I am old


I'm still a houseman. Finishing Emergency Department (my last posting) soon insyaAllah.. Oh my how I cant wait to finish it off huuu.

I havent write for months I think

I'm doing ED with abang. It's damn fun Alhamdulillah!! We work in the same shift, we go on ambulance ride together, we join the same rounds, we attend the same teachings, we deal with the same group of superiors "Fabiayyi alaa irabbi kuma tukazziban?"

So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

The downside of it is.. we meet Faheem less and less

Oh we dont have bibik for the past 1 month. She actually decided to call it a quit and I didnt do anything to stop her from going. That's life. We send Faheem to a babysitter, he stays there for 2 nights until we finish our shifts and we would pick him up and spend time with him for 1.5 days before we actually send him back for 2 days again.. It is cruel for him and for us. Luckily he is such an independent and understanding young lad who rarely question. He straightaway understand when I tell him that Mummy and Daddy are going to work. Sometimes when he feel sad and lonely I guess, he tells us that he wants to stay with nenek instead of going to the babysitters house.. that is when I will cry and ask for a huge favour from nenek..

You see taking care of our Ameer Faheem is not a simple business. He is still hyperactive as how he was (I guess since he was in my womb) Our Ameer Faheem develops physically very fast. He managed to turn prone before he was 2 months, and progressed very fast from there. He can now play football very smartly. He talks non stop like daddy, he is emotional and rebellious like me, and has a very hot temper which I'm trying my best to cool it down. He cant read yet, but he can pray and recite simple surah and doa :)
Sometimes I think we spoil him too much, but sometimes I think we do that to cover back the times that we leave him behind.

Oh I cant wait to finish my housemanship and plan for a better life for Abang and Ameer Faheem.

I guess I slipped away when he grew up, a thing which I always regret.
I think the last time I left him for work, he was a fragile baby, feeding on milk and requiring diaper change regularly.
Now when I come back, I have a young boy who runs to me after combing his hair and ask me, "Mummy, handsome tak faheem, mummy?" and when I said Yes, he smiled with a thumbs up sign.
I have a boy who wants to brush his teeth before going to sleep and insist to use daddy's talc and hair gel after bath
I have a boy who wakes me up in the morning, asking for nasi goreng, sausage, nasi lemak and coffee
I have a boy who refuse to go to bed because "Faheem lapar, nak nasi"
I have a boy who insists to put on himself his shirt and trousers, and insist on wearing underwear
I have a boy who talks about car, motorbikes, trains and buses
I have a boy who reminds me to switch off the lights and fans before going out
I have a boy who actually chooses his footwear for outings
I have a boy who complains all the time, very bossy, and have a speech diartrhea with and indonesian slang

Haihhh I am old..