Daytime somnolence

I don't know what's wrong with me (obviously I'm lying) I know exactly what's not right. Class started at 2. I signed the attendance sheet and at 2.30 I dozed off in the surau for 2 hours!I just couldn't control. And that very morning, i dozed off in the class :( And nope, Ameer Faheem is not the culprit, because he sleeps for 12 hours straight during the night without bothering me a bit. Well if you sleep for 6 hours with more than 10 times of sleep interruption in between + nightmares, you would experience the same degree of daytime somnolence as I do huhuuuu. And oh, it's not a new thing :p I've been tolerating it for years except that it waxes and wanes.. and probably this time around is one of the exacerbation.

Alhamdulillah the third one has just been engaged :D wedding bells will ring in no time insyaAllah, and I'm looking forward to it. Well, here's the latest pic of Ameer Faheem and Mummy, on that memorable day. Alhamdulillah Ameer Faheem is growing up like a champion, and I just can't wait to bring him to meet the dad! Next week will be my final exam, followed by another final exam 2 weeks later (final exam is such an insignificant thing in a medical student's life huhu now that there are so many final exams!)

Piyah has just returned from London, and Ameer Faheem got his share of presents and souvenirs! Obviously Mummy is far more excited than him hehe.

Ameer Faheem loves lights (and that worsens the prognosis of my Medical Student Syndrome). I keep thinking of a diagnosis. Ameer Faheem grows too fast (another thing which worsens my MSS). I think of another diagnosis. O Allah, may Ameer Faheem grows normally, as normal as he can be. Ameen

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