Bajeh :D

Alhamdulillah today marks the finish line of my 2nd week in Jordan. My version of elective isn't much a ward posting hehe. I went to the hospital for only a day in the 1st week as we were unable to find the secretary to help me to settle down. Second week could be summarized as 2/5 of attendance hehe again. Well it has nothing obvious to do with lazy (of course it's got a lazy-istic tint which isn't that obvious to anybody other than abang). I went there on Sunday (and got back early to prepare for Abang's Birthday celebration), was told not to come on Monday and Tuesday as all the specialists were busy with the residency exam, came back on Wednesday, managed to clerk a case of SLE and join a very interesting round in the CCU and learn to interpret ECG, went to meet the secretary again and was told not to come on Thursday as again they were having the residency exam. The whole next week will be the final year exam (something like our Professional exam) and now I'm thinking of whether I should you-know act hardworking and volunteer to go to the ward or just reveal my true colours and stay at home haha.

1 thing, I already got my bajeh!! (Hospital ID/ badge) [all smiles]

Today is abang's last day of class. He'll be having a revision week before the IM exam, followed by another revision week before the final exam, combining all the 4th year postings (IM, Paeds & Surg). and me? The boredom is mounting and threatening to reach the limit. Serious tersgt bosan when abang keeps looking at his lethal stack of notes and deciding how can he finsih them up in time.. (and sometimes deciding which ones can be sacrificed and pretend as if they don't exist at all uh-uh). I help him by not being a nuisance..indeed me having an REM sleep during all his study hours is a big help I guess :p I'm still in the holiday mood, refusing to give my best in the ward postings..and in self-studying at home. Elective has its own downside- nurturing a couch potato. With the still-cold weather, hibernating seems to be the best option. I still put on my wooly socks, and use the water heater for my bath. Not feeling myself, thanks to the big oral ulcer. So is abang with the gingivitis secondary to impacted molar tooth.. never mind, an expiation of sin insyaAllah :)

I rarely get the chance to update the blog.. or is it because of the lazy thing [GROAN again]. Obviously abang is not around now thus the new post :p. I'm really moody for no apparent reason, it's the hormonal thing I guess. Abang is now in the mosque, performing his Isya' prayer, but it's hard to let him go even for a split second... how horrible does that sound.. him going to the mosque make me cry.. obviously not something that sprout from happiness. Don't get me wrong though... [sedih.. knape takde mujahadah langsung???]

Finished watching Cinta Sempurna (a movie by Ust Hasrizal- I mean his novel). Have to admit the quality is not that good, but the message in the story is far better than other movies. [walaupun menonton dengan penuh emosi sehingga abang terpkasa pause2 kan cerita demi memberi ruang utk bertenang huuu]

A human is 1 creature that never fails to be ungraceful to Allah.... me already missing home and family...Thinking of how can I have both (them and abang) simultaneously.... not possible for the time being... :(

Congratulations to those new mommies and daddies.. including Nadiah and Izani :) Happy for them.. Next..wani in the line hehe. Be super muslim mums and dads k, to produce super muslim kids insyaAllah :) Abang & Me- talking about babies a lot these days.. bila la nak ada rezqi ye..[smile]. There was one day when he woke up from sleep and said
"Abang mimpi kita dpt baby"
Me: Baby apa?
Abang: Boy
Me: [all smile] hehe
Then the next day I woke up from sleep and said
"Ayang mimpi dpt baby"
Abang: Baby apa?
Me: girl
Hahaha sesungguhnya ini bukanlah tanda kenabian iaitu mimpi yg benar. totally unreliable geee. And the famous household question (practically asked every day): Bila nak buat pregnancy test?
Hehehe sesungguhnya kami mcm org yg sgt kemaruk nak baby, funny :p


Anonymous said...

ukhtie,jangan letak harapan tinggi melambung.doa banyak taw.kalau seronok sangat takut tak peroleh apa yang dihajat kan,kecewa.ALLAH tahu la kerja Dia.

Ummu Ameer said...

ok, jzkk utk pringtn tu :)

nadiah said...

thanks maryam.InsyaALLAH turn maryam utk rasa nikmat tu akn tiba..bykkan b'doa =) moga maryam cpt2 mengandung..ameen!

asma' said...

as your gedik friend- gooo maryam! hahaha

Hazwani said...

a girl and a boy..dizygotic twin? ;p

Ummu Ameer said...

nadiah: ameen :)
asma': dear asma' what kind of go was that? need some clarification 'ere hehe (>_<)
hazwani: wani, tangkap gambar tummy tgh besar okei, letak lam blog hehe :) few days je lg insyaallah.... dup dap dup dap