Impending break till pro :D

This will probably be my last entry before the professional exam. And probably will be the last entry before ameer faheem turns 4. oh in addition to his rolling over capability, ameer faheem has started moving forward, sometimes haha. Once i was in the toilet, he was lying on his mattress, i heard some noises and hey when i came out of the toilet, he was approaching the bedroom door! However at other times he is very static as if what happened earlier was just an accident out of rebelliosity perhaps haha (he HATES being left alone) Ameer faheem is 3.5 months alhamdulillah. He got the second attack of CSOM last week :( Sometimes changes make me feel nervous.. that's the case when I think faheem looks thinner yet taller.. My theory part of psy exam was yesterday, and the clinical part will be tomorrow, and after that i'm going home for quite some time yeay! Not having any formal class is really unbelievable, well it has been 7 years since IIUM and me have walked together gee~

Ameer Faheem will be staying with his Ummi Astem while I sit for my pro exam.. for a week inshaAllah. The impact of separation will be harder on me, rather than him probably. And surely Ummi Astem will have a hard time managing my little boy! Super clingy adorable creature indeed :p

Do pray for our success...

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