Come and VOTE!

I don't write that often, since I'm deprived of a decent internet connection in the house. Another 11 days before my exam will be over!! Ah and sure I can't wait for that. Doing the countdown but surprisingly time doesn't bother to move an inch, and I'm stuck in a period called revision week. Making an achevement too, whenI for the first time don't go back during revision week huuu, I guess the presence of Indon workers in the house compound isn' that pleasant, and my family is looking forward a trip back to Sarawak which makes my presence at home even further insignificant ~sigh~

It's Saturday, and I guess today I should at least start flipping through the notes.. (after one whole Friday of doing nothing). Taking into consideration the level of ortho knowledge I have right now, procastination is absolutely not a feasible choice. All sent- logbook, 4 case writeups, 20 case summaries, 10 on call sheets... I'm done with Ortho!!!! for now... Pray that I can pass the exam well, and receive my much-awaited holiday with gratitude huuu.

Eagerly waiting for the Pilihan Raya Kampus as well- It's on Thursday guys, so don't forget to do the least that you are able to do (applied to me as well huu) - COME and VOTE!!! :D

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