27th May

On this very date, few years back when I was still semi fresh in 1st year (2 years of matriculation didn't make me all that fresh), I made a big decision in life- choosing a boat which I can ride for as long as it continues to move on.. I paid the expensive fee of a lifelong commitment, I gave the assurance to make a sacred vow which merges 2 hearts into 1, I dared myself to brave every single challenge that would come.. and 2 families met, to witness such humble union.. and I was engaged to an honourable man, Muhammad al-'Athiq Marzuki..

I am entering 5th year, delighting the years that had unnoticeably passed by, the years that captured our smiles and tears, the anxious period playing a game of tug-of-war (or it was me tugging alone huu), we managed to convince ourself that 2 are definitely better than 1.

All praises be to Allah, who have granted our wish to be together, and who have created the aromatic joy in the air that we breathe, and who have allowed us to cherish each other's love...

It was the anniversary of our engagement. And a diamond gold ring will always convince us that everything wasn't just a dream..

27th May 2010 was spent in the territory of Dead Sea, Jordan :)

Praises be to Allah.

Wife of Muhammad al-'Athiq Marzuki,
Maryam al-Batul Azizuddin

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