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mummy's & faheem's. because i just can't wait to meet abang!

I am on holiday which I self declare finishes today! I don't have much time left. Exam was bad, expecting an F (again huarghhh!!) and I feel guilty. Obtaining a P (pass) is not good this time around as I skipped almost half of the posting hehe. Hoping for an F that would push my motivation further T_T. Next posting will start in a week time, but as everybody else is busy studying, why shouldn't I? Less than 80 days before the final pro.

And today I should put a definite full stop to my spending spree. Well it was for necessary things actually and glad to say that most of them belong to my dear little one. Been busy packing these last few days. Mummy just can't wait to meet the dad! And oh, perhaps 'packing' isn't adequate a word to describe everything, because i have actually laid out our attire to be worn on the departure date haha. That reflects how laboriously I miss abang!

A house is called a full house with 2 kids in it. Momoi piyah and popoi faheem (at least that is what atuk calls them: momoi and popoi huu) compete for attention. Piyah tido, faheem nanges sampai piyah terbangun. Pastu faheem tido, piyah nanges plak, tp faheem slalu tak bangun pun haha. And piyah suka panjat bouncer waktu faheem tido! Haisyy haisyyy. Piyah tepuk semua benda including faheem's face (read: ala2 kena lempang jugak la) Piyah is indeed an AB- Awek Brutal gee. But when Faheem starts to cry, she turns away as if she sees a ghost- tau pun takut hehe. And one extremely funny thing- piyah refuses her milk but she finishes faheem's left over- on many occasions! Ni memang mengarut and funny :D Well I guess that's it for now. I'm hoping that Faheem would be able to roll over soon :D

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