Yesterday I met abang's friends (akhawat). Hanisah and Hanina fetched me and we walked to Raihan's house. It was really wonderful to meet Abang's friends :D, they are all my adik2 hehe. That was my first time trying Nasi Maqlubah, alhamdulillah it was tasty. They actually cooked by themselves- i mean all the food including the delicious and tempting butter cake :) Well I don't intend to write extensively on the event since Hanisah has put it in her blog, one can read it at

Yesterday abang and I went to balad (pekan la), with the intention to buy some necessities. It is something like Chow Kit or Jalan Tar where they sell 'barang bundle' at very cheap prices. What really triggered me was the fruits and veggies- Ya Allah you can find all kinds of fresh and BIG fruits & veggies here huu. Abang sangat teruja dgn buah2 dan aku memborong banyak sayur. Big cabbages (3-4x the size of cabbages found in Malaysia), big cauliflower, big potato, fresh tomato huuu memang sangat teruja!!! And of course BIG ONIONS. Another thing that I was overwhelmed with was the geram tengok kedai herbs for cooking. And of course the cheese and other milk products!!!! You can find them anywhere including in the small grocery store (kalau kat malaysia kena gi hypermarket baru dapat benda-benda camni..)

Abang still plays with the idea of buying an oven, he wants me to teach him to bake cake so that he can sell cake also. Sangat bersemangat haha, tapi I extremely doubt that. I told him that he is such a copycat haha, (nak tiru aku jual kek), and he agrees with that. Sesuai la aku suka menyibuk kat abang, abang suka tiru whatever I do huuuu.
I guess it’s time for me to write again after 2 days. Ok, yesterday was terrible. Terrible. Huhuu and I got my medical-student dose of Doctor’s attack exclusively Jordan brand huehue. Well my main problem is the language. Not understanding Arabic is enough of a problem, not understanding their English worsens the prognosis T_T. I have to admit that at times, I can’t even tell whether they are using English or Arabic. And unfortunately, I was asked with so many questions during the ward round (of course I couldn’t even understand the Q) ahh it was terrible and supremely demotivating. Mula la terfikir, camnela nak buat housemanship kat sini huuu. Luckily abang was supportive. During the class in the evening, I happily had my sleep haha, it was after all my sleep time in Malaysia.

During the night, we were invited to a Jordanian house for dinner (they want to celebrate their new baby as well, kinda kenduri doa selamat thing except that there wasn’t any kenduri). We had nasi maqlubah (again) and it was extremely delicious, that I ate too much (+ too much yoghurt) and ended having diarrhea haha. Abang siap suruh amek recipe lagi haha, suke sgt la tu. And I had the experience of being celebrated by the ‘Arabs’, sungguh keterharuan, as they really appreciate their guests.

On the second day, I had this overwhelming laziness to go out. First, because I really want to laze around and cook. Secondly my nose has started to have painful bleeding due to the cold and dry weather outside. Thirdly because I am still demotivated due to the experience on the 1st day.. but then abang was informed that they didn’t have to go to the ward today, but to the clinical skill lab instead, so he really wanted me to come along, and I did. We played with mannequins; the second day was much better. And in the evening we had class on leukaemia. Since the afternoon break was quite long, we bought sandwiches and had a good walk to the JUST mosque. The view was superb! And we had lunch in the mosque’s garden. Sangat best Alhamdulillah  Flowers have just started to bloom, spring is coming I guess. But Abang said it is usually around the end of February, and probably I can enjoy it when I come again in May insyaAllah.

The odd thing is, people stare at us wherever we go, and I have started to feel uneasy huu. I wonder is it because of my short sleeve white coat, or my majestic name tag (haha pelajar2 JUST sila la jangan marah ok, kerana aku ‘terkutuk’ matric card abang huu.. print atas kertas A4 je and gunting 1/8????? Which means 1 kertas A4 boleh buat 8 matric card??????) Or is it because Abang tried making a Trendelenburg gait in the empty university compound (skrg cuti sem) while I excitedly watched and that invited the guards to come over and ask for our matric cards haha. But I think Irbid is small and adequate  There are too many shops that you don’t need to go anywhere else to buy things. And me? I am confident enough to go to the town alone, or go to JUST/KAUH alone with public transport hehe (being the independent me :p)

As for the 3rd day?? Malas g hospital huu


aliaa said...

wohoo beraninye dye..heard bout the doctors attacking students from seniors a lot. My turn wud be next year insya Allah. Hehe, akk bermalasan kt rumah saya kerajinan g Amman...(sje nk jeleskan akk=)

Ummu Ameer said...

haha kena attack adalah perkara rutin untuk medical student ngee bersedialah aliaa utk di'attack' next year ok :p tak jeles, tak jeles!!!! hehe

Ummu Iffah said...

Akak, nak tanya ni..
Nape akak kena ikt budak2 kat JUST tu blaja n round ward jugak?
Akak buat posting ke ape?
ke saje2?

Ummu Ameer said...

saje2 hehe. akak tak buat ape2 kat jordan, so akak apply kat JUST utk buat attachment, masuk same posting ngn zauj.

yellowrose said...

huhu kak..mmg takboleh cam lgsg ke english dorg??hehehe[nmpk sgt tak sedar selame nih saye dnga english arab..huhu]goodluck!!..hahahah bout the "bajeh"..jgn riso..ktorg pon kutuk bajeh ktorg sndri,.org arab besela..=SIMPLE dan lantak dan jek..asal ade.haha