Faheem demam huu :(

Baru nak update blog, sementara wani tinggalkan modem, suddenly Faheem menangis macam kena derai alahai (sambil buat muka cebik tahap super saiya).. :p We just got back from Johor, an educational trip to Hospital Permai. Faheem demam, for the second time. Last time abang was around (when he was warded in PPUM), but now I'm alone in handling him. I learn new things. I learn to worry of his condition, I learn the difficulty in making him swallow his medicine huu, and I learn that sleep is actually a luxury for a mummy hehe.. and I take a day off because I am not feeling well myself huu. Probably the long journey was too much for him, but my dear Faheem, our coming trip to Jordan will be much much much longer and tiring huhuu. Arrived at around 11pm yesterday and was hoping to get a good night sleep and wake up fresh the next day. But Faheem cried almost the whole night, he was irritable. Tak sampai hati tengok dia menangis, maka akan dukung dia. Really if I am not careful enough I will end up spoiling my little boy huu. If things get out of control, I usually will sms abang and say something like "Abang, Faheem asyik nangis je. Bukan dia lapar pun. Ayang nak tido" eventhough I knew there's nothing that abang could do. Nope, I was wrong. Abang reminded me of our responsibility as a parent.. terinsaf sekejap huu. since yesterday Ameer Faheem refuses his milk. Well he actually drank a quarter of the normal daily amount (40oz/day). I am worried and keep offering him his milk. Alhamdulillah so far he has drank 18oz till 5pm :) I brought him to a clinic and had to pay RM30 for a small bottle of nasal decongestant!!! Mencekik darah betul huuu :( In the clinic I met a friendly kakak who is pregnant with her 5th child. she said "Nanti awak akan jumpa macam2 penyakit kat anak2 ni. Memang macam2. Akak dah pengalaman anak lima." I replied "Memang pun, macam mak saya. Dah jadi doktor pakar, nak prescribe ubat pun dah terror hehe" Hari ni Faheem buat aksi ntahape2 which is.. aksi senyum malu2 kat auntie wani haha. senyum malu meow meow (wani, 2011) ehemm dah pandai ngade la faheem ni hehe! Avolition: no motivation/ drive to do anything. Well that's me for now I guess :( Dah malas nak baca buku, nak g jordan jumpa abang, and nak ganti tido and I want to be away away away from Kuantan for the whole of my life huuu


Zaza said...

faheem! get well soon. akak pon sekali. chayok! ltak la gamba faheem. nak tgk..

saye ni silence reader.
baru hari ni terdetik nak tulis comment.
hik hik hik

zainurul said...

love to read ur blog..faheem ur so cute :)

p/s: im silent reader too :)