Public rambling

insyaAllah i have 3 more weeks before i finish medical, that's the case if i'm not extended of course. i'm good so far insyaAllah. i've passed my viva, alhamdulillah, with a mark that makes me smile, alhamdulillah :) ive completed my logbook, ready to submit it. may allah guide me through the remaining weeks till i finish..

my consultant asked me what do i want to do in the future, i said im not sure. she 'suggested' medical-based specialization, i smiled. i smile when i imagine my untouched mrcp book, i smiled when i remember my mrcp questions that were left unanswered and untried, i smiled when people keep asking me when do i plan to take the exam, i smiled when i can only wonder how motivation can just disappear into thin air.

Lazy, i think that's it. Tired, Yes , Crappy. defintiely. Drained. no doubt.

i ramble regarding all the nice things in my life, and i ramble regarding all the not-nice things in life which don't sound real anyway, that doesnt mean i have a life that is so different from anybody else in the planet. haha. i keep most of the real things to myself, that is what public rambling is all about :)

somehow i miss going out shopping with Asma' :(( my house-wife sister who was always available for a hangout. the first person i always call on my first day of end posting holiday or end of sem hol when i was a student (truth is i call way long before my holiday and plan early hehe). Korea is so far away :(


Yin and Yang

It's that time again.. that time in a posting when I start to prepare for the final curtain. It's that time when I start to fill up my logbook, hunting for signatures of superiors, scheduling my viva, submitting my End of Posting leave, start doing my countdown and updating abang daily about it.. Oh dont get me wrong. I still have a month more to go before I can say goodbye to medical. That is the case if im not extended of course haha.

Abang senyum. Itu je abang buat. Abang senyum. He understands me more than anybody else. Definitely he understands his compulsive, moody, rebellious and strict wife more than anybody else. My MO tells me I'm a Kiasu. My specialist smiled when I handed him the leave form, saying "Confident betul tak kena extend eh?" Hehe. I smiled sheepishly. I like to plan, and most of the time I expect the plan to work, and I become depress when it doesnt. No worry, I have my understanding abang to listen to my endless complaints ;p *wink wink*

There was one time when I went to a vintage shop, I bought a vintage signage saying "Complaint department this way 200m-->" I asked abang to put up the signange, pointing to our room hahaha. Simply because I feel abang should be awarded as the best complaining dept ever :p Ready with a plugged-in drill and screws, I waited at the corridor in front of our room. Abang was like "whoa whoa hold on, are you sure you want me to put this on the wall??"I said yes, putting on my most innocent face. He said, "simpan dulu, nanti abang fikir dulu" sambil sengih2. I guess he couldnt believe I bought the thing in the first place and actually plan to hang it up for real. Oh yes, the thing is still in our store room till today ;p