Faheemical updates 2 months old for abang :D

Em tak bored ke baca blog ni semua pasal Faheem huu, anyway it was all about us before Faheem arrived, and it was all about me before we got married haha. It's an open diary, an open diary :)

So Faheem at 2 months old, he was able to roll over a day before he turned 2 (2 months hehe). I was lying on the bed, well some 30 cm apart from him. He was (as usual) complaining and being grumpy haha, I was too tired to care so I just let him be. His theme is always the same- milk milk and milk, and when I lie with him, the demand goes 1 step higher- breastMILK. It was Friday evening by the way, Wani and Rayyan had departed to Terengganu, and I was feeling kinda lazy and relaxed, the weekend feeling :) He became restless with time, my eyes were closed, and suddenly he became quiet. I wondered why and looked at him, and hey presto! He was in a prone (meniarap) position besides me :D He was quiet because I think he was surprised and confused as how he came into that position hahaha. I was so excited and happy and shock. So I put him in a supine position again, just to make sure whether it was an accident or whether it was a result of his own effort. He cried (shouted at the top of his lung) again, and I had to keep reminding him by saying something like "Faheem ni bising, semua jiran dengar. Nanti both of us akan malu tau". After a period of hardship, he rolled over again Alhamdulillah. My first reaction was to sms abang and ummi (the 2 persons that I contact most I guess hehe) and wani, updating them. Then I took out the camera and recorded it. Well when he was 'bersusah payah' trying to roll over, I actually held my breath (I was nervous huu) and kept praying "O Allah, please let this be easy for him". Meniarap je pun...

On Monday we went for checkup, he weighed 5.4kg, and measured 58cm in length Alhamdulillah. he has actually doubled his birthweight at 2 months old! What more could I say other than Alhamdulillah.

He now has social smile. He smiles especially after bath, when he's in a good mood (an able for a while to forget about his milk). He's not generous in smiling actually huu.

And 1 new thing, abang, Faheem hates his car seat! He throws tantrum each time he is placed in it which equals to every morning (when I go to the Hosp) and every evening (when I go back home). He hates traffic lights obviously because his crying become more intense each time I stop the car and wait for the greenlight huu and I have to drive single handedly because the only way to stop his crying is by giving him his milk, (and I have to hold his bottle with my left hand). Luckily it is an automatic car, although the signal lever which is on the left side (as opposed to normal car) is giving me trouble.

Faheem sleeps much much much less. He cries everytime abang call (probably he just can't stand looking at me talking on the phone), and so I have to pretend talking to abang as if I'm in a construction site with all the noise pollution huu and many a times I just give up. well, that's it for the 2nd month update, I'll try to rite his 3rd month update later insyaAllah

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