese and a packet of biscuit. All were gone except for the biscuit. I'm sure he ate them all because he was too full to even drink his milk. Semalam terfikir nak bekalkan nasi and ayam. But I cancelled the plan because I was afraid his caregiver doesn't know how to feed him his rice. Agaknya kalau letak sekali, dengan nasi2 habis. Anakku, anakku....

Abang has arranged with the school for him to be sent back at 10.30am daily. That is such a great relief for mummy! The problem that comes with the decision to send him to nursery is.. atuk is very worried of his safety and that he can't fend for himself. Mummy and daddy are worried too, but we are also worried that faheem's growth and personality will somewhat be affected by the lack of proper physical activites and social interactions in his early days. I have to regretfully admit, that I many a times dread over the lack of playgrounds, parks or any place that we (mummy and faheem) can frequent.

I was bored too when I first came here. it was like I couldn't do anything to wind down. I had nowhere to go, or even when I had a place to go it was just impossible for us to go without abang. We had to take the bus, and I had to handle faheem and his heavy stroller, and I just end up panting and puffing, eager to be back home. Things did improve MUCH when I started baking and selling cakes. Because i do something that I really love. But of course that is not the case with Ameer Faheem. He is getting even more bored when I bake haha.

Faheem is a hyperactive kid. Mind you, hyperactive is not a diagnosis as in ADHD. He needs a larger dose of physical activity to flow out his energy, and definitely a suitable place to do so. Home is of course not always the best place, as he ends up acting like an 'engineer'....repairing almost anything. When he is bored with nothing much to do, let me tell you what he does. he doesn't only pull off plugs, he.. pull off the socket from the wall as well. He unscrew his bed. And many other things which I think kids at his age don't do. Eh boleh ke kalau nak kata anak sendiri genius hahahah. Haihh ada anak genius sgt ni pun mencabar kesabaran hehe.

When we saw how happy he was to walk on the street, or to meet people, that was when we decided to send him to a nursery. But of course a grand dad's worry is a valid one, and we have to think over it again and again... abang kata istikharah dulu....

We are definitely trying to be the best mummy and daddy for Ameer Faheem al Waseem!


Hadhonah Day 2

Today is the second day faheem goes to the hadhonah. When he go out as early as 7, i feel sad. It's kind of lonely without him. The bus arrived at our house at 3.15pm yesterday! That was too late, as it was near his bedtime. I've decided to fetch him myself at 11 today. Mummy takde kerja, inilah... sibuk nak ambil anak balik sekolah huhuu.. Abang has promised to discuss the matter again with the headmistress, asking whether it is possible to send him back at 11, and whether it is possible to send him alternate days. That is a great relief for me. If not, then we are thinking of moving him to another hadhanah which is nearer to our house and to which i can just walk to send and fetch him everyday.

Faheem cried again this morning when he sat in the van, realizing that abang was not coming with him. I prohibited myself from waving goodbye to him as I knew I would break down too. People say a kid will adjust. And I hope the crying episode will last for few days only. Going to school is supposed to be a fun thing for him, but I don't think it is going that way as for now.. we'll see... we'll see...

I have like 2.5 hours before I go out to fetch him, so I better hurry in finishing my job. Bye for now!



Berhampiran hadhanah..

Alhamdulillah. For 2 days we searched and surveyed a good hadhanah (nursery) for faheem, and we have agreed on a decision. InsyaAllah tomorrow will be Faheem's first day at school. In Jordan, a nursery is called hadhanah. A tabika is called bustan. A kindergarten/ tadika is called raudhah.

Hadhanah My Baby. It was recommended by one of our neighbours who also send their twins there. We tried to find a hadhanah which offers a learning programme for him, but it was not available. It's understandable, because we are not living in a big city (Amman), and thus have to deal with the lack of opportunity at hand. I guess I have to feel enough with that, again reminded of my main aim in sending him there- to socialize. perhaps I can improve his short quality time at home with my own educational programme insyaAllah :)

They offered to send a bus to fetch him as early as 7am tomorrow morning, but abang and me feel it is more appropriate for us to send him ourselves on the first day, to settle some fees, making some necessary arrangements with regard to his mealtime and just watch how thing goes. Adapting isn't always easy huh? I don't know about Faheem as he does enjoy company :). When we went there today, he appeared happy to find kids around his age.. to play with (and probably to quarrel with later on haha. Budak2 suka gaduh)

I am still a fulltime housewife. The decision to send him to a hadhanah isn't revolving around the issue of unable to take care of him, but the need for him to socialize. Well, if you look at how bored he is at home without any friend, then you'll be surprised that a kid as young as him can actually feel bored! Macam org tua, seriously.

Now that Faheem is about to experience his first day of school, I do feel old.....

Speaking about other things, I think I am super busy now haha. Planning for faheem's 1st birthday party, and handling my cake business hahaha (an even louder laugh). yes I've been selling cakes for quite some time. takdelah business apa pun, buat kek ikut mood and jual. itupun kompem tak hantar kek sebiji lengkap, sebab ada abang and faheem tukang cukai kat rumah huu. ada jugk org tempah. kalau buat kek tak jadi, selalu kawan2 abang yg habiskan haha. i take this opportunity to bake different types of cakes and to improve my baking skills. i experiment with various techniques of cake baking, and if you ask me if i am serious to open a bakery one day, the answer is definitely yes :)

i realize that for a wife to be successful, strong support from the husband is very much needed. Alhamdulillah Allah gives me a husband who supports me to achieve my dream no matter what. If only abang refuses to send my cakes to the shop after a tiring day in the hospital, refuses to bring me to town and spend many hours (we actually braved the rain, walking for many kilometres) searching for my baking needs (tools and such), refuses to buy baking ingredients everytime he come home from the mosque, refuses to finish my fail cakes or give it to his friends rather than throwng them into the bin (i used to throw away the fail cakes but abang insisted to eat them and even had to heat in the microwave to make them edible haha. sometimes when he had enough, he give them to his friends, luckily they are not the picky type huehue), refuses to taste and comment, refuses to motivate and 'push' me to bake when i'm lazy and refuses to get involved in anything... i am sure i won't have the strength to move on... Alhamdulillah for every bounty from Allah... and thank you abang for being a great support to me.. :)

yesterday our rice cooker broke down. guess it's its time... so i am burdened with another thing...which is to cook the rice on the stove :( i'm definitely not good at it, selalu je hangit... abang kata itulah cabaran utk seorng mummy haihhh. yg sebenarnya i don't usually cook our meal (very true, i don't really like cooking, i love baking), we buy from the many warungs almost everyday huuu T_T guess i have another cncrete reason to buy from the warungs after this? ;p

today i received an email from abah, sending us their (abah & ummi's) flight itinerary to Jordan, on their way to mecca! I am so excited, that I wrote down the details and timeline on abang's whiteboard! We really can't wait to have them here!!


Faheem turns 1 in 17 days insyaAllah!

It is unbelievable, it is hard to believe. 1 year has gone by since i gave birth to him, it feels so fast. Approaching 1 year old, what can faheem do?

  1. He runs wobbly
  2. He can't speak but he blurts out words like abah, embah, bawah etc (which are meaningless to him)
  3. Faheem suka berleter macam org tua tapi of course we couldn't understand anything
  4. He likes to squat (duduk cangkung)
  5. He is a copycat! Dia tiru daddy berus carpet, dia tiru mummy tepuk2 baju utk buang habuk. Kalau mummy tepuk2 punggung dia, dia tepuk2 tilam
  6. Mouthing to the extreme :(
  7. He loves having company
  8. He is super heavy (I don't know his weight but the last time we weighed him almost 2 months ago, he was 10kg)
  9. I think he is quite small in term of body size. Blame the asian gene ;p. will probably grow as tall as his pak scle and pak ki later on.
  10. He absolutely has The Knack symptom, he tries to 'repair' almost anything
  11. He has this weird idea that wherever his things go, it is possible for him to go there as well. For example, he throws his things (toys, milk bottle, biscuits etc) to a restricted area or into a small hole, and tries to join them himself.
  12. He always remember to makeup backup plans. when he wants to play with unlawful things such as the heater, he remembers to bring along his elephant so that when we look at him, he pretends to play with that purple elephant.
  13. He enjoys eating. He prefers cakes and breads and chocolates rather than rice and fish and chicken. Blame mummy.
  14. He brushes his teeth everyday and he uses strawberry toothpaste which i'm sure he swallows down rather than rinsing it out! (daddy complain mulut faheem berbau haha sebab tu kena gosok gigi)
  15. He still bites people (mummy and daddy)
  16. He walks to the nearby grocery shop, and most of the times he doesn't want his hand to be held! Kedai yg jauh sekangkang kera dari rumah tu pun ambil masa setengah jam nak sampai sebab faheem kejap g depan, kejap patah balik, kejap nak melencong tepi jalan, and SELALU stop when he see interesting things on the street (any rubbish appears attractive to him btw, and considering that I'm in jordan.... so you know...)

By 2 years old, I hope Faheem can grossly pray, recite few surah from juz amma (i'm teaching him alfatihah and 3 qul), recognize alif ba ta, abc and numbers. A hectic 1 year awaits us....