Un-ortho-ing myself but paediatric-ing instead

2 things which I did yesterday:

1st: I accidentally burnt Abang's towel huhu. Not used to the heater :p and not realizing it as well until abang told me to remove it. No wonder I perceived a nice baking smell, just like a bread in the oven.. and to discover that the towel acquired a burnt black patch huu

2nd: Aku dah hangitkan nasi huhuu. (As if abang is using a dapur arang)I have never cooked rice other than using a rice cooker huuu.

But yesterday we went out for a walk since the weather was not very cold yesterday. And the pics- haha mesti orang pelik why do we have to take a pic in front of the cyber cafe. It is very near to Abang's house, and abang said that was where he used to go and send me emails to propose me before our engagement; when he first arrived in Jordan. He didn't have an internet connection installed in the house then. And I really appreciate all that :.)Of course back in those days, phone calls or sms were strictly prohibited, to think that I would 'scold' him hard when he smsed me haha, and would never answer his phone calls (it's funny to remember those things :D)

Being a 'dedicated' paksa-rela medical student, I have started browsing through Nelson textbook of Paeds today hahaha. Will InsyaAllah join abang in the hospital tomorrow, and kecuakan, since I met Zai yesterday (Pak Can's sis in law, a final year medical student in JUST) and she said there are many malignant doctors in KAUH (King Abdullah University Hospital) huuu and since Paeds was my first clinical posting, some 1500 years ago (1.5 years ago), I just can't retrieve any paed stuff from my brain huu.

Decided to do some revision with Abang after subuh, but ended blogging since Abang is more interested in getting some sleep. Claimed that it is his weekend huuu. As for me I still have this jet lag, since I couldn't stay up after 5pm (which equals to 11pm in Malaysia) and will wake up at around 9pm (3am in Malaysia), unable to fall asleep again after that huu. Kesian Abang terlepas usrah, terlepas makan2 with his friends since he probably doesn't want to leave me alone while I'm sleeping. Tapi bila abang tido and I feel bored, I will try many things to wake him up such as holding his hand with my icy cold fingers hehe :p


aliaa said...

towel?...the first thing i burnt was my telekung in 1st year..than the list goes on to tracksuits, baju kurung etc...huhu

yellowrose said...

welcome to KAUH...bley la jmpe...hehe =)
paedi kalo round ngn Dr.Wel /Dr.SAmah /Dr.Sweidan agak gerun sketla..
plg bes ngn Dr.Khasawneh..

Ummu Ameer said...

:D yellowrose tgh posting apa skrg? ad rezqi bleh jumpa.. dup dap dup dap ready for another 'purifying' episodes haha

yellowrose said...

td da nmpk akk!tapi masetuh tgh rushing..xsempat nk tego.dtg lg KAUH x?hehe

yellowrose said...

skang tgh posting OnG..insyallah.baru 1st day tadi.=)

Nana Farhanna said...

owh u went to Jordan kah?? hehehe guess i have to read ur blog more often for updates hehehe XD