A piece of earth to grow a garden


Now I do feel old, when December is welcomed with school-related stuff. Hey we actually registered Faheem for school next year :P December approaches, we start to peep into the wallet so as to pay the school fees, extra notes to buy school uniform etc. Our Ameer Faheem is indeed a grown boy Alhamdulillah. He should be, as he has a new adik (cousin) now.

He is much much tolerable now, less naughty, understands instruction and keeps saying "Gi Solah" (Pergi sekolah) We brought him to the open day, and he seems to enjoy having colleagues. He talks much exactly like Daddy, he lullabies me to sleep when I come back home from work feeling very tired, and he sings a lot!
(Faheem suka gosok kepala mummy and daddy sambil cakap "Sayang, sayang" and kiss us, and massage us hahaha kelakar betul. He copies exactly what we do to him. Tapi geli betul bila jari halus dia urut, rasa macam kena tickle)

I'm finishing paeds soon insyaAllah. 4 more working days before I move to the  'Department Orang Garang', O&G to be specific. I welcome paeds farewell with a very open heart :).

Am recently very much reminded of a scene in the Secret Garden story, when Mary Lennox stood before his uncle in his study, and was asked "Tell me what do you want? Is there anything that you need?" And she answered, "I want a piece of earth, to grow a garden.."

I don't know from where this garden craze surfaced, but that's what I keep telling abang, "I want a piece of land, to grow a garden". Obviously we dont have a land, we live in a flat :p. But still being an accomodative husband, abang brought me to the plant nurseries in Sg Buloh, and we chose the trees that we like and surveyed the price hahaha. That is one thing about abang that I doubt I can find in anyone other than him, he is absolutely like my sisters when we were small, we believe in dreams, that someday it will come true.. He listen to my 'secret garden' plan, we talk on how our dream house will be, we just believe that a dream won't always be a dream if only we act on it insyaAllah.

P/s Asma gave birth to a cute boy 2 days back, and my sister in law, Huda just got married Alhamdulillah.