3 weeks

3 weeks into O&G.. there was a day when I felt like I couldn't move on..when I wanted so much to march on forward, but there isn't a path which I could identify..when I felt like the future was a bleak monent placed in a infinite yonder, and my heart seemed to drown in horrible blend of palpitation and uncertainties..that is O&G to me.. Abang kept saying, "you have survived Ortho & Paeds, why shouldn't you survive this one? I don't know and I don't know.. Allah has always planned something for each and everyone..

I just want to stop, for few precious moments, to remember that I am a doctor- no matter how lame and unappealing it sounds. And abang has been very kind to bring me to Big Bad Wolf on the very first day the sale started. It was a shopping spree that spanned from 12am-6am! A happy me tagging abang home with a trolley luggage full of children books! Plus 4 books for me, and 1 book for abang. Ameer Faheem deserves it!. He sacrificed so much by not having enough time to spend with us throughout his growing up years. May he grow up to become one tough mujahid!

I actually went there this morning for the second time.. this time around with Yasir. Abang is tagging in Medical. I brought home 2 novels! Not a romantic one of course. I love reading crime thingy.. And also few interior design and garden books, for abang and me to browse through before going to sleep.. a habit which we have adopted for quite some time..