Lepas satu, satu... :)

My first bird’s view of Jordan was, “Ya Allah this country is very orange!!!” From the sky one could see that Jordan is not a well developed country, sometimes you kind of feel that you ride a a time machine and enter the old Arabic world :D but it is unique in its own way. The airport is quite small, and I think it resembles UIA Gombak- the square area beside the big mosque. It’s not snowing but it is COLD!!! Abang fetched me at the airport, and I cried when I hug him, I just couldn’t believe that he was real right in front of me. But 1 thing I noted, the Arabs were not very open in showing affection. Everybody kind of stared at us when I hugged Abang, and held his hand; that made me feel a bit uneasy. Abang said they were kind of suspicious, looking at two very young lovebirds. I guess that’s true since the Arabs appear very mature for their age, and probably looking at us they just couldn’t believe that we’re married. Hey, I’m a woman in niqab, hugging my husband!!! Another thing, I always see the Arabs, when they walk as a couple, they like to leave the wife far behind. That’s especially true when the wife is struggling with their kids. That is not kind at all, and far from romantic isn’t it? Huuu

By the way, the long journey was so unbearable, and I dread another KL-Jordan journey. Tapi dapat bersama abang, terubat segala kepenatan Alhamdulillah  And terasa terharu dengan pengorbanan Abang yang slalu balik Malaysia, bukan mudah tu..

So we took a bus from the airport to the town of Amman. Then we took the second bus from Amman (Amman is something like KL- the centre of everything) to go to Abang’s place, Irbid. Unfortunately, my pink trolley bag was stolen on the 2nd bus huuu, and that ruined the mood a bit. My clothes, Abang’s food and my pink-chan all disappeared in a puff huuu. It was very late, It was very cold, and Abang went to the police station to lodge a report while I sat quietly in his house, wondering how will I survive in Jordan without my clothes huuu. And the laptop? Well I don’t intend to buy a new one in the near future, guess I will be paper-savvy for the time being in making my medical notes. Tapi sempat pesan kat Abang belikan potato sandwich (Abang slalu sgt ckp dia makan potato sandwich so I really want to taste it now that I’m in Jordan hehe, and yup it’s delicious- something like KFC twister)

He asked me, masih sedih beg hilang ke? I said no and smiled. Tapi memang terasa seakan lepas satu, satu aku diuji. Mungkin lately terlalu banyak berita gembira yang Allah berikan, maka Dia tak mahu aku terlalai dalam kegembiraan tu. During the revision week I started the moist chocolate cake business, and it was selling just like a hot cake. And I even received an order of a birthday cake from the café owner where I sent my cakes; for her daughter (of course I had to decline the offer as I am in Jordan during her daughter’s birthday). Anyway it was my first day with Abang after 4 months of living far away from each other, I wont permit the incident to ruin the happy mood  Mungkin akan ada lagi berita gembira yang Allah nak bagi lepas ni? :D

Hmm the news spread fast, I wonder.. and ramaila kawan2 abang (akhawat) who offer to lend me their clothes, sungguh terharu huu.. and I have many houses to visit :D insyaAllah

I am supposed to go to the hospital with Abang today, but I’m still trying to sort out the problem of lacking clothes huu so I stay at home. I just don’t know what to do and sleep most of the time, clad in the telekung, curled in front of the heater huu. Yup it is terribly cold. One of the things that you’ll hate most in this kind of weather is absolutely the toilet. You take so long to enter the toilet, mandi cincai boncai, and ran out of it in a split second, to sit quietly in front of the heater hehe. Luckily Abang has 3 heaters in the room. So I sit quietly in front of 1 of the heaters, and Abang would make a run for the other one hehe. Pastu nampak macam gaduh pulak, menghadap heater masing2 haha. My shampoo and facial cleanser are also turning into the consistency of a toothpaste!!

Today, I made a brave step to enter Abang’s kitchen  I am not interested to peek my nose into the family matter between abang and his housemate :p but I did wonder about urusan rumahtangga mereka since I found 2 wrenches at their stove. And I had to work hard to make the room something you can call a kitchen huu. Now I understand that only the rarest few of andro species can have a good chemistry with a kitchen!! Huu sorry to abang and of course his housemate (who is staying at his friend’s house currently) for I had to make a thorough spring cleaning and throw away most of the things (which had happily reached their expiry date last year!!!) But of course I still don’t have the nerve to open the fridge; taking heed of Abang’s advice :p. Earlier I wrote that Abang was very anxious to clean his kitchen, simply because I made a threat haha that I won’t cook for him should the kitchen appears dirty.. but of course la abang sayang, it’s not usual that I get to stay with you, and of course I will cook for you! Huhuu. Tapi apabila diperhatikan kitchen abang, as compared to mine, aku dengan berbesar hatinya memberikan grade ‘Mandatory Fail’ hahahaha. Abang mesti bangga neh!!! But today I still hesitate to cook anything, first because I think we have to do the grocery shopping first, secondly because I’m still not used to the extremely cold weather. I just want to curl in front of the heater and do nothing. Tambah lagi bilik abang ni sangat best and kemas :p My lips has also started to have painful cracks, and I pray that I’ll be healthy throughout my stay here insyaAllah 
Tak sabarnya tunggu Abang balik dari hospital!!!


ad. Lucidus said...

OMG No Pink-chan~!!! :O *gasp-dyspnoea-panic attack*

Boss-dude, sob. Can I pray that the thief gets a horrible, _horrible_ punishment?

Bakal translator said...

pink-chan tu ape?
teddy bear ke?

yellowrose said...

kak marym!!kesiannya...insyallah pasti ade hikmah...Allah hanye uji hamba2nya yg mampu...=)

mehla saye bg pinjamkan baju!

Ummu Ameer said...

pink-chan adalah laptop comel ku huu

Ummu Thana' said...

kesiannya maryam..xpe2..ujian Allah dtg bersebab..=)..kalau bosan2 online laa..mus pun bosan je duduk rumah sorg2..hehehe..

Hazwani said...

hmm Alah nak bagi a good n happy news in the future eh? *wink*
meh nak tolong tumpang doakan..