My nose runs fast

I don't go to class today, and lady luck actually smiled at me hehe since Abang has just called me (he has called me many times today because he's worried leaving me alone. abang, abang haissy i'm fine thank you :D) to inform that the doctor doing the round was Dr S- an extremely malignant and aggressive doctor. Their round extended up to 3 hours haha and haha again :p And me? I went to the grocery shop alone this morning to buy things needed for cooking.. how abang teased me on that, saying "Dah pandai pergi kedai ye sekarang". Of course I asked for his permission before he went out this morning. Ni baru Simsemah abang, belum Zam zam lagi :p. (expected) Unfortunately, I couldn't buy many things since I couldn't recognize the goods or understand what's being written on the packages huu, let alone consulting the shopkeeper since he doesn't speak English. Still not oriented to the currency exchange, i felt stupid enough buying things and let the shopkeeper calculated the price, produced a 10 Dinar note, hoping it would be enough, and then anxiously waited for the change. Rasa macam budak yang tak pandai kira duit g kedai, thiqah kat peniaga. Huu kalau kena tipu tu memang kena tipu depan mata je. Guess I am so used to having Abang settling everything. But I managed to buy few things to prepare an at least digestible meal for abang hehe.

For the first time in my life, I make spagghetti without herbs!! Shouldn't be called a spagghetti I guess, but rather a tomato beef sauce huuu. Never mind. I initially planned to try preparing nasi maqluba, a very famous dish in Jordan. It is actually a palestinian dish. Since the grocery shop doesn't sell chicken (I later found out that it does sell chicken huu), I probably have to wait for abang to shop at other place.


We went to Yarmouk Univ for a talk by Dr Mashitah last night. So I guess that was my first time entering Yarmouk :P and it is quite small, comparable to UIA matric I guess, or slightly bigger. We then had a freezing walk along Shari’ Jamiah (It means Jalan Universiti, just like in PJ hehe, and they also have Duwar Jamiah which means Bulatan Universiti, also similar to what we have in PJ :D) in the search for spices to cook Maqluba rice. Alhamdulillah it was not that difficult to find. I had this kinda overwhelming temptation to try cooking it haha.

And today I don’t go to the hospital again for I am too lazy; attributed to the extreme cold outside huu. I actually slept till about Zohor huu. As if the cold weather is inadequate, it rained the whole morning. Kesian abang sedih sebab aku tak temankan dia, so I try to compensate by preparing a meal for him hehe. As for that, I went to the shop for the second time. And this time around, abang teased me again when he called saying “OO dah pandai g kedai beli ayam ye sekarang” :p hahahaha apelah abang ni.

Abang was very excited when he called just now, telling me that it’ll insyaAllah be snowing today or tomorrow in Irbid (as stated in the weather forecast news). When the snow fall, the 1st day is considered a holiday, so I guess that’s why he is so excited. And to my surprise, he is more excited than me in planning to go and play in the snow huuu. Abang.. abang excited betul dia ngee~ and he has been here for 4 years!!

As for me I think my health status is deteriorating with worsening sore throat and the nose seems running faster (or it tries to sprint) huu.. and I start to have headache today. Feel like doing nothing other than making myself cosy under the thick blanket, in front of the heater with a big glass of hot cocoa huu