It Iis Sunday people and I'm writing nonsense

Today is Sunday (smiling). It's SUNDAY people!!! (smiling even wider :D). People should be feeling happy on Sunday before the monday blue ruins the next day. Or in our case before the exam ruins our Monday and Tuesday huuu. And today is sunday :D It means I'll be home the day after next insyaAllah :) My family will be back from Sarawak tonight and I feel so happy to know that they'll be nearby (though it's 240km away) but at least there's no sea to separate us hehe.

Reading on all kind of arthritis is depressing. The fact that I'm unable to answer the MCQ even after reading makes the whole thing even more depressing

I'm turning into a better driver these days. Well you do need some turning points in life. Of course when you are carrying boxes of chocolate cakes in the backseat of your car, you start to count the number of road bumps and memorize the location of all the puddles along the way. Well the car speed reduces to half too!!! Each time I decelerate or come to a road bump, the 1st thing that anxiously comes to mind is, "How are my cakes? Are they safe and sound in the backseat??" Huu at times it can be distressing, but well, that's the life of a cake seller :P Mimi said I am independent, Abang said I'm a survivor haha (just because I do business??) but I enquired, "Is it because I am a mata duitan??" I'm sure my brothers think that my suggestion is more agreeable hahaha.

Reaching Monday in few hours..... I'm actually writing this nonsense just to make time travels faster, but the fact that I haven't finished revising makes me feel uneasy -sigh- but I guess the coming holiday is more important huu plus that there's nothing much can be done in the few hours left.... (when you have so many topics to be covered, you just don't know where to start and end up abandoning all..) again regretting the time which has been wasted throughout the posting huuuuuuuu

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'atiqah said...

Assalamualaikum..Best wishes to u in this coming exam..selagi daya, usaha.selagi yakin, tawakkal.. =)
p/s: seronoknya nak gi Jordan nanti