Baby Butiq

Piyah baru bangun tido..
oopss piyah semakin hampir sambil membawa tasbih dia..

Piyah attacked Faheem's pacifier and tried to snatch it away!! And faheem tried to defend- well that's the only thing he is able to do besides 'shoo'ing piyah away with his broken-engine+screeching-tyres sound haha

Faheem terpaksa jaga puting dia from further attack haha

An announcement to be made ~again! Once I created a blog to sell jubah etc. It was not mine. It was somebody else's and I was just helping out. But now, I have my own (read: shared) online business alhamdulillah. We have just created the blog yesterday- me and kakak (ummi opted to join the biz by pumping in few ringgits haha). It's for babies and mothers who are obsess to dress up their little ones + obsessed with internet shopping- just like me huhuu.

The idea was realized very fast. One day, we decided to start an online baby boutique. The next day we went to get some stocks and carried out few photography sessions. And the next day we created the blog and pheww went online. In conclusion, the idea started 3 days ago hahaha. For the time being kakak will be the one managing it until after my pro insyaAllah
It was such a scene bringing 2 infants to do stock-shopping! We strapped on the 2 car seats in the back of a red Kelisa, Piyah cried almost throughout the journey but alhamdulillah Faheem's sleep was undisturbed. One was carried by kakak in a baby sling, one was pushed in a stroller by me (piyah of course as she was the heavier one). Obviously she complaint when I stopped moving haih. Lepastu jealous pulak tengok mama dukung baby lain, menangis2 nak keluar dari stroller haissy.

I'm not going to promote anything in this personal space of mine, but the link is there. So happy shopping and make us rich! hehe kidding~

As for now, the tale of the two kids. Piyah has a newfound hobby which is not advisable for anybody- membuli golongan yang lemah (read: faheem) by taking his pacifier away! Yang paling tak tahan, she even climbed onto the bouncer purposely to snatch the pacifier away when faheem was using it and sleeping! Comel pulak tgk piyah hehe.

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