Faheem will turn 3 (months) in 4 days time insyaAllah. His 2nd month is significant indeed, when he is diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis and Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM). Hey, the gene is playing its role very well indeed. I guess it's hard to escape a strong family history of atopy (allergy). Considered strong when each of us gets a fair share. Asthma, eczema, allergic rhinitis, just name them. Even amoi piyah has eczema huuu. It started with fever a day after the trip to Tampoi (a week ago) + EXTREMELY POOR oral intake. He refused feeding. At times, he can easily sleep for 6 to 7 hours straight without waking up for milk in between huu. After that long duration of sleep, usually he will drink at most 3oz (as opposed to before, when he could drink 4oz every 2 hours huu) The condition continued for 1 week, and out of my own paranoia perhaps, I kinda noticed that his body became thinner. That really made me feel worried :( The fever settled down on the second day but he continued to be very irritable, crying etc. I brought him to a private clinic (which I really dislike. Sorry for the personal opinion, but I very rarely feel satisfied with their management huu), he was given a nasal decongestant. I don't use it anyway because it shouldn't be used frequently and I know that Ameer Faheem has been having this problem of rhinitis & blocked nose every single day since he was 3 weeks old, and it will continue on, what's the point of using the decongestant for few days??

Then 2 days later (which was yesterday), we noticed the suppurative right ear discharge (pus). Quite copioius that it stained his pillow huu.
That very morning, I made an appointment with a lecturer (an Ear Nose Throat surgeon who is well versed in the subject of allergy), he agreed to meet Faheem the next morning. I went to his clinic. He gave Faheem ear drop (Sofradex), and then I contacted another lecturer (a respiratory paediatrician) asking for his kind consideration to manage Faheem's case as well. ok,I admit, I worry excessively :( He was started on Augmentin (antibiotic). I guess that's the 3rd course of antibiotic for our Ameer Faheem, after gentamycin and another which I can't remember. Today I notice that his appetite is better, he can drink 3 oz of milk 3 hourly, that is at least providing me some relief.. And his next immunization will be on Tuesday next week inshaAllah. Oh btw, Ameer Faheem has started wearing 6-month old sized clothes :D why?? Because the smaller ones expose his 'boroi' tummy. Fullstop. Ameer Faheem really talks much nowadays, at least that is 1 trait that he takes after the dad. Abang sila jangan marah, everybody says he looks like me!!!

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Ainul Arina Madhiah said...

lepas baca entry ni baru terfikir, itulah bestnya kalau mak student medik. payah2 sangat nak jumpa doktor yang bagus kat klinik biasa, pergi je jumpa lecturer sendiri.. kan?kan? betterlah idea ni! ;p