Let the pictures speak.. :)


The bored me..alone for 8 hours in Kuwait Airport huu..

Finally.. I could see the plane...

So long, Kuwait

Akhirnya... Two smiles from ~US~

It was an almost 24 hours journey, including the much-dreaded 9 hours stop in Kuwait.. but the end was more than satisfying..a reunion with my beloved Alhamdulillah :) This time we chose Kuwait Airways explained by the cheap price. The service was not bad, except that I was unable to consume the Kuawait-y meal, despite being an unpicky person in term of food... The plane was not congested, and I managed to have 2 seats to myself.

I'm still exhausted and defeated to the jet-lag, but as memories tend to drift away, I make a bright point to immortalize something here

When I looked at abang for the first time in real in 3 months.. I couldn't help myself but to comment every single thing..knape rambut abg x ok, knape abg kurus, itu kasut yg abg kata abg beli hr tu kan, ni seluar mana sb xpernah tgk sblum ni...etc.. truk betul haha

Once I wrote about an arab sarfis (taxi) man, who was so despicable due to his unislamic way of trying to cheat us on the fare.. we actually met him yesterday, and took a ride in the very same sarfis!! Again, the same horrible ugly scene of him picking up a quarrel with abang..except that the ending was more favourable..he gave in huu. Well probably that is 1 skill that abang learns well here.. how to quarrel efficiently and win handsomely haha.

When we arrived home, it was a happy gift-exchange programme :D gee..but that extended up to our wedding anniversary gifts..which is approximately 1.5 month away huu. Although it was again a failed surprise hehehe.. but it Abang never fails to make me feel happy and appreciated Alhamdulillah :D

I got a laptop..which I named Humaira. It is PINK!! And abang set up a small space for me and mini Humaira hehe. Tp dia bg kerusi kecik je!, which belongs to his housemate. Btw I have to reposition Humaira a bit sebab abang suka intai my laptop screen haha. Thanks abang for the wonderful gift :)

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'atiqah said...

bestnye maryam dapat hadiah =) jauh2 datang dari malaysia, ada pula hadiah yang menanti..terubat rindu =)