Susah Susah. Hidup ni susah

Should you feel I complain endlessly, then please oh please do not further your reading of this post. Life in jordan is indeed hard, at least now..why?? Because we perform the Isya' prayer at 9++pm, sleep at around 12am, wake up at 5am. If you think "Wow, that's early", well please don't hesitate to make a 360 degree turn and said "WOW, Subuh Dinasour tu!!!" Sigh, sigh~

My usual way of waking abang up is not by the soft line of "Sayang, bangun tahajjud jom" but in an anxious (of course accompanied by a vigorous body shake), "Abang, BANGUN!!! DAH TERANG!!!!" Sigh, sigh again~

Subuh is now at 4am. 5.30am is something like 8am in Malaysia huu. And mind you, Subh is inching towards 3.30am.. Tahajjud pukul berapa pula..?

There is 1 line which some people might use but I don't prefer, "I'm just not cut out to wake up early you know. That's why I don't do qiyamullail". Well perhaps that is true since Rasulullah said whoever is unable to wake up early, perform the nawafil prayer before going to bed. That's our case for the time being huhuuu sedihnya~. Just 1 thing, a skill or a kelebihan is something that everybody has to earn. Some people might say, "I'm not cut out to wake up early for Subuh you know" Gulp that sounds so annoying indeed. Everybody has to work hard to gain something you know. Even to attain hidayah, you have to ASK ALLAH for it and do something!!! Takkan nak bertapa tunggu pencerahan agung sampai keikhlasan beribadah menyelinap ke dalam tak?

Life requires mujahadah. MuJAhaDaH. MUJAHADAH!!! Currently feeling so ANNOYED with MYSELF huuu~


TheDreamer said...

Came across ur blog. Enjoy reading it.
Agree with u, If u want something u have to work hard towards it. iA with every hard work, it will be duly rewarded indeed.

Nway, here in Japan, the time is far harder than in Jordan. Isyak about 9 n Subuh is at 2 rite now. N its going to get earlier during the summer.


fatnulhani said...


k.maryam,i've to say dat i'm happy reading your blog..hehe..

salam perkenalan dr fatin.

well,same goes to myself till now is having dificulty to manage my schedule constantly.

Isyak here around 9.15pm,Subuh 4.20am.usually,after kuliah and clinic,i'll go home and take a nap.tapi selalu je napping tu terkandas smpai Asar..haha..penat punya pasal..

so,skrg ni,i just stay up all night long,after Isyak,i'll sleep a little bit then i wake up to continue my study..sampai Subuh..after Subuh plak,siap2 nk p clinic awal2 pagi..

so tense though..hehe..but,this is life!mujahadah! 'nak seribu daya,tak hendak seribu dalih"

pray for me-i'll have final year examination for 4th year this 12/6..dah tak lama,keep busy preparing for Ophthal end posting exam that will be on 1/6..

pray for me..

salam perkenalan,