1 solid week

1 solid week I have to be solid & strong huhu. And 1 week Ameer Faheem has been without his beloved nenek. Well Nenek is not around to take care of Faheem, and yes Ameer Faheem goes to school :p He stays in the taska when mummy is busy in the hospital. Guess what he does at school? Sleeping of course ^_^

I visit him during lunch hours, Alhamdulillah the taska is located just beside psychiatry ward, where I am currently posted. Glad to see that he is always clean and well fed everytime I check on him. Sometimes he's awake when I arrive, terkebil2 dengar orang lain menangis, but most of the times he's sleeping. Certain things really touch my heart. First was when we registered his name, when he obtained his birth cert, his my kid, his passport. It kind of mark his existence in this world and make everything more significant. Second is when I see him among other babies in the taska. His first social experience perhaps. He cries and joins the crying marathon. It was just a crying marathon, but hey I take it as my baby is socializing (Do I sound like a weird mom who enjoys watching her son crying with other babies?? ~) His the youngest of course. Faheem baring je, staring at the ceiling. A girl (who's able to roll over) stared at him from the left side, another girl (who likes to smile and laugh when I play with her) stared at him from the right side, wondering probably, "Oh this grumpy little creature~ what does he want this time around?" Haha Ameer Faheem indeed appears like a grumpy old man, crying 'harsh'ly for his milk, and for attention I'm sure. Well, that actually relieves me from the lethargy of a hectic day.. life's like that.. at least for now :) Alhamdulillah

p/s wanted to take a pic of Ameer Faheem at school, for abang, but perhaps next time~

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