The cold weather is making me insane. Yup insane. And I feel like running back to Malaysia.. if only I can abduct abang and bring him along ~sigh~. And we used 1 tong of gas in less than 1 week for the heater!!!! Sometimes I kinda envy abang, his body is capable of making himself warm, guess his metabolism is that active huu.. and me? My fingers and toes are even colder than a dead body. It is as if the 2 heaters don't even exist. I keep telling abang if suddenly I stop moving, it merely means I have become frozen.. seriously it is extremely cold... and I just can't stand it..... I really don't know what to do, semua benda pun serba tak kena huuu

I eat too much, with the hope that the hot food can make my body feels warm.. the only thing I get is the feeling of nausea due to over eating. Yesterday I still followed abang to the hospital, despite the headache and runny nose, I just don't know what to do in the house once being left alone huu. Abang pulak ajak main snow kat Ajlun huhuuuu (anticipating a whole-body frostbite)

It is terribly COLD brrrr~


Ummu Thana' said...

Salam maryam..Nampak gaya xdptlah jumpa kat jordan ni..mus dah nak blk India ni.. Next time InsyaAllah..Kesian dia sejuk2..xpe2,sabar..mus pun duduk sejuk2 ni badan naik eczema+asthma..pakai baju tebal2..^_^..syafakillah..

roselover said...

asifah nti sms tak dpt sent.. 'ala kulli hal ana seronok cuti ni alhamdulillah.. n ana pass! jzkk khair byk ajar ana

Ummu Ameer said...

tahniah nt! jumpa nanti :) make sure rumah kemas ok hehe