-Smiling- smiling all the way to reach bilateral tragus haha. Ummi and Abah finally visited this house yesterday :) though it was just a day trip. And I cooked the whole day yesterday, celebrating the visit of few friends. And I baked for the past 2 days :D, perhaps I forgot to mention that the coming exam is actually a baking exam :p ( I am sort of confused that it is actually an Orthopaedic exam!) Well they say all work and no play makes Jack a dull man, but excessive play and no work makes me a lousy person huhuu. Ok, ok, I'm off to work.. :p

Abang bersungguh2 ‘renovate’ dapur dia.. I wonder why… I asked him renovate apa, dia kata aku menyibuk je :p I told him that I like to menyibuk kat dia, so he told me he has cleaned the kitchen many times sampai dah jemu.. I wonder why… Abang….. kenapa rajin sangat??? Abang mesti tersipu2 je nak jawab, ngeh3

Another 8 days before my exam will be over… Just to update myself, I’ve been staying far from Abang for almost 4 months! And throughout that period, I had passed my Comm Med & Public Health posting, I had done my Forensic posting, and now I’m about to finish my Orthopaedic posting and sit for the exam insyaAllah. Pheww that’s long.

But I’m still sulking for not being able to join my family's balik kampung trip :( Never mind, I’m coming home in 1 week time insyaAllah! And while writing this, I receive a message from Ummi, just to tell me that Yasir’s blood group is A haha. I asked her how did he came to know about it, she said he tested at Alam Medic and paid RM 15 huuu… apekah?? Ummi’s blood group is A and Abah is B, but the 4 of us (except for Umar who’s freaking afraid to test his blood- correction, he’s afraid of needle to be specific) all belong to Group A :D

In few hours the countdown will reach 7 days!!! But my study isn't progressing that well huuu.. I want the holiday but I don't want the exam. Would that be possible?? hmm.........................

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