A terrible night, but hoping for a brighter day :)

It was an extremely eventful night.. Ummi and Abah dropped me at KLIA at around 12.30am. That was considered quite early as the flight was scheduled at 2.55am, but considering that I didn’t want to disturb their sleeping time, I didn’t mind. I initially thought I’d do just fine, I mean it’s not the first time I board a plane alone. So I checked in, but was found that my luggage was 5kg in excess!! It’s not our fault by the way because we were made to understand that our weight limit should be 10kg more than the normal limit as it is a student rate. By the way the student status was not written on the after giving such a pitiful reaction (well my parents had gone home and I couldn’t pass anything to them should I want to reduce the weight, but in the same time my husband is far away in Jordan, and he was the one who purchased the ticket, and I was left in such a bizarre state not knowing what to do. I frantically tried to call Abang repetitively but was unanswered. It was his sleeping time too (T_T) and I just wanted to cry.. Should I pay, I need to pay RM500 for the 5kg wuuuu. So in the end, Abang finally woke up hehe, he called the personnel and finally we were given a discount of RM200, and I paid.

That was when the second problem arose. I had USD with me and no RM. But when I handed in the USD note, he refused to receive it as it was the old version of USD note. It was produced in 1996, and they only accept notes produced in 2003 onwards.. I was about to scream and said “Susahla camni. Satu satu masalah. Manalah saya tahu KLIA ni tak terima duit mcmni,” in a trembled voice which warned of a coming crying episode. At last he called Maybank and they accepted the note, but the third problem arose..

He refused to give exchange in USD, but gave in RM instead, I was so depressed. He said I need to go to the bank and exchange myself (not that he refused but he didn’t have USD with him- what a terrible service!!!)

It was late, and I was fed-up. So I went straight to the departure hall. Abang was so worried that I have no USD with me except the USD20 that ummi gave earlier huhu.. Of course I need to pay for the visa in Jordan airport later, so he severely insisted that I go and find a money exchanger. So I had to leave my boarding ticket with the personnel, went out again in search of a money exchanger huu and I only wanted to sleep at that time.Finally I managed to board the plane. I apologized to abang sebab susahkan abang, and buat abang risau sgt3 huu. Tp abang said never mind as long as I arrive safely.. insyaAllah.

In the plane, I sat beside the window, and 2 big elderly Iranian ladies sat on my left who didn’t speak English but tried to be friendly and make a conversation with me in the flight. Well 1 thing I think they commented on my outfit especially the sleeves. Rasa macam ayam cakap dengan itik huuu. First of course I had a problem to go to the toilet due to ‘road block’ but never mind about that :p But when it came to meal time, I requested for some simple English meal- hashbrown potatoes, chicken sausage, cheese omelette and some salad as the main course. The irony is the Iranian ladies were given chicken rendang and rice haha. So when I opened my food container, they stared and stared and stared at me, and finally they called the stewardess to exchange their meal just like mine. The thing is the meal was out of stock. So the stewardess tried to convince them that the chicken rice is delicious haha. But they were still not satisfied and called the stewardess for the second time, but still if there’s no stock, then there is no stock huuu. The stewardess speaks English and they speak Iranian language so I don’t how did they manage to come to a term by the way, but throughout the conversation they kept pointing to my food. I guess in the end they managed to accept the fate :p… but still they didn’t eat their food and stared at me finishing my food.. Aku pun buat tak tahu je. When I felt full, I still had a bun, croissants, fruit salad, and few other titbits. Aku dengan tak malunya, pergi ambil the air-sickness bag and stuff the remaining food inside them (ni Ummi yang ajar kitorang buat sejak kecik lagi okay :D. I think that’s what we do every time we board the plane haha. I forgot to ask Asma & Yasir whether they did that recently during the trip to Sarawak). To put in simpler words, I took the untouched food, put them in the paper vomiting bag, and stuff it in my handbag. You wouldn't want to waste the food, wouldn't u? Surprisingly the Iranian ladies did the same!!! No wonder they didn’t eat their food, they wanted to take away. But probably because they have never done that before, they had some difficulty in sealing the bag, so I expertly offered my service for free, preparing their food package hahaha. Mengarut betul.’

Alhamdulillah currently I have arrived in Doha (well I have to confess that this is the first time I hear of such name huu) and have a 6 hour transit time before I continue to Amman. And I have to admit too that after 4 months of separation with Abang, I feel nervous to meet him again huu though we talk to each other every day. The feeling is no different compared to when we were about to get married. Surprisingly Abang admits experiencing the same feeling. On our wedding, I think each of us ate 2 suapan of rice each during makan beradab. Rasa nak muntah probably due to the anxiety. And now I feel like vomiting again huuu. To my coursemates who are getting married, Selamat Pengantin Baru J Barakallahulakuma wajamaabainakuma filkheir!

I'm anticipating polyarticular stiffness after a long period of immobilization in the airport..

Notes on the journey will be continued later.. :D


Hana Insyirah said...
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yellowrose said...

wah2 da smpai Jordan ke??!
welcome..Ortho mmg susah kan!
-baru lepas Ortho mode gak.-

Anonymous said...

salam maryam.. if u have any problem at klia, u can ask for my help (anytime insyaAllah).. dekat je tmpt sy dgn klia tuh..

take care ya..

ad. Lucidus said...

Boss-dude, take care di negara orang...
By the way, I know I should be sympathetic/empathetic with your troubles as outlined in your entry...but I had to grin while I was reading it. I dunno why la...Sigh.


Ummu Ameer said...

yellowrose, alhamdulillah dah 2 hari di sini :)
anonymous: thank you. :D... tp siapakah?
ah-long dude: bersimpatila ngn i haha. read the latest entry huuu....

Ummu Ameer said...

ah-long dude, pink-chan was abducted!!! gosh~