Abang, today is 15th May 2011!

I woke up and threw a glance at the handphone screen. 15.05.2011. Ameer Faheem started crying for his milk. I picked him up, put on my lap and said to him, "Today daddy turns 26!" Tears started to roll down the cheek. Oh how I miss him.. my everything whom I haven't met for almost 4 months. "I really miss daddy, do you miss him too?" the usual question I give to Ameer Faheem. He would just blink his eyes, continue feeding.. understanding nothing perhaps :)

Hari2 usia abang bertambah, tapi pada tarikh ni, 26 tahun yang lalu, mak berjuang untuk lahirkan abang ke dunia.. something that you and i can only appreciate after the birth of ameer faheem probably.. at the age of 26, you have a wife who really loves you, a cute and brainy little hero who makes you feel happy, a big responsibility as a husband and a dad which matures you in so many ways. alhamdulillah for His uncountable bounty! We really can't wait to meet you, abang :D


Khairunnisa' said...


Sweet rasa cinta selepas kwen ye. Kuatkan semangt. for baby and for your husband. I'm always following your blog :)

Salam ukhwah :)

Ummu Ameer said...

thanks khairunnisa' :) really need some motivational words now!

M. said...


Alhamdulillah :)

Such an early age, but very matured enough for both of you, akak :)

Semoga sentiasa kekal mencari cinta ilahi dalam hubungan perkahwinan itu.