My study experience (3)

Alamak semakin malas plak nak tulis pasal ni, initially plan nak tulis pasal Ameer Faheem's books and education huuu

I guess I should continue on how to study waktu bersalin (which is not useful to anyone I guess haha), and how to study with a baby. Ok, not much on the first part.

Selepas episod yang teruk of nausea and vomiting uring my first posting which was internal medicine, a motivating period during O&G, an extremely tiring period of paeds (I started having nausea & vomiting again in the third trimester, and worst the baby bump was heavy, caused difficulty in breathing, his limbs were sharp poking my abdomen as I had oligohydramnios, I had to do CTG and Doppler US weekly for certain reason bla...bla...bla... ) I can't remember how did I study at that time huuu, but my guess would be, I didn't study much T_T

Next came Surgery. I attended the first fruitless week (the first week is always fruitless haha), then I was admitted in the second week due to premature contraction (Ameer Faheem was 35 weeks old), warded for a week, and at 36th week, I was induced due to Ameer Faheem had IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction) and took maternity leave for 2 weeks. In total I had 3 weeks of holiday hurrah! When I came back, it was in the 5th week!!! Memang terasa bila kawan2 dah pro ttg surgery, and I was crawling to understand simple things huh and to fill up my logbook T_T. Abang had gone back to Jordan, Ummi came with me to Kuantan to take care of Ameer Faheem until my Surgery exam (for 3 weeks). Some lecturers were reluctant to let me sit for the exam as I had more than 20% absence but I was determined to go for it haha. Of course I didn't score well :( but I passed alhamdulillah and I promised myself to do better in the final posting which was psy.

Waktu ni memang mencabar. I left my house at around 7.30am because I breastfed Ameer Faheem before going to the hospital, I came back during lunch time and go out again to attend the afternoon class. Ameer Faheem asyik kencing and berak je sampai bocor pampers huhu, and I don't really sleep throughout the nights sebab dia asyik nak menyusu je. I took that opportunity to read my notes but I was so tired that many times I just didn't know what I was reading. I started giving him formula milk because I was too tired to stay up (many times Ummi would wake up and prepare his milk). Ummi is really a gift from heaven! But I still managed to finish my surgery notes! Tak tahulah macamana sempat buat huhuu. I think making notes to me is as natural as having my meal huuu. You'll find time for it no matter how busy you are!

I drove with Ameer Faheem (only the two of us hehe) to Kuantan to start my Psychiatry posing. This time I knew I had no time to waste. I guess I was truly blessed by Allah to be grouped with Dr Iman in this posting, such a great motivator and a great friend. We always took Psy for granted haha. Every morning, I went out at 6.45am. Ameer Faheem tak mandi ok. I sent him to the hospital nursery, and at 7am, I met either Iman or my best buddy, Zanaridah in the ward. We practice doing shortcases everyday, going to different wards depending on available cases and depending on what I have revised the previous day. Kawan2 kata ada finding best kat Paeds, maka ke ward Paeds la kami pergi. Begitu juga wad lain. I even joined the Internal Medicine ward rounds in the morning! I think starting with IM in the 5th year is an advantage. Because you will get Psy last and you have much time to revise the other postings. At around 9.30am, we walk to the end of the hospital where Psy ward is located (if there is any class at all, otherwise I'll stay in the main building the whole day). Every afternoon we have Psy seminar. After the seminar, usually at round 4am, I will go to Psy ward and find a case (to present the next day) and at around 6pm, I fetched Ameer Faheem from the nursery (which was located just beside Psy ward) and went home. 6-7pm was our rest time. I gave Ameer Faheem his milk, and then both of us will sleep. At 7 I woke up, refreshed myself for maghrib prayer and watched the melayu drama haha. 8pm was the time to start studying again, and making notes (AGAIN???) I studied till around 10 or 11, entertaining Ameer Faheem and changing his diapers in between and putting him to sleep, at 11 I retired to my bed. I woke up again at around 2 to 3 am, to study while chatting with abang.

So you see, I didn't make a timetable which I had to follow, but my life itself was such a routine. And I disciplined myself to follow that routine. Well actually I didn't force myself to follow that routine, but I disciplined myself to achieve my daily aim which indirectly made me follow that routine. I put my study as number one, but in between I fulfilled Ameer Faheem's needs. If you put it the other way round, then the outcome will totally be different! I type while Ameer Faheem was on my lap, I read while breatsfeeding him, I fell asleep when he was sleeping hahaha jeles kot tgk dia best je asek tidur!

As for shortcases, practise practise and practise. I started practising for my shortcase during the last posting, sempat je insyaAllah :D It is never too late I guess haha, but be consistent. There aren't too many systems kan? CVS, respi, abdomen, neuro, ortho (ni memang tak practise sgt pun huuu. my own mistake), O&G, and I recommend for shortcase, bacalah buku NK Chew tu sampai habis, really helpful! Nak khatam ulang2 kali lagi bagus! Do shortcases best in pair, time it (5 minutes), repeat, repeat and repeat. Don't waste time lingering in the ward. Mungkin disebabkan saya ni muka tak malu, I usually go to the ward, IM for example, walk to the last cubicle (respi cubicle), minta izin terus utk examine with a short intro. Tak payahlah nak segan2, jalan kehulu ke hilir without doing nothing, buang masa je. Lepas examine, directly present to your friend, and then straightaway find the bed ticket to know the diagnosis, finding, look at the X ray etc. If anybody inform you that there are patients with good finding, straightaway go to the ward to examine them. Kalau tangguh2 alamatnya patient will be discharged or dia dah malas kena examine setelah ramai sgt org examine haha. Lepas examine, present present and present. Discuss discuss and discuss. While discussing we usually refer to little book of causes (for differentials), oxford handbook for investigation etc and malaysian book for management eg Sarawak handbook, Paeds protocol etc.
Put a target that at least everyday you examine eg 3 patients (examined by you and not you observing your friend!). Many times I like to do long cases straightaway. For example, we go to a patent, then I will tell my friend, "I give you 5 minutes to get a chief complain and get a general idea of what the patient has. Then examine any appropriate system". If you are used to getting chief complaint and know how to exclude each differential for each chief complain, than in long case, takdelah melalut2 tanya patient benda merepek2 :) Go straight to the point.

1 more thing, practise to do a general inspection/ examination of a patient. Zanaridah and me in our third year used to tour the ward, go to each patient and taking turns to just present the general inspection. General inspection really helps you to make certain diagnosis. For example if you see a middle age patient with barrel chest and tracheal tug, you would like to SUSPECT COAD. A young adult, thin, and with certain facies usually has HIV and come with infective endocarditis. Contoh je lah. Most of the time you can 'suspect'. Probably most of us has known that for general inspection we should know what to look for. As for me, I have this 5-sentences template hehe.

1. This is an [elderly/young], [lady, gentleman, boy, girl, baby] who is [lying, sitting in certain position? etc]

2. He is [pink, pale, jaundiced, cyanosed, sallow looking], appears [comfortable, in pain, resp distress?]

3. Nutritional status [obese, cachexic], hydrational staus (controversial, some lecturers dislike), hygiene [unkempt, clean]

4. Syndromic facies, visible deformity (eg arachnodactyly in Marfan, amputation)

5. Attachments [oxygen, TPN, CBD, chest tube or ape2lah]

well I'm going to stop here, will continue later :p


Ameer Faheem at 7 months

Not in the mood to blog. In the mood to go back. Just can't believe that tomorrow is thursday! Ahhh 3 months away from home are enough to make me miss it like mad. Busy doing some house cleaning, oh well we are going back for 2 joyful months insyaAllah. goodbye Jordan and all its contents hehe.

Ameer Faheem turns 7 the day after next, oh how our Faheem has grown much! He is super active, making mommy super duper tired. I'm transforming into a mommy-tarzan I guess which makes Ameer Faheem a tarzan and abang a daddy-tarzan! His head is always full of ideas, naughty ones too!!! I can't leave him for few seconds without him doing something. And currently he keeps trying to stand without support! haisyy anakku berdiri pun senget benget goyang2 lagi dah sebok nak lepas tangan, sabar je lah. First he will stand up by holding on to a table, bag or any available things. Once he has stood, he will put up his hand (as if in a surrender condition) and flashes me a cheeky smile. Lepas tu jatuh tergolek. Adoi. Well that reminds me of my cute piyah. Dah lama pandai berdiri, dah stabil sgt pun tp still hati2 tak berani lepas tangan. Careful and extra careful. Oh I forgot, a girl is definitely different from a boy :D

There was another day when we bought nasi for iftar. Abang put them on the table and then went into the kitchen. Suddenly I heard the sound of rustling plastics, (as usual) rushed to the lounge and said "Faheem!!", ahh there he was, standing besides the table, holding on to the plastic, busy trying to reach for the content while wearing an innocent face that says, "Ah, what have you got for me today?" Dush. Rasa nak cubit je budak comel ni

Faheem is a big boy and I can't wait to go back home (where almost all his belongings are kept) and start his education. I brought few of his books to jordan, and I'm tired of repeating the same story to him again and again- jungle book, toy story, and lion king :( Well one day I'm going to write on his education plan, but as abang has told me time and again, Faheem is our guinea pig huhu, we didin't have any experience educating a child before. But of course not an experiment without an extensive research prior insyaAllah :)

My friends has started working. i didn't knew that it would hit me this hard, but at times I feel like crying when I read their placement hospitals in the facebook. I am kind of sad but being far away from abang AGAIN is just unimaginable. It feels like you are missing the train.... huuu. And at times I just don't feel like playing with Ameer Faheem during the mood swings. I guess I need time to adjust. Thanks abang for handling the emotion roller coaster :D

Balik cuti memang banyak plan
1. G jalan TAR dgn abang, nak beli kain
2. Nak jahit curtain, baju raya abang, faheem and me
3. Nak belajar dengan mak cara jahit kemeja and of course make a pair for abang and faheem
4. Nak selesaikan segala bayaran online shopping and happily wait for the goods to arrive hehe
5. COD booster seat Ameer Faheem
5. Apply for part time job???
6. Convocation
7. Asma's and Amin's wedding
8. Attend weddingssssss :D
9. Ziarah newborn baby
10. Continue Ameer faheem's & mommy's checkup in KD Kg Subang
11. Endless......


My study experience (2)

I had waited for almost a year before I finally stopped planning for pregnancy. Married without a baby is not that fun I guess. Well then if you still remember I had quite a severe homesickness, thus this pathological mind of mine decided that if I can't have my family in Kuantan, why don't I start my own family haha. Absurd~ But is the timing correct? I was about to enter final year, man, with the terrifying final professional exam coming and the husband living very far away. Believe me, insyaAllah with Allah's help and guidance, final pro is not that terrifying :)

I wanted to prove that a pregnant lady can do just as much (if not more) as other people. in O&G, after the morning sickness has reduced much3 in intensity, I worked really hard. I handled more than 5 deliveries (the requirement was 5 only), I attended more than 10 oncalls, I stayed in the hospital for 2 days straight doing back to back calls just like what I did in 3rd year (when I was not even married!), I seriously filled up my logbook by performing many HVS (haha gile ke ape ni?). If I could do it, then why can't anybody else? I was pregnant, my husband was not around, and I was practically on my own.

Well I don't want to deny that I received many negative comments. People (nurses, MOs etc) asked me, "Kenapa nak pregnant sekarang? Kenapa tak tunggu lepas grad", "Kesian awak ni, dahla tengah belajar, kalau bersalin takde cuti" and MANY MORE, but I just smiled. But of course, silently I answered, "This is my life and I decide". Truthfully I was the one yang nak sangat3 nak baby haha, abang cukup risau because he said he wouldn't be around to take care of us. Simultaneously I also received positive comments. There was one time, a visiting lecturer (a specialist from another hospital), came to give us few lectures. We had a ward round with him. After the round had finished, I hung out with a friend in the ward, discussing something I guess. Suddenly he (the specialist) came to us and excitedly asked "Bila due? sebelum exam ke selepas exam" I was of course surprised. I said "4 months before our final pro" and he continued "Wife saya dulu pun macamni! Lepastu dia tangguh HO sebab nak jaga baby" His wife is now a head department somewhere. I just smiled :)

I have to admit, pregnancy is tiring (at least to me). I slept earlier than usual, I couldn't do anything much in the hospital, many times I had to sit during bedside teachings but what's wrong with that? Because i preferred to sit much, I took this chance to strengthen my theory, finish making notes, and I carried my notes everywhere, so that I can read it whenever I have the chance. As had been said earlier, I like to comparmentalize. Thus I divided the 6 weeks for Obs and gynae. 3 for Obs and 3 for Gynae. The final 1 week was for revision. Obs for example, i allocated about 1 week to study about antenatal care which was further comparmentalized into trimesters (which includes hyperem, PPROM, PROM, APH, untried scar etc). Then about 1 week for medical diseases in pregnancy, and finally 1 week on labour & postpartum- the normal process and pathology. Well i guess that's the bulk of Obs :)

Important thing is, always list down all the topics in a posting, then once you have an overview of what you have to learn, zoom into each topic, study in depth. insyaAllah you won't get lost.

I don't have specific time to study, but i do have a list of topics which i have to cover each day. Utamakan study, and urusan lain will fit in. For example if I have 5 topics to read today, during lunch time I finish a topic, sementara tunggu lecturer datang seminar, habis lagi 1 topic, usually takde kelas in the evening you can finish 2 or 3 topics and by the time you get home, you have only 1 or 2 topics left to be read. So pandai2 la budget, sempat la nak tengok drama sekejap ke (we -Hazwani and me- watched the 7-8pm drama melayu everyday hehe).

I admit, there are times when you just feel too lazy to sit down and read. I study anywhere. tak payah properly sit kat study table pun boleh study. kalau dah sehabis malas, I switch off the bedroom light, lie on my bed, open my laptop and read seminar slides sampai la tertidur. ni serious slalu buat macamni hehe.

To be continued...


My study experience (1)

Hampir terlupa menunaikan hajat seorang ibu-cum-student, Nurul :D, yang minta nasihat tentang cara study. Em Nurul macam tersalah orang je untuk minta nasihat huhuuu.. takde apa yang istimewa untuk dikongsi, pencapaian dulu pun biasa2 sahaja.. tapi Alhamdulillah ala kulli hal..

Mencoret kisah kehidupan ketika study dulu, I had a longstanding history of studying in a day school. I went to SMK Subang (I cycled to school), in the meantime went to boarding schools twice, first in Form 2 (for 2 weeks) and second in Form 4 to KUSESSS (SBP Kuala Selangor) for 4 months. Memang kes tak tahan duduk asrama. Homesick. Took both my PMR and SPM in SMK Subang. Sekolah yang mempunyai reputasi buruk sebagai sekolah tempat pelajar dibuang, anak angkat polis dsb. Well, I am proud of the school, I love the teachers, dan yang pasti disitu aku mula mengenal erti kehidupan.

Then I went to MCIIUM (yang skrg dipanggil CENFOS), reading pre-medicine. Masih boleh tahan. Because I could go back every week, it was quite near to our house, and many a times I went back home during weekdays huhu. Still homesick.

After 2 years, I graduated from MCIIUM, and went to Kuantan. That was when my major problem started huhu. Kuantan campus was 4 hours drive from our house, and my homesickness was very severe such that I thought of quitting medicine haha. I went back home fortnightly, and sometimes weekly huu. Those days were my dark days. I cried every single day, I started to abandon my study, I took exams for granted, but Alhamdulillah Allah helped me along the way, and He showed me what was best for me.

Because I was so fed up (haha), in my first year of MBBS, I decided to get married, so that I won't feel too lonely. Tapi entah macamana takdir Allah, I got engaged to a man who was studying thousand of kilometres away from home! In Jordan huu. Lagilah susah nak dapat permission nak kahwin huhu. But I kept praying and praying and praying to Allah to show me what was best for me. Seriously waktu tu rasa sangat serabut. In the meantime I started to make my own 1-page, computer-printed medical notes, to make myself busy. I planned to stay at home throughout the revision weeks at the end of each posting, but of course I couldn't bring home the bulky and heavy lecture notes!. With time, I became so obsessed with this compact notes hehe. I found it easy to read, and in the same time, my colleagues started asking for the soft copy. Really I enjoyed sharing them! I incorporated the notes given by lecturers and also used few textbooks. Initially I took 1 whole day to finish making a note, but after years, i took 5 minutes to finish making a note alhamdulillah. It was stressful initially when your friend has finished reading many lectures and you are stuck with 1! And definitely hunching in front of the computer for hours caused severe back pain. But I tried hard to be patient. Practices make perfect! By the time I finished my 2 years, I have 3 big A4-sized own notes which my friends call 'Maryam's Book of Spells' haha because I designed the cover just like a spell book. I was influenced by the Charmed series actually :p So I throw away all the lecture notes (given by lecturers). And the 3 books are

1. Book of anatomy (including embryology and histology) and physiology
2. Book of pathology and pharmacology
3. Book of miscellaneous (microbiology, immunology etc)

As for the book 1 and book 2, i arranged the content according to systems. I can still remember:

1. CVS
2. RS
3. GIT
4. HBS
5. UGS
6. Endocrine
7. MSS
8. Neurological system

During the revision week before my first pro, I brought home the 3 books, studied in the leisure of my own home and came back to Kuantan 2 days before the exam. Alhamdulillah I passed.

Then i started my third year. My first clinical year. During this year we were required to acquire the skills to make a diagnosis. 4 rotations- Paediatrics, Surgery, Internal Medicine and O&G. I didn't lose time to start making new notes. At the start of each posting, I will list down all the lecture topics, seminar topics etc. Then I will study according to systems. I am the type of person who likes to compartmentalize everything haha. For example, we had 10 weeks for each posting. So I allocated the first 8 weeks for serious studying and making notes. For paediatric, I have 8 major systems to be covered, so a week for each system. The first week is for CVS for example. I glanced back at the embryology, anat and physio of CVS (in my preclinical spellbook), then I list down the Paediatric CVS topics which I needed to cover in thet 1 week (plus making notes). Few tips which I can give are:

1. Don't procrastinate. If according to your study schedule, you have to finish Congenital Heart disease, Heart Failure etc by TODAY, then do not go to sleep at night without finishing what you have planned earlier. If you procrastinate today, you will procrastinate tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and at the end before the exam, you will feel that there is just too much to be covered!

2. Don't spend too much on a topic. For example, I have seen someone who wants to study about cholelithiasis, and that person opened Snell (Anatomy book), opened Netter (another anatomy book!), trying to compare things. You want to study cholelithiasis and not anatomy, so stay focused. Yes anatomy is important but now is not the time to compare the anatomy stated in different books! So that person ended up spending the whole night on cholelithiasis alone! Macamana nak habis study huhuu.

3. Read fast. The first time you read a topic you may want to spend a little more time, say 15 minutes if it is a short topic (obviously 15 minutes are not enough for Congenital Heart Disease). But the second time you read it, no more than 5 minutes should be spent on it! Memorize the important points, the differentiating features etc. For example if a child comes with shortness of breath, what are the differentials? And how can you differentiate each differentials etc.

4. Discuss with friends. Discuss doesn't mean you need to have a study group. I don't have a study group. I study alone. But I have a study partner with whom I discussed usually few days before exams, after both of us have a basic idea of the whole posting, and we try to highlight important points. I don't prefer the idea of attending a study group when I still can't imagine the structure of a topic. In short, I don't like to come empty. I will only drift to something else while somebody is teaching huhuu. But different people have different preference so know your preference :)

At the end of my third year MBBS, I finally got married haha. Alhamdulillah. Married but stayed apart was to me far far far more tolerable than staying single. Life became much happier for me. Allah gave me a bestfriend with whom I could share every single thing in life. Alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah. My homesickness has reduced in intensity.

In 4th year, I moved out of the hostel, to a pink house which i shared with Mimi. That was really fun! To have your own home, where I could bake and cook, which I could decorate and kept clean hehe. Moving out of the hostel was a BIG relief. I had many things to do to lessen the pressure. Medicine itself was not a burden, but the life was! Far from home, stuck in such a small hostel cubicle, nothing much to do other than studying haihh. That was when i started baking cakes and sell them! (Adoi sempat lagi jual cake huhu. That was for fun :D)

Orang kata 4th year ni honeymoon year. But of course not to me. I don't study as hard (or as stressful) as everybody else, when most people are stressfully studying, and yet I don't honeymoon like everybody else, when many people are honeymooning I guess hehe. The word is 'consistent'. I used 4th year to the most. During my family medicine posting, I used it to update my 3rd year notes, mostly IM. In FM, you will learn chronic diseases (esp HPT, DM, Asthma etc) in details, including the management. During this posting I finished reading the CPGs (which is extremely important), took out the important points and made notes out of them (so that I don't have to read the CPG again in final year). In FM, you will also learn a bit of Paeds, O&G, surgery, so I made notes and compiled them with my 3rd year notes. In public health, I took the chance to revise my biostatistics (in preclinical year) so that I don't have to study them again for my final pro. We also had specialize postings- which are important. But I (as usual) incorporated the topic into my 3rd year postings for example

1. Anaesthesiology was incorporated into my Surgery notes
2. Dermatology was incorporated into IM
3. Radiology was divided into all 4 major postings
4. ENT stood by itself
5. Ophthalmology also stood by itself

Entering 5th year, the first posting was such a horror. it was IM. I had hyperem. Of course I didn't attend ward, didn't cover my patients, didn't fill up my logbooks except for few to get a Pass haha. I attended bedside teaching for an hour few times per week only to make sure my attendance is not affected. I didn't study at home, luckily abang was in Malaysia at that time, and he helped me a lot. Hantar g hospital utk attend kelas 10am, tunggu depan hospital at 11am to fetch me home hehe.

Masuk je 2nd posting which was O&G, I started to sprint. Habiskan notes IM and in the same time siapkan notes O&G. Sebabnya utk 5th year, we have to know how to manage and treat the patient in detail. So I update my 3rd year notes, repair here and there and hey my notes were ready to be printed and bound! I made them halve A4 size. still my spellbooks, but smaller version :D

Adush panjang sangat ni... I'll continue later with
1. Mcmna study waktu pregnancy?
2. Mcmna study waktu bersalin?
3. Mcmna study dengan Ameer Faheem?
4. Bila masa nak buat semua notes ni?
5. Mcmna nak tackle pro?

Ramadhan kali ini..

Alhamdulillah, berpeluang lagi untuk memanjakan diri dalam bulan ramadhan. Cepatnya masa berlalu, kali ini dah ramadhan ketiga aku bersama abang. Dan ramadhan kedua bersama ameer faheem (ramadhan pertama waktu ameer faheem 5 bulan dalam rahim hehe). Hati memang terlalu berharap agar ramadhan kali ini menjadi ramadhan yang paling bermakna antara tiga ramadhan yang pernah kami harungi bersama.. aura kehadiran ramadhan kali ini pun dirasakan hadir dengan kemegahan yang tersendiri, ketawadhukan yang berbeza, kesayuan yang menggigit jiwa dan yang pasti semangat yang membara! Semangat untuk mencari kembali 'ruhul jadid' berbekalkan iman2 lapuk yang masih tersisa...

Ramadhan itu tak pernah berubah! Sentiasa ramadhan yang sama. Ramadhan yang serupa. Sesungguhnya iman kita jugalah yang menjadikan ramadhan itu dipandang dengan persepsi berbeza.. dan dimanfaatkan dengan cara yang berbeza.

Mengimbau ramadhan lalu aku dan abang, Ramadhan pertama hadir ketika aku dan abang masih baru bergelar suami isteri, dan baru sahaja bertemu setelah perpisahan yang lama. Pastinya bila bertemu, terlalu banyak perkara ingin dilakuan bersama, terlalu banyak cerita yang ingin dikongsi, terlalu letih meraikan kedua2 belah keluarga, dan yang pasti kami travel merata-rata tempat sehingga acapkali abang memberitahuku 'sebahagian besar usia abang habis dalam kereta!" Hehe. Barangkali urusan yang banyak itu mencuri waktu untuk beribadah, cerita yang panjang itu mengurangkan waktu untuk membaca al-Quran, keletihan bersosial tidak memungkinkan kami untuk bertahajjud dan masa yang dihabiskan di jalanan membuatkan kami sering terlepas untuk berjamaah tarawih di masjid..

Ramadhan kedua kami bersama.. Abang berpuasa Alhamdulillah sebulan penuh di Malaysia. tapi aku? Masih dalam fatrah mabuk mengandung, masih harus bersabar menahan loya, masih teruk muntah2, dan yang pasti memang tidak mampu untuk berpuasa. Memang, aku tidak berpuasa sebulan penuh! Kasihan abang, bersahur sendiri, berbuka juga sendiri dan bertarawih juga sendiri. Malah ketika berpuasa terpaksa pula masak dan sediakan makanan untuk isteri yang memang lembik dan emosional hehe.

Ramadhan kali ini? Kali ini di Jordan. Waktu berpuasa lebih panjang dari Malaysia. Berpuasa ketika summer, memang menguji. Sahur 3.30am, berbuka 8pm. Tapi alhamdulillah aku memang dah marathon ganti puasa sebelum ni, yang baru sahaja selesai 2 hari sebelum 1 Ramadhan (hehe), maka keletihan 1 Ramadhan tidak begitu terasa. Ameer Faheem sudah besar, maka kami bawa dia ke masjid untuk bertarawih. Masjid Jaamia'h Yarmouk. Tentulah dia seronok, ramai kawan di sana :p, walaupun dia menangis juga dihujung2 solat kerana terlalu mengantuk. Tapi Ameer Faheem memang mudah tidur, mummy bagi bantal dan botol susu, dia tidur tergolek atas carpet masjid, ditengah2 kehingaran orang bersolat, di antara kesibukan ratusan manusia mengabdikan diri kepada Allah.. Moga Ameer Faheem menjadi pemuda yang mencintai masjid. Ameen.