Finishing O&G

Alhamdulillah i've reached the finishing line, only the logbook is waiting to be filled up. I  get 9 days of end posting holiday, and currently enjoying it to the most before I start tagging again.. Its weird to think that i'm entering my 2nd year of housemanship, as it feels like yesterday when i was a lumpy 1st poster in Orthopaedic. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm still lumpy but probably a little bit better :p I hope I go to surgery after this.

Things was a bit stressful lately. Housemen are 'scanty' here in Hosp Sg Buloh. I think they initially decided to revert to the old system when they didn't have housemen, so they stopped the intake, but things started to get out of control when the existing housemen are 'dying', which make them requesting for houseman from KKM again.. haihhh... i hope a big bunch of HO will arrive soon.

I'm a doctor, but most of the time I cant understand the nature of abang's work... or I refuse to  understand :( I keep asking him, why do I go back at 7am the next day when I'm on PM shift, and why do you go back at 5pm?? Or why do I go back @ 5pm when I'm on AM shift, and why do you go back @ 1am??
Why?? Why?? Why do you come home and straightaway going to sleep without taking your bath? I was obviously blind to see that Mr Husband came home half dead huhuu. Abang was defintitely trying his best to be cool despite feeling very tired coming home to an emotional wife hehehe. I call him non stop, crying on the phone whenever he is doing his oncall. The house feels very lonely without him, I guess that is how much abang means to me ;p

So after a prolonged period of depression, coincidental with my first day of holiday, I decided that I need to take a break. A good break. I went out with Asma' to this one salon in Sek 7 Shah Alam, exclusively for muslimah. Guess what? I spent 5 hours there, and a a big chunk of my salary pampering myself and I came home with ammonium smell, and a strict rule not to have a hairwash for 3 DAYS but abang still smile and kept teasing me with regard to the new look ;p

We then bought dresses and the next day I indulge myself in buying makeups and what not haihh. And still plan to go shopping with Ummi tomorrow!

Today I have a new dream: to send Faheem to this school---> Darul Huffaz. way more expensive than his current school, semoga Allah murahkan rezeki Ameer Faheem.. And people keep asking me, :"When will the next one arrive??" My answer would be... when both of us are ready insyaAllah :)

At the end of the day, Maryam al batul will always be the old same Maryam al batul... It's only my third day and I've started to feel guilty to leave the book untouched hehe. Back to business as usual. Cant wait for abng to start his 1-week hol in 2 days time!