Prophet Lut, his people & the Dead sea in the Quran..

Few Facts:
Dead sea is actually a lake??!
It is the lowest point on earth.. mentioned in Surah ar-Ruum.. [fi adnal ardh].
It is called dead sea simply because nothing can live in it due to its hypersalinity..

From Wikipedia:

A view from the Israeli side looking across Jordan

Density of.........
Human body - 1010 kg/L
Sea water - 1030 kg/L
Dead sea - 1240 kg/L

Mengumpat depan2

Niat nak tulis tentang laut mati dan kisah seerahnya tersendiri yg boleh diambil pengajaran.. tapi berubah arah seketika (laut mati lepas ni ok :P) di kala tersangat bosan menunggu abang bangun tidur, tak dapat nak menumpukan pada perkara fakta..lantas mulalah ramble seperti biasa..

semalam lepas pulang dari laut mati, kami ke balad untuk pulangkan kereta sewa. alang2 dah di balad, kami pun meronda2 pula. sempatlah beli sepasang kasut each :p abang nak belikan hadiah sempena ulangtahun pertunangan kami, tapi aku hanya boleh menghadiahkan cinta kat abang ^_^ harap abang tak terasa hati sebab isteri abang ni miskin, xmampu nak belikan hadiah hehe.

ketika sedang mencari kasut (mine, sebab abang dah beli waktu tu), kami masuk ke sebuah kedai kasut.. didalamnya ada beberapa pembeli dan beberapa penjual yg sedang rancak berbual dan berlawak jenaka. Abang muka serius, bila aku cakap dgn abang, dia mcm acuh tak acuh je.. "Kenapa dengan abang ni?" bertanya dengan nada tak puas hati. "Kenapa apa?" abang balas seperti tidak bersalah dan seperti baru tersedar yg aku tgh sibuk bertanyakan kasut mana yang cantik.

"Diorng tengah bercakap tentang kita" abang membalas.
"Iye? Diorng cakap apa?"
"Perempuan (pelanggan tu) kata, 'Diorang ni baru bertunang, dah jalan pegang2 tangan'. Kawan pelanggan balas 'Diorang ni baru bertunang ke dah kawen?' Pekedai lelaki jawab 'gaya macam dah kawen'. Perempuan pertama balas, 'Diorang ni faham ke kita cakap apa?'. Pekedai lelaki menjawab, 'Diorang tahu lebih banyak dari kamu'"

Mengumpat depan2?? Abang kata, lepas ni berjalan kena pakai cincin. I really dislike wearing any kind of jewellery....

Sebenarnya itu bukan kali pertama kejadian sebegini berlaku.. Dah banyak kali.. mungkin org jordan tengok kami macam budak2 sekolah menengah, langsung tak sesuai untuk jd pasangan suami isteri huu. Tapi aku suka bila abang perkenalkan diri kpd arab as Abu Ameer. Nanti pasti soalan yg akan diajukan dgn nada tidak percaya.. "Tazawwaj nta???"[Awak ni dah kawen ke???]
"Na'am" abang jawab sambil tersengih hehe

27th May

On this very date, few years back when I was still semi fresh in 1st year (2 years of matriculation didn't make me all that fresh), I made a big decision in life- choosing a boat which I can ride for as long as it continues to move on.. I paid the expensive fee of a lifelong commitment, I gave the assurance to make a sacred vow which merges 2 hearts into 1, I dared myself to brave every single challenge that would come.. and 2 families met, to witness such humble union.. and I was engaged to an honourable man, Muhammad al-'Athiq Marzuki..

I am entering 5th year, delighting the years that had unnoticeably passed by, the years that captured our smiles and tears, the anxious period playing a game of tug-of-war (or it was me tugging alone huu), we managed to convince ourself that 2 are definitely better than 1.

All praises be to Allah, who have granted our wish to be together, and who have created the aromatic joy in the air that we breathe, and who have allowed us to cherish each other's love...

It was the anniversary of our engagement. And a diamond gold ring will always convince us that everything wasn't just a dream..

27th May 2010 was spent in the territory of Dead Sea, Jordan :)

Praises be to Allah.

Wife of Muhammad al-'Athiq Marzuki,
Maryam al-Batul Azizuddin


I know what you did last night!!

I dont write much because I start to write in a private blog. (By the word private, it is not even accessible to abang hehe)
I write this because I have nothing better to do...for the time being... I write this because it is abang's suggestion.. I write this because abang is sleeping soundly.. and I guess the only purpose of his suggestion is to avoid having me pestering his sleep.. He is having a transformation of diurnal-nocturnal bedtime.. staying up in the night to study, perform his Subuh and sleep aferward. Seriously I have nothing to do other than to spend my time with him here.. My life is not in Jordan.. I can't go out anytime I like because I am simply at a severe loss without abang, I don't have leisure activities here, because I think the Jordanians don't bother having any leisure activity probably.
I remember when I asked abang one day, "Abang, is there any park around where we can jog or take a walk? I'm feeling sick of walking along syari' jamiah staring at the shops"
Abang laughed. "Ni bukan Malaysia, sayang"
"Abang, kat sini ada swimming pool for ladies tak?"
"Entahlah, abang pun tak tahu"
"Abang, jom keluar. Boring la duduk dalam rumah je."
"Ok, ayang pilih nak g mana. Irbid Mall, Arabella Mall?"
"Em takpelah, kita duduk rumah je lah..."
Suffocation. I wonder do the Jordanians ever think of having a place to relax and enjoy the beauties of Allah's creations?
The best thing that I can think of now is to have a nice picnic by the lakeside of JUST -ahakss- or take a walk in Yarmouk university while pretending that the colourful rubbishes in their gardens are variants of flowers.
Jordan is such a congested place..with buildings, decorated by dust. It is in the dessert, no wonder the dusts.
Now I can just imagine if I ask abang, "Abang jom kita g laut" he'll answer "Jom, tapi laut matilah" or "Ada tempat lain tak?" "Petra" and I will definitely sheepishly answer back "Hmm takpelah...." hehe

The other day we went to the ******* clinic as abang had to take his 3rd hepatitis injection. We then proceeded to the dentist hehe (I mentioned before that Abang had gingivitis, he was then diagnosed with pericoronitis). But I shouldn't elaborate more on the dental abang will surely ban me from blogging should I do that (hint: I got the experience of bringing my son to the dentist in the future- urging mommy to cancel the appointment!!) but it was not a wonderful experience in the clinic either. Imagine that we were told to go from 1 room to another, just like playing a game of passing ball!!! Just to get the injection. Finally after shifting for approximately 10 times probably between 4 rooms located in 3 different levels, abang started to raise his voice in frustration. Finally we went to the pharmacy (in the level 2 of the clinic), given a vial of Hepatitis B vaccine and told to bring it to ground floor to get the injection. I might as well said, "Give me a syringe and a needle and let me inject it to my husband myself"

Worst was when we went to the pharmacy.. the pharmacist wearing a white coat, sat a table, with a cup of caffeine-loaded coffee (I'm trying to picture a very irritating scenario huh), SMOKING!!! It was no different from a pantry or in a congested reataurant of a bed-and breakfast cheap inn full of long-distance truck drivers you know (not that I'm condemning truck drivers) Disposing the smoke to the shelves of medications! Not that I'm saying that it will affect the medication in anyway... but please at least behave in front of the patients!!! I started to be annoyed but abang said "This is Jordan"

Enough of the rumbling hehe... well maybe it's time to 'wake' him up.. :p Kesian pulak tgk dia lena.. I wonder apalah yg dia slalu buat malam2 while I'm fast asleep. 2 days ago, when I woke up..bergelimpangan bangkai lipas di dapur.. rupa2nya dia buat operasi membasmi lipas. Hari ni ternampak selonggok habuk and a nearby broomstick..dia menyapu dapur pulak tgh2 malam hehe. Abang, I know what you did last night!


Susah Susah. Hidup ni susah

Should you feel I complain endlessly, then please oh please do not further your reading of this post. Life in jordan is indeed hard, at least now..why?? Because we perform the Isya' prayer at 9++pm, sleep at around 12am, wake up at 5am. If you think "Wow, that's early", well please don't hesitate to make a 360 degree turn and said "WOW, Subuh Dinasour tu!!!" Sigh, sigh~

My usual way of waking abang up is not by the soft line of "Sayang, bangun tahajjud jom" but in an anxious (of course accompanied by a vigorous body shake), "Abang, BANGUN!!! DAH TERANG!!!!" Sigh, sigh again~

Subuh is now at 4am. 5.30am is something like 8am in Malaysia huu. And mind you, Subh is inching towards 3.30am.. Tahajjud pukul berapa pula..?

There is 1 line which some people might use but I don't prefer, "I'm just not cut out to wake up early you know. That's why I don't do qiyamullail". Well perhaps that is true since Rasulullah said whoever is unable to wake up early, perform the nawafil prayer before going to bed. That's our case for the time being huhuuu sedihnya~. Just 1 thing, a skill or a kelebihan is something that everybody has to earn. Some people might say, "I'm not cut out to wake up early for Subuh you know" Gulp that sounds so annoying indeed. Everybody has to work hard to gain something you know. Even to attain hidayah, you have to ASK ALLAH for it and do something!!! Takkan nak bertapa tunggu pencerahan agung sampai keikhlasan beribadah menyelinap ke dalam tak?

Life requires mujahadah. MuJAhaDaH. MUJAHADAH!!! Currently feeling so ANNOYED with MYSELF huuu~



Bajeh :D

Alhamdulillah today marks the finish line of my 2nd week in Jordan. My version of elective isn't much a ward posting hehe. I went to the hospital for only a day in the 1st week as we were unable to find the secretary to help me to settle down. Second week could be summarized as 2/5 of attendance hehe again. Well it has nothing obvious to do with lazy (of course it's got a lazy-istic tint which isn't that obvious to anybody other than abang). I went there on Sunday (and got back early to prepare for Abang's Birthday celebration), was told not to come on Monday and Tuesday as all the specialists were busy with the residency exam, came back on Wednesday, managed to clerk a case of SLE and join a very interesting round in the CCU and learn to interpret ECG, went to meet the secretary again and was told not to come on Thursday as again they were having the residency exam. The whole next week will be the final year exam (something like our Professional exam) and now I'm thinking of whether I should you-know act hardworking and volunteer to go to the ward or just reveal my true colours and stay at home haha.

1 thing, I already got my bajeh!! (Hospital ID/ badge) [all smiles]

Today is abang's last day of class. He'll be having a revision week before the IM exam, followed by another revision week before the final exam, combining all the 4th year postings (IM, Paeds & Surg). and me? The boredom is mounting and threatening to reach the limit. Serious tersgt bosan when abang keeps looking at his lethal stack of notes and deciding how can he finsih them up in time.. (and sometimes deciding which ones can be sacrificed and pretend as if they don't exist at all uh-uh). I help him by not being a nuisance..indeed me having an REM sleep during all his study hours is a big help I guess :p I'm still in the holiday mood, refusing to give my best in the ward postings..and in self-studying at home. Elective has its own downside- nurturing a couch potato. With the still-cold weather, hibernating seems to be the best option. I still put on my wooly socks, and use the water heater for my bath. Not feeling myself, thanks to the big oral ulcer. So is abang with the gingivitis secondary to impacted molar tooth.. never mind, an expiation of sin insyaAllah :)

I rarely get the chance to update the blog.. or is it because of the lazy thing [GROAN again]. Obviously abang is not around now thus the new post :p. I'm really moody for no apparent reason, it's the hormonal thing I guess. Abang is now in the mosque, performing his Isya' prayer, but it's hard to let him go even for a split second... how horrible does that sound.. him going to the mosque make me cry.. obviously not something that sprout from happiness. Don't get me wrong though... [sedih.. knape takde mujahadah langsung???]

Finished watching Cinta Sempurna (a movie by Ust Hasrizal- I mean his novel). Have to admit the quality is not that good, but the message in the story is far better than other movies. [walaupun menonton dengan penuh emosi sehingga abang terpkasa pause2 kan cerita demi memberi ruang utk bertenang huuu]

A human is 1 creature that never fails to be ungraceful to Allah.... me already missing home and family...Thinking of how can I have both (them and abang) simultaneously.... not possible for the time being... :(

Congratulations to those new mommies and daddies.. including Nadiah and Izani :) Happy for them.. Next..wani in the line hehe. Be super muslim mums and dads k, to produce super muslim kids insyaAllah :) Abang & Me- talking about babies a lot these days.. bila la nak ada rezqi ye..[smile]. There was one day when he woke up from sleep and said
"Abang mimpi kita dpt baby"
Me: Baby apa?
Abang: Boy
Me: [all smile] hehe
Then the next day I woke up from sleep and said
"Ayang mimpi dpt baby"
Abang: Baby apa?
Me: girl
Hahaha sesungguhnya ini bukanlah tanda kenabian iaitu mimpi yg benar. totally unreliable geee. And the famous household question (practically asked every day): Bila nak buat pregnancy test?
Hehehe sesungguhnya kami mcm org yg sgt kemaruk nak baby, funny :p


Kalau 70 boleh?? Me: Gulpp~

Abang: Kalau 70 orang boleh ke?

Me: Mmm.. ramainya...!!!??**%?!!!
Abang: Satu bangunan ni and batch abang
Me: Uhuuuu.... try la.. (T_T)

The trend of MALAYSIANS living in Jordan (or at least Abang's friends in Jordan) is anybody celebrating his birthday should throw out a party for the rest uhuuu (shudn't the birthday person be celebrated by others???" And an unfortunate event that I am actually here................ Abang requested that I "HELP" him to cook something instead of their usual treat at the Popeye Chicken & Biscuits (a fast food outlet that they frequent I guess).
So we decided on a date, and made a rough plan. Abang insisted that we make baked potatoes, farfalle, coleslaw and Nasi Maqlubah (ape cerita jemput me dari Malaysia to prepare an arabic meal???)
That particular morning, abang skipped his ward round, and we went to KAUH instead to settle some matters related to my elective posting...

One of the sceneries that I manage to appreciate on my way to..and back from the hospital.. ARAB BADWI!!! Truly I've never expected that they still exist huu..
Me in front of King Abdullah University Hospital which is attahed to Jordan University of Science and Technology.. By the word 'attached', I really mean they are attached physically :)
Still in the hospital, deciding to go back early do some shopping for the planned makan2

We went to Balad, and here was abang with his big notebook! I told him repeatedly [REPEATEDLY sampai berbuih2 mulut] to tear off the page that contained our shopping list..but he refused! Kelihatanlah seperti student yang tersesat di pasar.

Us in one of the stalls, selling big fruits and veges. The size of this cabbage was approximately twice the sice of my face. The size of a an egg-plant can be up to the size of a football haha

Abang in another stall.. I can tell you, buying 7 chickens, 8kg of potatoes, 2 big cabbages, a big plastic bag of carrots, another big plastic bag of egg-plant, onions, garlics and more.. isn't 1 happy thing to do. They are HEAVY! Next we went to a new shopping complex, C-Town (they claim that household things are cheaper there). By the time we arrived home, it was 4.30pm GOSH!

Problems came one after another. 1st I complaint of inadequate utensils, forcing abang to borrow from his neighbours. I needed a big pot to cook the rice, and a neighbour lent his..which was leaking, and repaired by putting a plaster (Handiplast to be specific! Forgot to take a pic of that one) I wasn't very convinced though, probably a suture would be better~ Then we borrowed an electric blender from another neighbour, threatened to blow we had to borrow another blender. Time was running out, and abang being a good helper (who actually cut his hand when I requested for his help to wedge the potatoes, cut his hand for the second time when he tried to peel the garlic), in the end I knew I had to deal with the palpitation practically ALONE. Don't get me wrong though..he was more than eager to help.. a good runner boy indeed hehe running to the nearby grocery store more than once.. P/s I forgot to mention that abang tried baking chocolate cake (kesian betul birthday boy kena bake cake sndiri huu) tapi tak jadi pulak.. Never mind I''ll try to bake another one for your groupmates k (huu asyik mintak je nak kek nak bg groupmates dia huu)

Precisely at 10pm..abang's friends came to fetch the food. Farfalle was all mushed up (ni abang yg hancurkan k sewaktu dia nak gaul2 hehe), didn't manage to make coleslaw and 1 of the rice (cooked 2 pots of rice, 9kg in total) was not perfectly cooked (ada jelatah sket2), so we decided to finish cooking it the next day. All in all everything was okay, I took my bath and had a good night sleep while Abang enjoyed the food downstair.

The next day, the I had my breakfast of nasi maqlubah (which I personally think was quite tasty haha), but in the evening it became rotten. So we threw away the rice, tried to save the chickens and made roasted chicken with black pepper instead, as well as the coleslaw :)

Well that's about all.. an experience indeed, and I'm happy that at least I managed to make something for Abang's birthday hehe. Now..the CaKes....


15th MAY 2010

It's 12am of 15th May 2010 and it's his 25th birthday Alhamdulillah :P
Abang wore his sleepy look, and I was wide awake sebab baru je bangun tido hehe

Birthday Man haha. Menatap wajahmu menenangkan hatiku.. dan memandangmu dengan kasih sayang adalah satu ibadah insyaAllah :D

Me.. in quite a disappointed mood since the menu wasn't very appetizing.. tp happy dapat keluar dating ngn abang ngee~ tp dah terlajak masuk, kesian pulak nak keluar balik dr kedai tu hehe

US~ entah kalau da dpt baby, dpt lagi ke beromantika sebegini?? Doakan kasih sayang ini membawa kami ke syurgaNya... (*p/s: seseorang must be recognizing my shirt hehe)

In front of the main entrance of Yarmouk University di kala waktu Fajar menjelang (tp sekarang Yarmouk ada entrance baru yg lebih cantik at the other side hehe. Sesungguhnya selalu terlepas cakap terkutuk2 Jordan kat abang hehe spt... buruk je entrance ni kan :p)

15th May 2010..25 years after he was born.. I didn't have any surprise and he wasn't expecting one. But I guess a late night supper for 2, and a lovely wee hour walk are enough to tell you abang, that as you advance ur steps in life, I will continue to stay, hold ur hand and walk by ur side. Life is indeed beautiful with you, abang. May Allah showers us with His love and blessings..and may He blesses us with babies *wink wink :P*


Some news

Farfalle salad
Baked potatoes

The other day abang beli banyak Strawberry, tapi MASAM!! I didn't know what to do with em, so I made an omelette for abang, and put the strawberries of course not for the taste but for the look hehe. And I laughed out loud (LOL) alone in the kitchen for I felt like preparing a meal for a small kid hehe.


Alhamdulillah today is my 1st day of elective..1st day in the medical wards of King Abdullah University Hospital..1st day of trying to make sense of the 'foreign' language, my 1st day travelling alone to King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) by public transport hehe, 1st day of being independent and make use of any arabic words that manage to come to mind whenever people tries to make a meaningful conversation with me huuu.. 1 of the things that I am afraid of is..that I'll use some fusaha' words and people will laugh. Well nobody say "Aina?" instead they say "Wein?", confusing me with the word "When?". Instead of using "Qobla", they say something like "Gable". Or "How much?" isn't translated as "kam?" but rather "adish?" which initially confused me with "A dish??" The thing is Q is pronounced as G huu and the language is all hay wire hehe. Thanks to few akhawat whom I joined in clerking the patients..

Feeling a lil palpitated, for I have for so long left the wards!! Well, one doesn't really take patient's history in clinics :p But am determined to make good use of the posting, though I have to admit that I [again] bcome the winner of sleep marathons. Huu, abang is quite busy with revision, in view of the final exam which is just around the corner.. and I busy myself with dreams gee. Abang study, aku tidur. Ini disebabkan I still sleep according to Malaysian bed time. Abang tidur, aku tmankan abang tidur pulak. End up getting severe headache. Just lucky that I got to be in the hospital although for 3 hours per day only.

We don't go out much aside the hospital. I don't want to disturb abang that much until after he is all done with the exam.. but at times I just beg him to take me out for a walk. And he insisted that we eat the ice cream that he loves to buy, the shumam (honey dew) juice from a juice shop that he really loves.. abang, abang.. (geleng2 kepala). 1 thing, I really should watch out for my weight that is rapidly increasing huu.. maybe I should cut down on the carbs and meat hmm ~sigh~

The other day I promised to upload the pics for Kakak after our 'frustrating' conversation lingering around, "What do you cook for your husband? I don't know what to cook for mine!!!" ..something that I prepared for Athiq.. There was 1 day when I made Nasi Briyani..too much that abang had to eat it for dinner, for breakfast the next day and the following lunch haha. So I then tried something different (plus my 1st time of making kuih kasturi as abang really loves that kuih!!)

Chilled Farfalle salad:
Simple je. Boil the farfalle. Do not overboil it. Then cut some tomatoes, cucumber and anything that you like. Gaulkan with the farfalle, add olive oil. Then just put in any herbs that you feel like putting in- basil leaves, oregano or anything. Put in the fridge :) I don't though.. rumah abang still sejuk lg huu

Baked potatoes
Cut the potatoes into wedges. Mince 2 cloves of garlic (for 3 large potatoes), gaulkan with the potatoes, oil and water. Add in black pepper, salt (I added Italian mixed herbs). Wrap them up in aluminium foil, bake in the oven at 200C for 1 hour.


Two great mums

For the one who had lovingly carried me in her womb for 9 months..
For the one who had gambled her life to let me see the world 24 years ago..
For the one who had allowed me to enjoy her breastmilk and grow strong...
For the one who had chosen to give me love and raised me up..
For the one who had patiently tolerated my tantrum and emotional burst..
For the one who has always been there for me to turn to...
For the one who has taught me to be a good muslimah..
For the one who has always made me understood the responsibility of an 'abd of God
For the one who has always painted my life in wonderful colours..
For the one who have done everything for me that not even a soul can compare..
For the one whom I can't ever forget to love, and to cherish in my doa...
I love you, dear UMMI
No presents on this Mother's day, but a warm memory of me and you..
And tears that spell a never ending love..
And my humble prayer that you'll have a grand life in the hereafter..
With Love, from Batul

Untuk mak yang telah mengandungkan abang 9 bulan..
Untuk mak yang bertarung nyawa bagi mengizinkan abang menatap wajah dunia..
Untuk mak yang telah menyusukan abang dengan susu dari tubuhnya..
Untuk mak yang membanting tulang demi menyuapkan rezqi Allah kepada abang..
Untuk mak yang telah berpenat lelah mendewasakan abang..
Untuk mak yang membuatkan abang mengerti hakikat hidup seorang hamba..
Untuk mak yang sentiasa meneguhkan abang..
Untuk mak yang menjadi tempat abang mengadu dan melepaskan kejerihan hidup..
Untuk mak yang mempercayai Maryam mengambil alih tugasan menjaga abang..
Untuk mak yang menerima diri ini seadanya..
Untuk layanan istimewa yang mak yang tidak membezakan aku dari anak-anaknya..
Untuk mak yang selamanya aku dan abang sayang..
Selamat Hari Ibu..
Sesungguhnya kami tidak punya apa-apa untuk diberikan kepada mak
Pada hari yang tersangat istimewa bagi meraikan dirimu..
Melainkan sepotong doa agar kau dianugerahkan kehidupan yang terlalu indah
di syurga nanti..
Salam Sayang dari Maryam & A'thiq


Let the pictures speak.. :)


The bored me..alone for 8 hours in Kuwait Airport huu..

Finally.. I could see the plane...

So long, Kuwait

Akhirnya... Two smiles from ~US~

It was an almost 24 hours journey, including the much-dreaded 9 hours stop in Kuwait.. but the end was more than satisfying..a reunion with my beloved Alhamdulillah :) This time we chose Kuwait Airways explained by the cheap price. The service was not bad, except that I was unable to consume the Kuawait-y meal, despite being an unpicky person in term of food... The plane was not congested, and I managed to have 2 seats to myself.

I'm still exhausted and defeated to the jet-lag, but as memories tend to drift away, I make a bright point to immortalize something here

When I looked at abang for the first time in real in 3 months.. I couldn't help myself but to comment every single thing..knape rambut abg x ok, knape abg kurus, itu kasut yg abg kata abg beli hr tu kan, ni seluar mana sb xpernah tgk sblum ni...etc.. truk betul haha

Once I wrote about an arab sarfis (taxi) man, who was so despicable due to his unislamic way of trying to cheat us on the fare.. we actually met him yesterday, and took a ride in the very same sarfis!! Again, the same horrible ugly scene of him picking up a quarrel with abang..except that the ending was more favourable..he gave in huu. Well probably that is 1 skill that abang learns well here.. how to quarrel efficiently and win handsomely haha.

When we arrived home, it was a happy gift-exchange programme :D gee..but that extended up to our wedding anniversary gifts..which is approximately 1.5 month away huu. Although it was again a failed surprise hehehe.. but it Abang never fails to make me feel happy and appreciated Alhamdulillah :D

I got a laptop..which I named Humaira. It is PINK!! And abang set up a small space for me and mini Humaira hehe. Tp dia bg kerusi kecik je!, which belongs to his housemate. Btw I have to reposition Humaira a bit sebab abang suka intai my laptop screen haha. Thanks abang for the wonderful gift :)

Happy Birthday!

Sisters are made to be together forever....

Happy 22nd birthday my dear Astema' :)