Daytime somnolence

I don't know what's wrong with me (obviously I'm lying) I know exactly what's not right. Class started at 2. I signed the attendance sheet and at 2.30 I dozed off in the surau for 2 hours!I just couldn't control. And that very morning, i dozed off in the class :( And nope, Ameer Faheem is not the culprit, because he sleeps for 12 hours straight during the night without bothering me a bit. Well if you sleep for 6 hours with more than 10 times of sleep interruption in between + nightmares, you would experience the same degree of daytime somnolence as I do huhuuuu. And oh, it's not a new thing :p I've been tolerating it for years except that it waxes and wanes.. and probably this time around is one of the exacerbation.

Alhamdulillah the third one has just been engaged :D wedding bells will ring in no time insyaAllah, and I'm looking forward to it. Well, here's the latest pic of Ameer Faheem and Mummy, on that memorable day. Alhamdulillah Ameer Faheem is growing up like a champion, and I just can't wait to bring him to meet the dad! Next week will be my final exam, followed by another final exam 2 weeks later (final exam is such an insignificant thing in a medical student's life huhu now that there are so many final exams!)

Piyah has just returned from London, and Ameer Faheem got his share of presents and souvenirs! Obviously Mummy is far more excited than him hehe.

Ameer Faheem loves lights (and that worsens the prognosis of my Medical Student Syndrome). I keep thinking of a diagnosis. Ameer Faheem grows too fast (another thing which worsens my MSS). I think of another diagnosis. O Allah, may Ameer Faheem grows normally, as normal as he can be. Ameen

Gone are the days..

Gone are the days when pants have tu be pulled up high to the chest, and hands packaged tight in a bedung, frustration in trying to find a cloth that fits, or waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night to feed, bodyache and mess in supplying breastmilk, or all that he's able to do is having continuous sleep. I'm welcoming the days of fever and runny nose, of trying to find a shirt that covers the tummy, or difficulty in wearing the nappy when he keeps trying to escape, of enjoying the smiles on his face or enduring the tantrum that he throws. Oh, don't get me wrong, i still have sleepless nights, when his hands and legs hit and kick me in his sleep, and at times, I'll just retreat to a very small corner at the very end of the bed :p And Our Faheem really enjoys his morning mummy-Faheem sing along Alhamdulillah :) He turns 3 months today!


Faheem will turn 3 (months) in 4 days time insyaAllah. His 2nd month is significant indeed, when he is diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis and Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM). Hey, the gene is playing its role very well indeed. I guess it's hard to escape a strong family history of atopy (allergy). Considered strong when each of us gets a fair share. Asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, just name them. Even amoi piyah has eczema huuu. It started with fever a day after the trip to Tampoi (a week ago) + EXTREMELY POOR oral intake. He refused feeding. At times, he can easily sleep for 6 to 7 hours straight without waking up for milk in between huu. After that long duration of sleep, usually he will drink at most 3oz (as opposed to before, when he could drink 4oz every 2 hours huu) The condition continued for 1 week, and out of my own paranoia perhaps, I kinda noticed that his body became thinner. That really made me feel worried :( The fever settled down on the second day but he continued to be very irritable, crying etc. I brought him to a private clinic (which I really dislike. Sorry for the personal opinion, but I very rarely feel satisfied with their management huu), he was given a nasal decongestant. I don't use it anyway because it shouldn't be used frequently and I know that Ameer Faheem has been having this problem of rhinitis & blocked nose every single day since he was 3 weeks old, and it will continue on, what's the point of using the decongestant for few days??

Then 2 days later (which was yesterday), we noticed the suppurative right ear discharge (pus). Quite copioius that it stained his pillow huu.
That very morning, I made an appointment with a lecturer (an Ear Nose Throat surgeon who is well versed in the subject of allergy), he agreed to meet Faheem the next morning. I went to his clinic. He gave Faheem ear drop (Sofradex), and then I contacted another lecturer (a respiratory paediatrician) asking for his kind consideration to manage Faheem's case as well. ok,I admit, I worry excessively :( He was started on Augmentin (antibiotic). I guess that's the 3rd course of antibiotic for our Ameer Faheem, after gentamycin and another which I can't remember. Today I notice that his appetite is better, he can drink 3 oz of milk 3 hourly, that is at least providing me some relief.. And his next immunization will be on Tuesday next week inshaAllah. Oh btw, Ameer Faheem has started wearing 6-month old sized clothes :D why?? Because the smaller ones expose his 'boroi' tummy. Fullstop. Ameer Faheem really talks much nowadays, at least that is 1 trait that he takes after the dad. Abang sila jangan marah, everybody says he looks like me!!!



I want to sell my fridge and bed in view of my graduation in a short while INSYAALLAH.

Umur fridge + katil ni 1.5 tahun. Harga? Boleh dirunding (but I expect it will be very cheap :D)

Transportation not provided. Interested? Contact me at 0139144638


In the middle of the night...

It's 3am, and I'm currently a refugee in K.Ashiah's house.. It started with few loud explosions at around 12.30am.. I peeked out of the window.. Then the lights started to blink on and off (It was not a visual hallucination). I jumped into a long sleeve caftan and put on my tudung. The heart started to beat fast. Then I heard voices (it was not an auditory hallucination). I peeked out again. People were gathering outside. I opened the door and smelled something burning (it was not an olfacory hallucination). This time around I couldn't stay calm. I took a bag, threw all my medical notes (luckily they're scanty) into it, took my money which i hid in some part of the house, grabbed my handbag and the car keys, my laptop & Wani's and put them beside the door. Suddenly few seconds later, somebody yelled "Ayah, api!" Ok, that was it. I practically threw the things into the car. Go in again, took Faheem's pampers & milk, grabbed Faheem, ran into the car, started the engine and drove off for safety. Hahaha it was damn funny. Neighbours (typical malay) were gathering near a big electric cable near my house, which gave away electric sparks, dripping onto the ground like water dripping from a tap.. What?? I almost yelled, RUN FOR YOUR SAFETY! and yet they were watching me as if "What is this lady trying to do, bringing her son out in the middle of the night?" I called abang, trying to explain (and I knew he kinda perceived it as a delusion, and tried to make sense of my fairytale story haha). I didn't knew where to go, Faheem has started crying for his milk.. and finally a good samaritan (Kak Ashiah) answered my call for help :p And here I am.. People started moving out their cars later, and TNB arrived in a short while.. But 1 thing I know, if an emergnecy happens, the things that I will take with me: 1. Faheem 2. My medical notes & laptop 3. Faheem's pampers & milk (the things which I can't do without) 4. My handbag (which contain important docs) & money Huuuuu


Faheem demam huu :(

Baru nak update blog, sementara wani tinggalkan modem, suddenly Faheem menangis macam kena derai alahai (sambil buat muka cebik tahap super saiya).. :p We just got back from Johor, an educational trip to Hospital Permai. Faheem demam, for the second time. Last time abang was around (when he was warded in PPUM), but now I'm alone in handling him. I learn new things. I learn to worry of his condition, I learn the difficulty in making him swallow his medicine huu, and I learn that sleep is actually a luxury for a mummy hehe.. and I take a day off because I am not feeling well myself huu. Probably the long journey was too much for him, but my dear Faheem, our coming trip to Jordan will be much much much longer and tiring huhuu. Arrived at around 11pm yesterday and was hoping to get a good night sleep and wake up fresh the next day. But Faheem cried almost the whole night, he was irritable. Tak sampai hati tengok dia menangis, maka akan dukung dia. Really if I am not careful enough I will end up spoiling my little boy huu. If things get out of control, I usually will sms abang and say something like "Abang, Faheem asyik nangis je. Bukan dia lapar pun. Ayang nak tido" eventhough I knew there's nothing that abang could do. Nope, I was wrong. Abang reminded me of our responsibility as a parent.. terinsaf sekejap huu. since yesterday Ameer Faheem refuses his milk. Well he actually drank a quarter of the normal daily amount (40oz/day). I am worried and keep offering him his milk. Alhamdulillah so far he has drank 18oz till 5pm :) I brought him to a clinic and had to pay RM30 for a small bottle of nasal decongestant!!! Mencekik darah betul huuu :( In the clinic I met a friendly kakak who is pregnant with her 5th child. she said "Nanti awak akan jumpa macam2 penyakit kat anak2 ni. Memang macam2. Akak dah pengalaman anak lima." I replied "Memang pun, macam mak saya. Dah jadi doktor pakar, nak prescribe ubat pun dah terror hehe" Hari ni Faheem buat aksi ntahape2 which is.. aksi senyum malu2 kat auntie wani haha. senyum malu meow meow (wani, 2011) ehemm dah pandai ngade la faheem ni hehe! Avolition: no motivation/ drive to do anything. Well that's me for now I guess :( Dah malas nak baca buku, nak g jordan jumpa abang, and nak ganti tido and I want to be away away away from Kuantan for the whole of my life huuu