it's the 2 of us again

well, i guess it's the two of us again, faheem. Abang has returned to Jordan, a mission well accomplished insyaAllah. A plan well carried out indeed, which is not possible without Allah's guidance. Abang came back just in time for the labour, stayed with me when I was adjusting to the responsibility of a new mummy, we pulled through the hard times during the first few days of Faheem's life when he had jaundice and we had to check his bilirubin level every other day, and when Faheem was warded due to fever (he was discharged yesterday). Something to be reminisced forever, when Faheem was warded in PPUM, both of us stayed in the ward, and we shared a single bed haha while Faheem was given a baby cot. The nurse hinted that Abang shouldn't spend the night there, but I refused to understand. It was a paediatric ward, not an O&G ward. That was when I realized that Faheem is such a well behaved baby (despite perangai ngade2 dia yg nak kena dukung sentiasa). There was a baby who I think had colic, and whoa the mother was very patient handling his crying spell which occured I think every 5 to 10 mins.. At least Faheem stops crying when he is being fed.

2 days ago Faheem weighed 3kg. Alhamdulillah. Terubat sket hati mummy yang operating 24 hours as kilang susu Faheem haha. He doesn't look as skinny as before, his skin doesn't wrinkle like before and his double chin is developing hehe.

I might stop writing for the tine being. 4 months is perceived as extra long.. guess that is how long we have to wait before we get to meet abang again, and I have started missing him.. But 4 months definitely is not that long before Professional Exam, and I have to work hard. Do pray for us...


FaDhILaH said...

Have a nice rest sis with your baby...May Allah bless you and your family...^^

Anonymous said...

Salaam, dear Maryam, May Allah bless you all..

i've just went through a hospital accreditation training program, and just to let you know that, actually memang peadiatrics ward tak kasi lelaki masuk. only mothers or female's caregivers allowed. the reason is to prevent any "unwanted events". Penceramah tu kate, just imagine if dlm satu ward, ade lelaki n perempuan all day n night, org yang tak bertanggungjwb ambik kesempatan, build relationship etc, risau in the end hancur rumah tangga orang.. lebih kurang camtulah ideanya.. just for prevention of those.. that's why tak kasi laki masuk.. that is one of the rule yg hospital kena ade to be accredited hehe