Beauty and the PRINCE??

I'm not a beauty, but I know I am to abang, Abang is just a you can say 'the man next door', but he is my PRINCE, alhamdulillah :) Disney cartoon has always been our favourite programme in childhood days. Back then we watched video, yup the big video tape which was easily invaded by fungus huu..and they were all pirate videos, which abah bought at Pasar Malam Jumaat :p, and sometimes he rented from the movie store. Kedai tu pun dah tak wujud sekarang huu, but I still remeber, bila hari jumaat excited bila abah balik bawa video hehe. And we used to have this label such as Asma is Ariel (the mermaid), me was Belle (the beauty and the beast. i hated that so much dulu2 because i didn't want to marry a beast!! all the other princesses were saved by handsome princes!!), i can't remember kakak's (but if tak silap snow white) but Umar was peter pan. Yasir tak sempat hehe. And when we went to america, abah bought us each a towel with the characters printed on it. And of course mine was Belle huu.

I like the song very much..and I sang it to abang before (walaupun suara tak sedap), but today I just feel like dedicating this song to Abang on our 8th month wedding anniversary hehe.. and of course I change the beast to a prince. It kinda fit our history. We really like to talk on how our lives had taken few unexpected turns until we met, we didn't really knew each other but became engaged and got married, and now..rasa macam baru sgt3 kahwin, rupa2nya we are reaching a year living as husband and wife alhamdulillah :)

Dulu sibuk bincang camne nak dpt permission nak kawen, dah dpt permission sibuk bincang cmne nak prepare for wedding, arranging the dates, dah dpt kawen, sibuk bincg psl anak..that's how life goes on ain't it? Ahh.. (p/s sambil melihat kesungguhan kakak menyedut ilmu dari Ummi tentang teknik didik anak hehe. oopss lesson on teknik ajar anak membaca pun dah selesai ok)

abang, thank you for bending for the first time, thank you for making the first move, and thank you for leading the way until now..and may you continue to be a good and pious leader of our family till we reach the final destination insyaAllah :)

Tale as old time

True as it can be

Barely even friends

Then somebody bends


Just a little change

small to say the least

Both were little scared

Neither one prepared

Beauty and the Prince

Ever just the same

Ever a surprise

Ever as before

Ever just as sure

as the sun will rise

Tale as old as time

Tune as old as song

Bittersweet and strange

Finding you can change

Learning you are wrong

Certain as the sun

Rising the east

Tale as old as time

Song as old as rhyme

Beauty and the Prince


Bizarre thoughts

I haven't started on the casewriteups.. probably because today is public holiday, i think i deserve a rest.. had a little chat with umar, and i was accused of being lazy hehe..lama tak jumpa adik yang sorang tu, rindu.. teringat dulu2 suka ingatkan dia baca quran, selalu juga ketuk pintu bilik dia suruh bangun solat subuh, and even now when we chat, i do the same thing,, "Umar, baca quran.." and he will answer "tau...". then i would go on, "umar, study rajin2" then he would answer "orang tengah stay up study la ni.." then i'd say with relief "ok..". Recently he uploaded his pics, the hair has reached his shoulder, and ummi mistakenly thought that was me.. :) ummi ni, takkanla upload gambar tak bertudung dalam facebook huuu, but seriously he looks exactly like me!! sampai ummi pun boleh tersilap :p

sedar tak sedar i have been browsing the internet since early morning (with a break when i went out shopping with yasir) and now it is almost 6pm. takde arah tujuan sangat sebenarnya, but i'm waiting for abang (athough i don't put my hopes too high, since i know dikala hujung bulan ni, internet connection abang is always faulty).. rindunya nak dengar khabar abang..

whenever i go online, the first thing that i'll do is to check my email, dengan harapan ada email dari abang. then i'll check my facebook, juga berharap ada message dari abang, then i'll check my blog, to check whether abang has left any footprint there hehe..itulah adat orang berjauhan.. :) abang jarang sms, nak jimat katanya. huu kesian abang, slalu kena berjimat. ok, enough of the accusation from my bros, telling me that i like to 'habiskan' duit abang haha. A successful wife is the one who succesfully consume the husband's tak?? should ask abang how succesful I am on the scale of 1 to 10. He'd probably rate as 10!!! (kidding gee~) many people said to me, "seronoknya maryam dapat g jordan, dapat jumpa husband.." etc, tp i'd always give a smile and a short answer,,"yang seronok 3 minggu, yang bersedih 4 bulan.." 4 bulan berjauhan dari abang. i myself don't know from where do i get the strength to continue on without abang..tapi itulah janji Allah that he will never test His 'abd with something that he/she isn't able to go through.. Alhamdulillah for that :)

Hakikatnya bila sampai jordan, perkara yang paling menggembirakan adalah dapat bertemu abang. Terlalu menggembirakan sehingga hilang rasa asyik utk melihat negara orang.. Many a times when I was in Jordan, I was asked, "until now where have you been, which places have you visited? Dah pergi syria? Boleh shopping baju kat situ. Dah pergi Petra? Pergi palestin?" I'd just go numb, and asked myself "a'ah lah, mana yang aku dah pergi ye kat jordan ni???" The answer is "nowhere". Then I'd just say that abang was busy with class and we didn't have enough time to travel anywhere.. That is quite true.. but the most true of all true things was.. i just want to be with abang..and at times i don't even want to travel anywhere because it merely means less QUALITY time with abang.. Abang ada juga plan nak g turkey, but I declined that offer, he proposed that we go and play in the snow in Ajloud but I also refused.. The feeling is not the same as when you go to a place with the intention to travel :)

Sedih berpisah Allah saja yang tahu.. sampaikan at the airport, as I go through the numerous inspection booths, i was asked by the inspectors on why i cried. i actually cried almost non stop until i almost reached klia. but 2 weeks has passed, and as i go through life, i just learn to adjust alhamdulillah :) tak menangis as bad as a week ago when i felt life was so cruel, and my condition was so hopeless hehe. and when my housemate asked, i just said "entahlah terkenangkan nasib diri dan hidup yg macam hopeless" how extremely pessimistic i can be at times!!! :p So I busied myself with baking and selling cakes.. people keep giving me surprised exclamation on how can i have time to bake with the busy clinical years, and i'd just shrug my shoulders.. if you want to do something, then you will do it.. and baking to me is a actually a stress-coping mechanism. i remembered once before i got married, i worked in the uia cafe because i had this very serious homesickness, and i felt so hopeless and i wanted to take my mind off the home thingy (i was seriously thinking of quitting medicine just because i don't want to be 240km away from home), so i worked. kerja teruk and the pay was small and worst with the boys working there trying to flirt with me (macam tak paham pulak i am a muslimah, pakai jubah and tudung labuh lagi, takkanla nak menggatal jugak!!!) but the pay was not my main concern back then, and i lasted for 2 days only hehe. people wondered why do i have to work in the cafe, but mimi loyally send me carrot juice to the cafe heh (my favourite fruit juice, and i bought it almost everyday with mimi in matric. she would bought air jambu batu, and she still drinks that a lot now hehe)

since my bag was stolen, i guess it is a good reason for me to fill up the wardrobe with new clothes hehe (perempuan mana2 pun suka bergaya, with few exceptions of course. but clearly i'm not the exception huu). asyik browse the internet for tudung (i want to buy more tudung indonesia), but will just abandon the activity with a sigh.. kalaulah abang ada, boleh ajak abang g shopping tudung huu (although i know abang won't even care about the fashion :p) walaupun abang tak berapa interested kot.. i always like to ask him,
"abang, kalau ayang pakai tudung indon ok tak?"
"abang ok je, asalkan tutp aurat"
"abang, kalau ayang pakai tudung oren dengan niqab hitam ok ke?"
"takpe, takde masalah.."
"abang, ayang suka pakai high heels.."
"abang pun suka ayang pakai"
i think he always answer without properly looking into the matter
"abang, kalau ayang tak pakai niqab boleh tak?"
haha now he'd stop doing anything and look at me
"err, ayang nak buka ke? abang lagi selesa kalau ayang pakai..."

people like to debate in the issue of niqab. personally i don't think niqab is the tradition (sunnah) of the wives of the prophet, but it is the tradition of the arabs.. and i wear it not because i think wearing the niqab specifically is advised in islam, but because it helps me in nurturing haya' (perasaan malu), and haya' is actually a characteristic of a mu'min & mu'minah insyaAllah :)

And abang, if you are reading this, let the world know that I miss you extremely!!!!!!!

I just need to update while the internet PLUS the computer are available huuu.. pleas bear in mind that I am currently deprived of a laptop. PLUS busy with the baking business. This is the cake I made in jordan, the strawberries were cheap! The malaysian version are of course strawberry-free :p

Done with anaesthesiology posting but yet to start on the 2 casewriteups..guess I should stop soon to make way for them!! Radiology here I come!! Anticipating a looongg break from blogging...


a long sighhhh........

I want to start by writing on my yesterday.. We didn't make it to Mu'tah. Fullstop. We planned to join PERTAMA (program mahasiswa Malaysia seluruh Jordan ke apetah) during the weekend, but we didn't manage. They invited great speakers- Ust Maszlee, Ust Hasrizal etc. Mu'tah is about 2 hours drive from Irbid (I was informed). We wanted to join the bus trip from Irbid, but they departed at 3am and I was very sleepy, so Abang decided to go there by public bus the next day. It could take up to 8 hours by coaster (a mini bus). The next day, Abang deicded to perform the Jumaat prayer before leaving, but everything has been carefully planned by Allah, we waited for a Sarfis (kind of a taxi) to Amman for Allah knows how long, arrived in Amman sometime around 4, went to Mecca Mall because Abang was late for his Asar prayer. I was hungry and pleaded to Abang to buy something 'Malaysian'; and bought a very irritatingly expensive white rice with fish which cost Abang JD7 per meal (that was RM35 for nasi dengan ikan masak lemak ok. sayur pun takde. sgt sakit hati), then visited Ust Sulaiman (the MSD person) and performed maghrib prayer at his house, then took a taxi to go to the bus station, Mujamma Janubah to catch a bus to Mu'tah. By then it was 7pm. At the station, we were informed that there was no bus to Mu'tah (last bus at 6.30pm), so we asked the taxi to send us back to another station to catch a bus back to Irbid. Abang wanted to rent a car, but I wasn't very keen with the idea of throwing away more dinars (i kinda have this freaking mind of converting the Dinar to RM which sparked anxiety urghh because JD1 equals to RM5. So we took a ride in the sarfis-van, and the driver told us it cost JD3 per person, but when we arrived in Irbid, he ask for JD10!!! Sangat sakit hati dengan arab yg menipu. Semoga Allah bagi balasan setimpal sebab aniaya pelanggan. In couple of hours, we spent JD30, which equals to RM150. Balik rumah dengan hati sedih dan penat, dan tidur terus huuu.

The next day I thought we should have a good walk, so that was exactly the thing that I proposed to abang hehe. Abang tanya nak g mana, i said jalan je mana2 huu. But on 1 condition, i had to let him sleep till zohor haha (zohor is around 11++ am. I'm such an early riser who rarely can sleep back after subh, and abang is kinda feel threatened with that, becuase more often than not, i will do anything to wake him up, most common reason that i give him being i'm hungry hehe)so after zohor, we went out aimlessly huu. We ended in supermarkets including Mukhtar, Safeway etc and shopped for groceries.. and guess what???? Abang got his oven!!!! Bought it at Mukhtar, and the price was quite cheap for an oven of that size, a 34L one. Tapi abang pun tak sure dia rajin ke tak nak guna oven tu, but never mind about that, we went to search for raw cake ingredients pulak, surveying and comparing prices, but it was really hard to find pure cocoa that i started to wonder whether the Jordanians bake chocolate cake at all huu. Went back home to perform Maghrib and of course we didn't intend to shop anymore with the big oven inconveniencing us. After maghrib, we grab some sandwich from a restaurant, then hit the street again for another 'good walk' haha. Buy few things in Irbid mall including a spring tin cake (which I later hate because it doesn't hold the cake mixture. bocor huu), then went home to put away the things, and went out again for the 3rd time!!! By then I was really tired and sleepy, but we still watched a movie at home, regarding a serial paediatric murder case set in early 80s or 90s in English country. Huuu sangat takut beaucse it gave me the tingling sensation which is usually felt whenever we are reminded of death huu, and my mood was altered for the night.. Bila tengok abang, teringat kes forensik dulu of a newly married 26 year old man who died of coronary heart disease.. But I didn't want to press further on that matter, as I had enough in handling abang yg selalu menangis for the coming separation.. (note utk abang: u first cried pasal berpisah ni on my 5th day of arrival huuu)...

Sedih memang sangat terasa.. since insyaAllah the day after next, I will again say goodbye to Abang. Mula terasa sunyi tanpa abang (i seriously laugh almost non stop duduk dengan abang sebab abang kelakar and banyak cakap, tp sometimes bila abang dah ckp tak berhenti i ask abang to take a break and give my auditory nerves a good rest heheh) Hati rasa berat untuk berangkat, dan dada sesak dengan sebak, tapi dah taknak layan emosi sangat, as nothing can be changed.. we just have to move on.. Hari ni bertambah sedih, when I spend my day in Abang's kitchen looking at whatever left and planning what to do with them. I know kalau tinggal benda2 ni, alamatnya terbuang la.. abang goreng telur je hari2, benda2 lain semua dia tak masak hehe.

Hari ni bersungguh2 aku buat manisan untuk abang. A moist chocolate cake with cute strawberries on it, a bowl of fruity trifle.. A farewell treat perhaps..? Abang ni memang suka sgt2 makan benda mcmni. Sampaikan kalau buat cucur jagung or cekodok pisang pun, abang makan dengan sangat heavenly (memang we are a perfect team la, both kureng sikit makan rice and savouries tp suka makan desserts or kuih muih huu)

Saat2 akhir bersama abang, kalau ikut hati, nak menangis sentiasa, tapi kalau ikut rational, nak sentiasa hargai dan bahagiakan abang.. hopefully aku masih direzqikan utk bertemu abang selepas ni, laksanakan tanggunjawab sebagai isteri jaga abang dan jadi teman paling istimewa untuk abang!! insyaAllah. Ameen.


Harus kuat harus kuat harus kuat

Lama tak blogging, selama itu jugakla I was not well huu. I really should apologize to Abang. Bersusah payah Abang brings me to Jordan, tp duduk sini terus sakit, tak biasa dengan cuaca barangkali.. Alhamdulillah hari ni lepas zohor rasa agak sihat setelah sekian lama tak rasa nikmat sihat :)

Macam2 perancangan dah dibuat sebelum menjejakkan kaki ke bumi anbiya tempat abang menjadi musafir demi meraih gelaran mujahid fisabilillah menceduk sedikit ilmu dari lautan ilmu Allah yang sangatlah luas, tapi setibanya disini seakan hampir semua perancangan tidak menjadi. Begitu membuatkan aku tersedar betapa rapi manapun perancangan manusia, sungguh tak terbanding dengan perancangan Allah. Dan Allah sentiasa memiliki cara, untuk membuatkan hambaNya tersedar dari kealpaan dalam menikmati nikmatNya, untuk itu Alhamdulillah, kerana aku masih diberikan peluang menginsafi kealpaan bersandarkan pada 'petanda-petanda' yang Dia anugerahkan.

Sebelum menziarahi abang, aku begitu bersemangat nak study dengan abang, nak pergi hospital dengan abang etc, tp rupa2nya sepanjang 3 minggu disini, hanya lebih kurang 2-3 hari je aku ke hospital. Kesihatan memang tidak mengizinkan. Bukan setakat aku tak g hospital, abang sampai ponteng 2 hari just to take care of me. Mula2 aku demam, x larat bangun jugakla few days, selesema dan sakit kepala. Lepas baik je demam sempat menziarahi Abu Asiah, Ummu Asiah dan Asiah, dan keesokan harinya keluar makan bersama Anida (Zaujah Amir, coursemate abang). Lepastu start muntah2 teruk dan sakit perut dan diarrhea. Rasanya 20 kali jugakla aku muntah on the 1st day dan 3 hari berlarutan sampai 'lembik'. Tidur malam? Memang tak dapat sebab asyik ziarah toilet je dan tak tahu nak buang ape dah, tinggal air je. Initially sakit perut rasa macam ada abdominal bloatedness, lepastu sakit perut sebab gastritis since I couldn't eat anything and will vomit them out, then it became abdominal muscle pain due to extensive vomiting. Kesian abang, berulang2 kali g pharmacy, sampai kul 2 pagi pun abang keluar cari benda untuk dimakan (and of course tak dimuntahkan balik huu). Mula2 abg suruh minum Eno untuk kurangkan bloating, pastu abg belikan antacid and ranitidine untuk kurgkn gastritis, lepastu abg cari Menzza pulak utk muscle pain, pastu abg tanya nak abg belikan antiemetic tak, abg suruh makan PCM n loperamide. Aku yg mcm dah tak terurus diri sendiri redha je la huu. Lepastu abang tanya nak beli UPT tak and kept asking me, "Pregnancy kot?". Macam terfikir, takkan melampau sangat hyperem sampai nak implantation pun dah dpt hyperem, so I just said to Abang, if it is really true this is due to pregnancy, rasanya sekali ni jela mengandung huuu. Aku pun dah tak tau what was wrong since sakit kat seluruh abdomen, dah start terfikir ni perfortd PUD ke nak jd peritonitis, pastu sakit belakang jugak, buat renal punch mcm positive, takkan pyelonephritis n thousands of other DDx. Yg sebenarnya I couldn't care less of the HOPI and DDx, I felt so terrible and just wanted to surrender myself to the hospital for IV fluid. Sampai abang tanya, "Sakit rasa macamana?" I answered "I don't know. Sakit" Then I started to wonder macamanala patient kat ward bleh tau sakit rasa memulas ke, mencucuk ke etc huhuuu

Dulu sebelum datang Jordan, macam2 list makanan yang abang nak aku masakkan. Especially kuih muih melayu, sebab abang suka makan kuih (ni pelik sket sebab slalunya org perepuan yg suka makan kuih. Not cake) Sampai kat sini, abang pulak yg terpaksa cook for me huu sedih.... Allah nak suruh abang sharpen cooking skill ni hehe.

Sebelum datang, abang dah rancang supaya aku ikut dia g program (including hujung minggu ni in Mu'tah tp nampak gaya mcm tak pergi je). Tp bukan setakat aku tak ikut, abang pun banyak program tak pergi because I was so sick. Tp aku banyak tido, sometimes abang feel bored and went out to play with his friends (sedih utk abang lagi huu). Abang study pun sorang2. And one time, he gave me a pen and papers, with a very hopeful face he asked me to make paediatric notes for him (haha abang ni suka guna note orang!!!) But seriously nausea is a very debilitating condition..

Abang sangat bersemangat nak main snow, tp aku tak larat langsung.. duduk dalam bilik dengan heater pun dah menggigil, ni nak main snow pulak.. confirm demam panas lepas tu

Dulu sebelum datang Jordan, punyala bersemangat nak jadi surirumah tolong abang urus rumah, tp sekarang mcmna keadaan bilik (yg memang macam tongkang pecah) waktu abang g hospital pg2, mcmtula tak berubah bila abang balik waktu petang. Kain baju pun tak larat nak basuh. Sangat sedih tengok abang yang tak tido malam, setiap kali aku muntah, setiap kali tu jugalah abang bangun untuk tepuk belakang, aku beriktikaf kat toilet pun abang ikut to help me around, aku tertidur sekejap2 and everytime aku terjaga, abang mesti tengah perhatikan aku, yg paling sadis, bila abang peluk or cium pipi especially after solat, aku suruh g jauh sebab rasa nak muntah bila bau abang huu (i like his natural smell tp dikala loya ni semua pun nak termuntah). Kdg2 aku menangis sebab rasa sangat tak larat, and rasa sedih tengok abang, sampaikan tertidur dalam baju kemeja ke kelas, and lepas subuh je abang dah mengantuk sangat2 sebab tak cukup tidur, tp itulah ujian Allah, untuk melihat ketabahan insan. Moga abang terus tabah!! :) Semoga aku juga terus bersabar insyaAllah

Abang suka baring on my lap selepas solat untuk berwirid, tp kdg2 disebabkan rasa nausea yg sgt melampau, bila abg buat mcmtu pun aku nak termuntah. Tapi aku cuba juga untuk kuat, kerana nanti bakal ada 3 insan yg nak bermanja denganku, abang dan anak2. Tentu meletihkan, tapi disitulah kebahagiaan insyaAllah. Maka dengan itu aku harus kuat!! (Anak 2 je sebab aku asyik desak abang supaya berdoa dapat twin. Abg kata nak twin lelaki + perempuan, aku kata nak both lelaki supaya kembar seiras and look alike :p. Abang kata susahla dahla nak mengandung sekali je, pastu nk kembar lelaki, xde anak perempuan la cmtu, aku sengih je hehe)

Yang paling teruk dalam asyik muntah ni, aku teringin makan macam2. Haritu ckp dgn abang, teringin nak makan nasi putih panas dengan ikan kembong, abang kata kat manala nak cari ikan kembong kat Jordan, pastu aku ckp nak nasi putih panas dengan ikan masin, tp xde jugk ikan masin kat sini huu pastu nak nasi putih panas dengan ikan bilis goreng dengan bawang, pun xde ikan bilis kat sini. Last2 makan nasi putih panas dengan telur dadar yg sangat masin sebab teringin nak benda yg sgt masin huu. Lepastu malam tu aku nak jugak makan ikan, Alhamdulillah kat bawah rumah ni ada jual ikan goreng pedas, but both of us tak makan pedas, tp beli la jugak sebab kempunan. Bila makan je, aku muntah the whole night rasa ikan tu, and last2 terkeluar the whole thing, undigested pun huu. Lepastu teringin nak makan nasi lemak panas and laksa penang panas pulak (my appetite is really troublesome), abang pun dah confuse kat mana nak cari. Kebetulan hari tu when we went to rumah ummu asiah, dia hidangkan laksa johor, so abang kata nanti dia tanya ummu asiah, nak beli kat mana. Tp aku kata tak nak laksa johor, nak laksa penang yg masam tu huuuu.

Aku juga sangat3 nak jumpa musfirah, zaujah Syamil.. tp dihari makan2 tu aku tak sihat pulak...

My stay in Jordan still berbaki 6 hari.. abang silalah tabah untuk berpisah semula (abang should be happy sebab aku banyak susahkan dia geee), tp abang dah selalu menangis.. insyaAllah ada rezqi bulan 5 i will come again, dengan kesihatan yg lebih baik insyaAllah :D sebab waktu tu musim bunga dah hehe. And hopefully dengan baju yang lebih cantik ok (ngehee abang tension sebab since my bag dicuri, aku asyik pakai baju abang n kain pelikat abang hahaha) Silalah bersabar ok

Ortho result dah keluar. Pass Alhamdulillah. Specialized posting, I'm all geared up for the challenge insyaAllah :)Kpd yang tak pass, pasti ada hikmah!!



The cold weather is making me insane. Yup insane. And I feel like running back to Malaysia.. if only I can abduct abang and bring him along ~sigh~. And we used 1 tong of gas in less than 1 week for the heater!!!! Sometimes I kinda envy abang, his body is capable of making himself warm, guess his metabolism is that active huu.. and me? My fingers and toes are even colder than a dead body. It is as if the 2 heaters don't even exist. I keep telling abang if suddenly I stop moving, it merely means I have become frozen.. seriously it is extremely cold... and I just can't stand it..... I really don't know what to do, semua benda pun serba tak kena huuu

I eat too much, with the hope that the hot food can make my body feels warm.. the only thing I get is the feeling of nausea due to over eating. Yesterday I still followed abang to the hospital, despite the headache and runny nose, I just don't know what to do in the house once being left alone huu. Abang pulak ajak main snow kat Ajlun huhuuuu (anticipating a whole-body frostbite)

It is terribly COLD brrrr~


My nose runs fast

I don't go to class today, and lady luck actually smiled at me hehe since Abang has just called me (he has called me many times today because he's worried leaving me alone. abang, abang haissy i'm fine thank you :D) to inform that the doctor doing the round was Dr S- an extremely malignant and aggressive doctor. Their round extended up to 3 hours haha and haha again :p And me? I went to the grocery shop alone this morning to buy things needed for cooking.. how abang teased me on that, saying "Dah pandai pergi kedai ye sekarang". Of course I asked for his permission before he went out this morning. Ni baru Simsemah abang, belum Zam zam lagi :p. (expected) Unfortunately, I couldn't buy many things since I couldn't recognize the goods or understand what's being written on the packages huu, let alone consulting the shopkeeper since he doesn't speak English. Still not oriented to the currency exchange, i felt stupid enough buying things and let the shopkeeper calculated the price, produced a 10 Dinar note, hoping it would be enough, and then anxiously waited for the change. Rasa macam budak yang tak pandai kira duit g kedai, thiqah kat peniaga. Huu kalau kena tipu tu memang kena tipu depan mata je. Guess I am so used to having Abang settling everything. But I managed to buy few things to prepare an at least digestible meal for abang hehe.

For the first time in my life, I make spagghetti without herbs!! Shouldn't be called a spagghetti I guess, but rather a tomato beef sauce huuu. Never mind. I initially planned to try preparing nasi maqluba, a very famous dish in Jordan. It is actually a palestinian dish. Since the grocery shop doesn't sell chicken (I later found out that it does sell chicken huu), I probably have to wait for abang to shop at other place.


We went to Yarmouk Univ for a talk by Dr Mashitah last night. So I guess that was my first time entering Yarmouk :P and it is quite small, comparable to UIA matric I guess, or slightly bigger. We then had a freezing walk along Shari’ Jamiah (It means Jalan Universiti, just like in PJ hehe, and they also have Duwar Jamiah which means Bulatan Universiti, also similar to what we have in PJ :D) in the search for spices to cook Maqluba rice. Alhamdulillah it was not that difficult to find. I had this kinda overwhelming temptation to try cooking it haha.

And today I don’t go to the hospital again for I am too lazy; attributed to the extreme cold outside huu. I actually slept till about Zohor huu. As if the cold weather is inadequate, it rained the whole morning. Kesian abang sedih sebab aku tak temankan dia, so I try to compensate by preparing a meal for him hehe. As for that, I went to the shop for the second time. And this time around, abang teased me again when he called saying “OO dah pandai g kedai beli ayam ye sekarang” :p hahahaha apelah abang ni.

Abang was very excited when he called just now, telling me that it’ll insyaAllah be snowing today or tomorrow in Irbid (as stated in the weather forecast news). When the snow fall, the 1st day is considered a holiday, so I guess that’s why he is so excited. And to my surprise, he is more excited than me in planning to go and play in the snow huuu. Abang.. abang excited betul dia ngee~ and he has been here for 4 years!!

As for me I think my health status is deteriorating with worsening sore throat and the nose seems running faster (or it tries to sprint) huu.. and I start to have headache today. Feel like doing nothing other than making myself cosy under the thick blanket, in front of the heater with a big glass of hot cocoa huu



Yesterday I met abang's friends (akhawat). Hanisah and Hanina fetched me and we walked to Raihan's house. It was really wonderful to meet Abang's friends :D, they are all my adik2 hehe. That was my first time trying Nasi Maqlubah, alhamdulillah it was tasty. They actually cooked by themselves- i mean all the food including the delicious and tempting butter cake :) Well I don't intend to write extensively on the event since Hanisah has put it in her blog, one can read it at

Yesterday abang and I went to balad (pekan la), with the intention to buy some necessities. It is something like Chow Kit or Jalan Tar where they sell 'barang bundle' at very cheap prices. What really triggered me was the fruits and veggies- Ya Allah you can find all kinds of fresh and BIG fruits & veggies here huu. Abang sangat teruja dgn buah2 dan aku memborong banyak sayur. Big cabbages (3-4x the size of cabbages found in Malaysia), big cauliflower, big potato, fresh tomato huuu memang sangat teruja!!! And of course BIG ONIONS. Another thing that I was overwhelmed with was the geram tengok kedai herbs for cooking. And of course the cheese and other milk products!!!! You can find them anywhere including in the small grocery store (kalau kat malaysia kena gi hypermarket baru dapat benda-benda camni..)

Abang still plays with the idea of buying an oven, he wants me to teach him to bake cake so that he can sell cake also. Sangat bersemangat haha, tapi I extremely doubt that. I told him that he is such a copycat haha, (nak tiru aku jual kek), and he agrees with that. Sesuai la aku suka menyibuk kat abang, abang suka tiru whatever I do huuuu.
I guess it’s time for me to write again after 2 days. Ok, yesterday was terrible. Terrible. Huhuu and I got my medical-student dose of Doctor’s attack exclusively Jordan brand huehue. Well my main problem is the language. Not understanding Arabic is enough of a problem, not understanding their English worsens the prognosis T_T. I have to admit that at times, I can’t even tell whether they are using English or Arabic. And unfortunately, I was asked with so many questions during the ward round (of course I couldn’t even understand the Q) ahh it was terrible and supremely demotivating. Mula la terfikir, camnela nak buat housemanship kat sini huuu. Luckily abang was supportive. During the class in the evening, I happily had my sleep haha, it was after all my sleep time in Malaysia.

During the night, we were invited to a Jordanian house for dinner (they want to celebrate their new baby as well, kinda kenduri doa selamat thing except that there wasn’t any kenduri). We had nasi maqlubah (again) and it was extremely delicious, that I ate too much (+ too much yoghurt) and ended having diarrhea haha. Abang siap suruh amek recipe lagi haha, suke sgt la tu. And I had the experience of being celebrated by the ‘Arabs’, sungguh keterharuan, as they really appreciate their guests.

On the second day, I had this overwhelming laziness to go out. First, because I really want to laze around and cook. Secondly my nose has started to have painful bleeding due to the cold and dry weather outside. Thirdly because I am still demotivated due to the experience on the 1st day.. but then abang was informed that they didn’t have to go to the ward today, but to the clinical skill lab instead, so he really wanted me to come along, and I did. We played with mannequins; the second day was much better. And in the evening we had class on leukaemia. Since the afternoon break was quite long, we bought sandwiches and had a good walk to the JUST mosque. The view was superb! And we had lunch in the mosque’s garden. Sangat best Alhamdulillah  Flowers have just started to bloom, spring is coming I guess. But Abang said it is usually around the end of February, and probably I can enjoy it when I come again in May insyaAllah.

The odd thing is, people stare at us wherever we go, and I have started to feel uneasy huu. I wonder is it because of my short sleeve white coat, or my majestic name tag (haha pelajar2 JUST sila la jangan marah ok, kerana aku ‘terkutuk’ matric card abang huu.. print atas kertas A4 je and gunting 1/8????? Which means 1 kertas A4 boleh buat 8 matric card??????) Or is it because Abang tried making a Trendelenburg gait in the empty university compound (skrg cuti sem) while I excitedly watched and that invited the guards to come over and ask for our matric cards haha. But I think Irbid is small and adequate  There are too many shops that you don’t need to go anywhere else to buy things. And me? I am confident enough to go to the town alone, or go to JUST/KAUH alone with public transport hehe (being the independent me :p)

As for the 3rd day?? Malas g hospital huu