Moments to be shared :D part 1

konon nak masuk, tapi dah tutup..
di gua kelam
first time abg dtg teluk cempedak with me
padang besar, perlis..

Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah..

Ameer Faheem al-Waseem ibnu Muhammad al-Athiq

(the handsome intelligent prince)

has safely arrived into this world on 19/1/2011 at 5.27 am. Alhamdulillah again..

Really no word can express the joy brought by the tiny breathing bundle... and my hands still have this difficulty to type after a long break + lenguh dukung faheem :p

I want to write down every single plot of the wonderful story, but perhaps i'll take some time :D. We are terribly deprived of sleep, and yet enjoying every moment with Faheem (as have been mentioned earlier, we don't call him Ameer because we plan to name each of our boy with the name Ameer :) insyaAllah)

So here goes...

Abang arrived in Malaysia on Thursday, 6/1/2011 9.30 am, a day before my final Paediatric clinical exam. I fetched him at KLIA and that very evening we went back to Kuantan. I sat for my exam the next day and then we spent our days in Telok Chempedak and around Kuantan. I really did lot of walking, with the intention and hope to induce the labour process haha. The coming monday, I started my Surgical posting. Managed to present a case, attended few operations and did some other stuff. On Thursday evening, we went back to Shah Alam as we planned to go back to Kedah the next day for abang hasn't met his parents.. Ummi wasn't very keen with the idea of me going back to kedah in such an advanced stage of pregnancy, but being the stubborn me, i said everything would be fine. I really exhausted myself because I intentionally wanted to give birth asap haha.

So off we went to Kedah on Friday morning. Arrived in Kedah at around 8pm. The next morning, I asked abang to go shopping at Padang Besar ( I have never been there even once), Abang agreed so we went there with my MIL and SIL. Bought Faheem's clothes (the price was really CHEAP!!!!), and on the way back, we went to Gua Kelam (perut boyot pun ada hati lagi nak jalan masuk gua!! hehe). Arrived home at around maghrib, we then went out again to visit our relatives. Makan buah dengan sangat banyak kat rumah dia- mata kucing, jambu, tembikai n ntah ape2 lagi..

The next morning we woke up early to prepare for our journey back to KL, then straightaway to Kuantan. Planned to depart at 9am, but when we were having our breakfast of nasi lemak which Abah bought, I started to feel nausea and abdominal pain. I thought it was due to my heinous act the previous night stuffing all kind of fruits into my tummy, then the pain become more severe and I had to pay few visits to the toilet. I had diarrhea..

Feeling extremely nauseous, I tried to take a short nap, but then I noticed that I had regular contractions. That was when I started to think of parenteral diarrhea & vomiting. Oh by the way, it's common for me to have diarrhea and vomiting during menstruation. I still refused to believe that it was labour pain. I slept until zohor, mak checked on me, risau takut2 nak bersalin. I said cirit birit. so everybody assumed it was gastroenteritis.

Waktu zohor, the pain has lessened. I performed my prayer with abang, but while reciting the doa, I experienced the first real contraction pain, till I cried, still clad in my telekung. I lost my appetite for lunch, and then straightaway headed to KL. On the road, I felt fine, and asked abang to go to the Lost World of Tambun! (huu dasar tak sedar diri!) We arrived at around 6pm, the place has closed so we just snapped few pics at the main entrance :p, and continued our journey to KL. We then stopped for maghrib-isya prayers at R&R Tapah. At 8pm, the journey continued, and I started to feel the pain again. I wasn't sure whether it was crampy or contraction pain, progressively becoming severe until at 1 point berguling2 dalam kereta huu. Asked abang to stop at any toilet, then I saw the signboard with 'Sungai Buloh 69km'. Ya Allah, how impossible that 69km figure seemed to be, for me to go through. I knew abang started to speed (I'm the type of wife who always ask the husband to slow down to 80kmph haha), but I couldn't care, I was so in pain. In Sungai Buloh, we directly went to the Hospital Sungai Buloh. It was around 10pm..
True enough I had a 3 in 10 contraction of 30-40 seconds, and I was only 35 weeks 5 days pregnant. They did a urine test, said it was due to urinary tract infection as the leukocyte was 1+. I was admitted and started on a tocolytic regime of Adalat.


Farahdina said...

Salam kak maryam.
Congrats on the arrival of baby faheem. Reading ur story make me quite in nervous of enduring long distance journey from penang to melaka, nak bersalin kat melaka.tapi keazaman tetap teguh nak balik bersalin kat melaka hehe(",).Tak sabar nak tengok ur little prince.

Nadiah said...

Kak Maryam, tahniah tau^^

Hidayah said...

Assalamualaikum maryam,

Mabruk dan tahniah di atas kelahiran mujahid sulung enti. Semoga dia membesar menjadi permata hati enti dan suami. Semoga cepat sembuh dan semoga hari2 yg bakal dilalui dgn mujahid ini ditempuhi dgn sabar dan tabah hendaknya...n with full of happiness and joy :)

asma' said...

alhamdulillah alhamdulillah! tahniah Maryam. where's part 2? wheres gambar? hehe

Sayer Best said...

salam..Kak congrats~Semoga your son jadik anak yg soleh n bijak macam parents dia...
(I've been your silent reader since last year ..baru ada keberanian nk comment..hehe)

Anonymous said...

nk tengok gmbr bb... ^^

nadiahsuhane said...

maryam, tahniah!! best kan bila dah selamat melahirkan baby yg sblm ni duk dalam perut n tiap2 hari duk tunggu dia kluar.. =) tak sabar nak tgk baby.ikut muka sape la agaknya..hehe