Kalau 70 boleh?? Me: Gulpp~

Abang: Kalau 70 orang boleh ke?

Me: Mmm.. ramainya...!!!??**%?!!!
Abang: Satu bangunan ni and batch abang
Me: Uhuuuu.... try la.. (T_T)

The trend of MALAYSIANS living in Jordan (or at least Abang's friends in Jordan) is anybody celebrating his birthday should throw out a party for the rest uhuuu (shudn't the birthday person be celebrated by others???" And an unfortunate event that I am actually here................ Abang requested that I "HELP" him to cook something instead of their usual treat at the Popeye Chicken & Biscuits (a fast food outlet that they frequent I guess).
So we decided on a date, and made a rough plan. Abang insisted that we make baked potatoes, farfalle, coleslaw and Nasi Maqlubah (ape cerita jemput me dari Malaysia to prepare an arabic meal???)
That particular morning, abang skipped his ward round, and we went to KAUH instead to settle some matters related to my elective posting...

One of the sceneries that I manage to appreciate on my way to..and back from the hospital.. ARAB BADWI!!! Truly I've never expected that they still exist huu..
Me in front of King Abdullah University Hospital which is attahed to Jordan University of Science and Technology.. By the word 'attached', I really mean they are attached physically :)
Still in the hospital, deciding to go back early do some shopping for the planned makan2

We went to Balad, and here was abang with his big notebook! I told him repeatedly [REPEATEDLY sampai berbuih2 mulut] to tear off the page that contained our shopping list..but he refused! Kelihatanlah seperti student yang tersesat di pasar.

Us in one of the stalls, selling big fruits and veges. The size of this cabbage was approximately twice the sice of my face. The size of a an egg-plant can be up to the size of a football haha

Abang in another stall.. I can tell you, buying 7 chickens, 8kg of potatoes, 2 big cabbages, a big plastic bag of carrots, another big plastic bag of egg-plant, onions, garlics and more.. isn't 1 happy thing to do. They are HEAVY! Next we went to a new shopping complex, C-Town (they claim that household things are cheaper there). By the time we arrived home, it was 4.30pm GOSH!

Problems came one after another. 1st I complaint of inadequate utensils, forcing abang to borrow from his neighbours. I needed a big pot to cook the rice, and a neighbour lent his..which was leaking, and repaired by putting a plaster (Handiplast to be specific! Forgot to take a pic of that one) I wasn't very convinced though, probably a suture would be better~ Then we borrowed an electric blender from another neighbour, threatened to blow we had to borrow another blender. Time was running out, and abang being a good helper (who actually cut his hand when I requested for his help to wedge the potatoes, cut his hand for the second time when he tried to peel the garlic), in the end I knew I had to deal with the palpitation practically ALONE. Don't get me wrong though..he was more than eager to help.. a good runner boy indeed hehe running to the nearby grocery store more than once.. P/s I forgot to mention that abang tried baking chocolate cake (kesian betul birthday boy kena bake cake sndiri huu) tapi tak jadi pulak.. Never mind I''ll try to bake another one for your groupmates k (huu asyik mintak je nak kek nak bg groupmates dia huu)

Precisely at 10pm..abang's friends came to fetch the food. Farfalle was all mushed up (ni abang yg hancurkan k sewaktu dia nak gaul2 hehe), didn't manage to make coleslaw and 1 of the rice (cooked 2 pots of rice, 9kg in total) was not perfectly cooked (ada jelatah sket2), so we decided to finish cooking it the next day. All in all everything was okay, I took my bath and had a good night sleep while Abang enjoyed the food downstair.

The next day, the I had my breakfast of nasi maqlubah (which I personally think was quite tasty haha), but in the evening it became rotten. So we threw away the rice, tried to save the chickens and made roasted chicken with black pepper instead, as well as the coleslaw :)

Well that's about all.. an experience indeed, and I'm happy that at least I managed to make something for Abang's birthday hehe. Now..the CaKes....


Nana Farhanna said...

those cabbages look yummyyyy~!!! huge!

'atiqah said...

..terliur baca entri ni..penuh dengan makanan =p

Ummu Ameer said...

hehe yup yummy fana, esp in those coleslaw :p

Hehe tp takde gmba mknn pun, pn 'atiqah :p da penat sgt lepas masak tu sampai x bother nak click2..

huda said...

salam..akak,lawak sgt gmbaq athiq dlm post ni...nk tergelak pn ada..kdang2 nmpak mcm muka afiq n kdng2 nmpak cm abah.nmpk cm afiq sbb pakai kmeja pendek,mcm baju afiq p skolah pastu nampk dahi jendul athiq 2 pn mcm afiq..hahahaha.pastu nmpk cm abah plk sbb cara sikat rmbut sebijik cm abah n dahi sama ngn abah gk..maksudnya abah pn dahi jendul...kahkahkah.semua berketurunan dahi jendul..=)