This pic was taken by a friend during a mag photoshoot. When i look at the pic, i just can sigh at my own memory failure of how small Ameer Faheem was. seriously small. And I have just realized that it has been 2 weeks, entering the 3rd week Abang survives the days without Faheem and me. Time do fly fast when a baby demands one's attention. I admit that many a times Faheem comes first, then only abang. Sometimes I don't even have any energy store left to pick up his phone call, Perhaps that's a good point when I don't cry as much as before. I don;t go online as frequent as before either. I can't depress a smile thinking of the old days. Old in the sense that Faheem was still not around. Every single day I'd wait for abang to finish his class and we would chat for hours. Every single day. And oh how a baby re-tune that frequency into a much lower one hehe.

Yet I have long realized, nothing changes much. I still miss abang as badly as before, except that at times it is masked by lethargy in juggling things in my hands. And I try really hard to update abang on his little one every single day. If only one knows how hard it is for me to upload Faheem's piccies :p I dress up Ameer Faheem in the clothes bought by the dad, it gives me satisfaction.

If only Ameer Faheem can understand, I can talk for hours telling him so many things. Telling him that some people are just born lucky, and I have no doubt he's one of them! Ameer Faheem was born when the issue of dumped babies champion the news. That he was born to a family who loves him much. That his loved ones sacrifice their sleep to listen to his cries when many other babies have their cries go unheard. That he has baskets of clothes when many others are dressed up in plastic bags and thrown away. That he has a dad who is eagerly waiting for his arrival. He has a mum who worries over his nappy rash. And a grandma who is worried if he is not well fed. Ameer Faheem is surrounded by people who sing selawat as lullabies to put him to sleep, a mum who hugs him when he has nightmares, kisses to soothe his anxiety.. really Ameer Faheem you are one lucky person!

May Allah bestowed Ameer Faheem with Iman

May Allah always guide him to His right path.. Ameen


Qarnikuri said...

kalo boleh like mcm blog batch, sure ramai like post2 dlm blog ni

Ummu Ameer said...

ur posts pun apa kurangnya :) seriously hilarious, athiq pun suka sangat baca! this is a private blog which goes public, but i prefer to pretend that it is still private and nobody reads it anyway hehe. kalau letak button like, da takleh nak pretend plak