Part 3

From the labour room, I was discharged to ward 6D, 2 people in a room. I was really sleepy. so was Faheem. So I slept without taking my breakfast. Abang went home to take a nap. Ummi & my aunty & uncle came at around 1pm, only then I woke up. Abah departed to US a day before I gave birth attending some sort of a course, and he is still in US so he has never met Ameer Faheem. Tried to finish my cake. Ameer Faheem refused to wake up, so I had some difficulty to breastfeed him. His blood sugar level was measured, it was at such a low level of 1.4. I was threatened (by the nurse of course) that if I fail to correct that level to at least 3.5, Faheem would be admitted to NICU. I tried hard to feed him. The nurses were helpful (despite their laser tongues huu) in teaching me how to breastfeed him, and how to wake him up. Punyala susah. Everytime nak menyusukan dia, terpaksa jentik tapak kaki, bogelkan dia supaya dia sejuk, stimulate bawah dagu supaya dia suck huuu.... and I couldn't sleep the whole night. I had to sit on a chair, breastfeed him, and every half an hour, the nurse would check his sugar level. I was damn worried. He didn't even cry when he was injected huuu. Obviously he didn't cry for milk.

That was when I started to think nonsensely. I inspected him hard. Asked abang, Faheem nampak macam ada micrognathia tak. Haha. Abang kata macam ada. But there was no other syndromic features. And obviously he was not hypotonic. Mak apa la ni huuu, terlebih risau. That night I succeeded in increasing his sugar level from 1.4 to 1.8 to 2.2 to 2.9 and finally 3.1 Alhamdulillah :)

The next day, I was discharged after 24 hours of observation. Went home Alhamdulillah :) On his second day of life, I still had to take off his clothes (sampai bogel terus ok) to wake him up for feeding. And I noticed that he started to have jaundice. So the next day, we bought him to a Klinik Kesihatan. It was quite high, but hadn't reached the level which requires admission. We had to come again and check the bilirubin level in 2 days time.

On Day 3, Ameer Faheem had just found his voice! And he cried so loud everytime he feels hungry :) That was really nice. On Day 3, for the first time, we went out together as a family of 3 hehe. I feel so complete with Abang and Baby Faheem. We went to JPN to make his IC and Birth Cert, then we went to Giant, By now, Faheem fed every hour. On Day 5, we went back to Kuantan to settle down few things before abang goes back to Jordan. Faheem buat perangai pulak waktu photoshoot for our magazine, menangis kuat2 because he was hungry huu...


niksifu said...

assalamualaikum maryam..

alhmdulillah & mabruk..glad to hear u had made it..
moga faheem membesar mnjadi penejuk mata hati maryam & athiq.

Lepas ni boleh kongsi pengalaman berpantang pulak.

-ummu faris from irbid

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