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Farfalle salad
Baked potatoes

The other day abang beli banyak Strawberry, tapi MASAM!! I didn't know what to do with em, so I made an omelette for abang, and put the strawberries of course not for the taste but for the look hehe. And I laughed out loud (LOL) alone in the kitchen for I felt like preparing a meal for a small kid hehe.


Alhamdulillah today is my 1st day of elective..1st day in the medical wards of King Abdullah University Hospital..1st day of trying to make sense of the 'foreign' language, my 1st day travelling alone to King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH) by public transport hehe, 1st day of being independent and make use of any arabic words that manage to come to mind whenever people tries to make a meaningful conversation with me huuu.. 1 of the things that I am afraid of is..that I'll use some fusaha' words and people will laugh. Well nobody say "Aina?" instead they say "Wein?", confusing me with the word "When?". Instead of using "Qobla", they say something like "Gable". Or "How much?" isn't translated as "kam?" but rather "adish?" which initially confused me with "A dish??" The thing is Q is pronounced as G huu and the language is all hay wire hehe. Thanks to few akhawat whom I joined in clerking the patients..

Feeling a lil palpitated, for I have for so long left the wards!! Well, one doesn't really take patient's history in clinics :p But am determined to make good use of the posting, though I have to admit that I [again] bcome the winner of sleep marathons. Huu, abang is quite busy with revision, in view of the final exam which is just around the corner.. and I busy myself with dreams gee. Abang study, aku tidur. Ini disebabkan I still sleep according to Malaysian bed time. Abang tidur, aku tmankan abang tidur pulak. End up getting severe headache. Just lucky that I got to be in the hospital although for 3 hours per day only.

We don't go out much aside the hospital. I don't want to disturb abang that much until after he is all done with the exam.. but at times I just beg him to take me out for a walk. And he insisted that we eat the ice cream that he loves to buy, the shumam (honey dew) juice from a juice shop that he really loves.. abang, abang.. (geleng2 kepala). 1 thing, I really should watch out for my weight that is rapidly increasing huu.. maybe I should cut down on the carbs and meat hmm ~sigh~

The other day I promised to upload the pics for Kakak after our 'frustrating' conversation lingering around, "What do you cook for your husband? I don't know what to cook for mine!!!" ..something that I prepared for Athiq.. There was 1 day when I made Nasi Briyani..too much that abang had to eat it for dinner, for breakfast the next day and the following lunch haha. So I then tried something different (plus my 1st time of making kuih kasturi as abang really loves that kuih!!)

Chilled Farfalle salad:
Simple je. Boil the farfalle. Do not overboil it. Then cut some tomatoes, cucumber and anything that you like. Gaulkan with the farfalle, add olive oil. Then just put in any herbs that you feel like putting in- basil leaves, oregano or anything. Put in the fridge :) I don't though.. rumah abang still sejuk lg huu

Baked potatoes
Cut the potatoes into wedges. Mince 2 cloves of garlic (for 3 large potatoes), gaulkan with the potatoes, oil and water. Add in black pepper, salt (I added Italian mixed herbs). Wrap them up in aluminium foil, bake in the oven at 200C for 1 hour.

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Nadhirah Ahmad said...

dip strwberries with lil bit of salt. it will taste sweet.