I know what you did last night!!

I dont write much because I start to write in a private blog. (By the word private, it is not even accessible to abang hehe)
I write this because I have nothing better to do...for the time being... I write this because it is abang's suggestion.. I write this because abang is sleeping soundly.. and I guess the only purpose of his suggestion is to avoid having me pestering his sleep.. He is having a transformation of diurnal-nocturnal bedtime.. staying up in the night to study, perform his Subuh and sleep aferward. Seriously I have nothing to do other than to spend my time with him here.. My life is not in Jordan.. I can't go out anytime I like because I am simply at a severe loss without abang, I don't have leisure activities here, because I think the Jordanians don't bother having any leisure activity probably.
I remember when I asked abang one day, "Abang, is there any park around where we can jog or take a walk? I'm feeling sick of walking along syari' jamiah staring at the shops"
Abang laughed. "Ni bukan Malaysia, sayang"
"Abang, kat sini ada swimming pool for ladies tak?"
"Entahlah, abang pun tak tahu"
"Abang, jom keluar. Boring la duduk dalam rumah je."
"Ok, ayang pilih nak g mana. Irbid Mall, Arabella Mall?"
"Em takpelah, kita duduk rumah je lah..."
Suffocation. I wonder do the Jordanians ever think of having a place to relax and enjoy the beauties of Allah's creations?
The best thing that I can think of now is to have a nice picnic by the lakeside of JUST -ahakss- or take a walk in Yarmouk university while pretending that the colourful rubbishes in their gardens are variants of flowers.
Jordan is such a congested place..with buildings, decorated by dust. It is in the dessert, no wonder the dusts.
Now I can just imagine if I ask abang, "Abang jom kita g laut" he'll answer "Jom, tapi laut matilah" or "Ada tempat lain tak?" "Petra" and I will definitely sheepishly answer back "Hmm takpelah...." hehe

The other day we went to the ******* clinic as abang had to take his 3rd hepatitis injection. We then proceeded to the dentist hehe (I mentioned before that Abang had gingivitis, he was then diagnosed with pericoronitis). But I shouldn't elaborate more on the dental abang will surely ban me from blogging should I do that (hint: I got the experience of bringing my son to the dentist in the future- urging mommy to cancel the appointment!!) but it was not a wonderful experience in the clinic either. Imagine that we were told to go from 1 room to another, just like playing a game of passing ball!!! Just to get the injection. Finally after shifting for approximately 10 times probably between 4 rooms located in 3 different levels, abang started to raise his voice in frustration. Finally we went to the pharmacy (in the level 2 of the clinic), given a vial of Hepatitis B vaccine and told to bring it to ground floor to get the injection. I might as well said, "Give me a syringe and a needle and let me inject it to my husband myself"

Worst was when we went to the pharmacy.. the pharmacist wearing a white coat, sat a table, with a cup of caffeine-loaded coffee (I'm trying to picture a very irritating scenario huh), SMOKING!!! It was no different from a pantry or in a congested reataurant of a bed-and breakfast cheap inn full of long-distance truck drivers you know (not that I'm condemning truck drivers) Disposing the smoke to the shelves of medications! Not that I'm saying that it will affect the medication in anyway... but please at least behave in front of the patients!!! I started to be annoyed but abang said "This is Jordan"

Enough of the rumbling hehe... well maybe it's time to 'wake' him up.. :p Kesian pulak tgk dia lena.. I wonder apalah yg dia slalu buat malam2 while I'm fast asleep. 2 days ago, when I woke up..bergelimpangan bangkai lipas di dapur.. rupa2nya dia buat operasi membasmi lipas. Hari ni ternampak selonggok habuk and a nearby broomstick..dia menyapu dapur pulak tgh2 malam hehe. Abang, I know what you did last night!


dR dReamLoVeR said...

sakan paradise ada swimming pool.
1 JD sejam.

aliaa said...

De je sakan2 yg ade swimming pool utk ladies, kene bayarla.

Haha, bosan..bosan u can ask me, I'd love to go...(If i'm free though huuuuu)

Currently stuffing my head with UGS and loving it!

*p/s: I thought i'm the only one who's having the 'malam=siang and siang=malam' syndrome...guess i'm not alone huh

p/ss: Akak jgn terkejut, doktor kat jamiah pon smoking tau...He kept telling us, smoking is not good, the effect of smoking etc but in the end, you'll find him in his office and smoke..pfftt

yellowrose said...

kak siannye lahai..irbid nih bukan semate2 arabella & irbid mall la..hehehe....banyak sakan ade swimmingpool khas utk pompuan!hehe
-Sakan Houston
-Sakan paradise..

dan sbnanye kat irbid nih byk Hadiqah=park,taman.

naek teksi cakap nk pegi Hadiqah Tareq,baya 1JD
Hadiqah Tunis
Hadiqah Zahra'

tp jgn pergi hari jummat petang..ramai giler orang..g la pg jumaat atau weekdays.hehehe

kalo nk dok2 tepi tasek lagi
g Wadi Arab Sad..
tak jauh sgt .g mujamma aghwar jadid,pastuh naek bas g shuna shimaliah,baya dalam 40qursh jek..cakap kat pacek bas nak g wadi arab sad,nanti turun kat 1 tempat name murshid,jalan kaki ke dalam turun bawah.cantek sgt tmpt tuh..die mcm tasik empangan..

kalo boring2 sgt saye bleyh bwk jln2 anytime!hehe

Ummu Ameer said...

JAZAKUMULLAH!!!!! bila athiq baca comment2 ni, he said, "Manalah abang tahu tempat2 camni, sebab org perempuan je suka g tmpt2 cmni (@_@) HAIHHHHHH. Really appreciate those TIPS hehe. jom jalan2 :D

@aliaa..sila la beringt yg anda akan berekzem ok :P

aliaa said...