my ortho exam

Ortho exam officially ended!! :D But I can't say it was a good one either. First thing the MCQ was.... teruk la jugak.. but the One Best Answer was worst. Teringat dulu aku suka gaduh dgn abang, exam sape lagi susah, because in his Univ, they use the OBA, but we use MCQ. UIA has just started the OBA system, and it was... terrible huu. The PMP was quite ok, except that i didn;t know how to answer.. and endep writing nonsense. 2 cases- the first was Osteoarthritis and the 2nd one was open fracture of tibia IIIA complicated by wound infection. As for the Viva, I think most of us got the same Q, and I totally flunked this one wuuu. There were 4 questions- 1st on knee joint anatomy, 2nd on principle of Closed Manipulative Reduction of fracture, 3rd on managing a patient with Diabetic Foot Ulcer, and 4th on managing a patient with neck of femur fracture. I had thought block, and couldn't find the right word for the oral exam huu. When I was asked what is the function of ACL, I answered "To prevent the anterior movement of tibia from the femur" At the back of my mind, I knew there was a specific word for it but I just couldn't recall.. The examiner gave me a scrutinizing and suspiciois look, "Do you mean anterior tibial translation?" "Yes!!! That's the word and the PCL is to prevent posterior tibial translation" haha tried to cover up tp tk menjadi sgt la. And regarding the CMR, I said "We do counterreaction" and was replied with, "What???" "CounterREACTION" The examiner just nodded questioningly. "What do you mean by that?" Then I answered "If the fracture is displaced dorsally then we apply the force towards the opposite direction which is volarly.. we reverse it" He nodded again, "Hmmm there's a specific word for it..." Yup, I knew but I couldn't recall the word, and immediately after I stepped out of the room, suddenly the word counterTRACTION popped in my mind huuuu. I look at the door and felt like bursting into the room, and said "Dr I found the word. It's countertraction!!!" But of course I didn't do that or Razaq (the next candidate) would have a heart attack haha. That was just a small dose of what I have experienced in the exam, but overall I think I did very bad wuuuuuu.

In the long case, I made a diagnosis of osteomyelitis. Well i really don't know the diagnosis actually, and for the short cases the first was open supracondylar fracture femur on Bohler Braun frame, and the second was external fixator + ilizarov. Everybody knows this case hehe.

The difference in our exam is (Medicine as a whole) it is a 1-to-1 exam. You are being examined individually, and that's when you hope that the examiner won't remember you forever after the exam huuu.. for all the nonsense that you have committed to in the exam.. ahhh but holiday is next in the line.. and I just want to un-medicine myself for a while... :)


aliaa said...

Of coursela u're invited Kak Maryam=) Irbid is like freaking freezing right now. Good luck with that!!(sy sndr pon tak tahan huuu)

Ummu Ameer said...

Doctor kata if you percuss the brain of a medical student, then surely u wud find it to be hyperresonance... otak kosong. But now if you try to percuss me, i will surely break into thousands of pieces! it's extremely cold and i'm getting frostbites huuu